Photos - Aunt and NephewPage 2

Feb 7th, 2007


Visiting aunt.

Me and my brother when to visit our father's younger sister. She's mad abou...

Feb 1st, 2007


Young aunt.

Believe it or not she's my aunt. She's 5 years older than I, my grand-mothe...

Jan 24th, 2007



Since I and my brother left the town where we lived 2 years ago we never sa...

Jan 20th, 2007



My aunt studied in a nun's college and became at teacher there, my parents ...

Jan 18th, 2007


Big Toy.

My aunt is a nymphomaniac she can't stay with a man for a long time, she al...

Jan 10th, 2007


Her way.

My aunt is sex addict, she tried sex for the first time very late in her li...

Dec 29th, 2006


The real aunt.

Only I and my brothers know our aunt, our real aunt. She's the type that go...

Oct 28th, 2006


Money problems.

My aunt called me if I could lend her some money, she was really worried ab...

Sep 18th, 2006


Waiting for her boy.

Me and my cousin use to go out almost every night and sometimes we don't mu...

Jul 12th, 2006


At her home.

My aunt invited me to watch a football match on the TV, she has cable. I as...

Jul 2nd, 2006


Her favorite

I've been fucking my aunt since I was a teenager, she never got married and...

Jun 1st, 2006


Anal aunt.

I didn't know my aunt was an anal freak, she's mad about anal sex. I found ...

May 22nd, 2006


Never enough.

My uncle told me once my aunt was completelly addicted to sex and I didn't ...

May 18th, 2006


Aunt's revenge.

I came home with a friend and found my aunt on the couch, she just had foun...

Apr 22nd, 2006


Visiting Aunt.

Our aunt invited me and my brother to go to her place, she has a new boyfri...

Apr 10th, 2006


Single aunt.

Our mom's younger sister is almost our age. Every friday night she likes to...

Feb 25th, 2006


Would like to try.

I told my aunt I was a porno actor and she got very interested on the subje...

Feb 17th, 2006


Who's gay?

My aunt everytime she has a chance she likes to tell the rest of the family...

Feb 9th, 2006


Horny aunt.

She got divorced very early and never had childrens she kind of adopt me. W...

Jan 22nd, 2006


For money!?

My aunt asked if I could get het a job where I work because she needed mone...

Jan 14th, 2006


House work.

My aunt run away from her drunk husband and came to live with us. She reall...

Nov 26th, 2005


From India.

My aunt is from India and she told me that incest is a common thing there, ...

Nov 11th, 2005


In my bed.

I live alone and sometimes I use to visit my aunt at her place, but because...

Oct 9th, 2005


Aunt's fantasy.

One time I've read my aunt's diary about one of her fantasies that was to r...

Sep 22nd, 2005


Pay the rent.

My aunt rent me a room, but the money my parents send me is not enough so I...

Sep 19th, 2005



My aunt came to visit my mother but I was home alone so I told her to wait ...

Sep 12th, 2005


My aunt and my Dad.

I found out that my aunt and my father had an affair so I told her I would ...

Sep 2nd, 2005


Strange noise.

My aunt lives upstairs from my parents, one night she knocked on our door s...

Aug 13th, 2005


Helping her.

My aunt is a recent widow, her husband died 3 months ago. I thought she wou...

Aug 5th, 2005


Her photos.

I found out on my grand parents attic an old truck with things beloging to ...