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Jul 28th, 2005


Hairy aunt.

I always had a crush on my aunt, not because she's a beauty but because I h...

Jun 10th, 2005


Mad aunt.

My father's sister is single and mad about sex and since she saw me naked h...

Jun 2nd, 2005


Friday night.

Friday night is the family night, we have dinner watch some TV, fuck each o...

Jun 1st, 2005


Visiting Aunt.

When we were kids we loved to visit our aunt she always had something to gi...

Apr 23rd, 2005


At her place.

When I need to go to town I stay at my aunt's house. It true that since it ...

Dec 8th, 2004


Large aunt.(Part 2 of 2)

I always had a fetish for large women and my aunt was always my favorite, I...

Dec 5th, 2004


Mom's younger sister.(Part 1...

After we started our relation my aunt told me that it was by revenge, my mo...

Nov 13th, 2004


Aunt prefers my flute.

My aunt offered my parents to give me piano lessons but after four or five ...

Oct 29th, 2004


Aunt and uncle trip.

They invite me and my brother to o with them to Greece but I can't say that...

Oct 22nd, 2004


Are you confortable?

I stayed at my uncle's house for 2 days and I knew my aunt wouldn't miss th...

Oct 2nd, 2004


Found on the street.

Hard times here in Russia. I had suspicious that my aunt was working as an ...

Sep 9th, 2004


My Pizza boy.

Since I've found out my nephew makes pizza deliveries were I live let's say...

Aug 29th, 2004



I found out that my aunt has a lover for about 2 years and I told her I kne...

Aug 23rd, 2004


Pay debts.

I own money to a mafia guy and the only way to get money to pay him was to ...

Aug 20th, 2004


That big ass.

I always liked women with big asses, it doesn't matter her age, as long as ...

Aug 16th, 2004


Blonde aunt.

One day I got really drunk and called my aunt and tell her what I would lik...

Aug 9th, 2004


Car problems.

My nephew works close to where I live and one morning my car didn't want to...

Jul 11th, 2004


The nephew call-boy.

I didn't knew my aunt used call-boys services but I found out the best way,...

Jul 7th, 2004


Divorced and alone.

Since she got divorced I've been giving to my aunt the best fucks she ever ...

Jul 4th, 2004


Skinny Aunt.

My mother's younger sister is really skinny and I'm always afraid she will ...

Jun 27th, 2004


Aunt is getting too heavy.

Since my aunt lost her job she stayed at home and because of that she start...

Jun 18th, 2004


She was always looking.

Everytime I when to stay with my aunt and uncle, my aunt never took her eye...

Jun 14th, 2004


Strip Poker.

It's fun to play strip poker with my aunt, at the end even if I loose she a...

Jun 10th, 2004


She wanted it.

I'm without a job and spend all day at home. I live with my mother and aunt...

Jun 9th, 2004


Aunt came for a visit.

When I was young my mother and I went to live with her sister when my fathe...

May 17th, 2004


My crazy aunt.

I went to ask her some money and she didn't want to give it to me so I've m...

May 10th, 2004


She got divorced.

She came to stay with my parents after her divorce but she was always teasi...

May 6th, 2004


She wanted more.

After our thresome experience my mom wanted to do a set with my cousin only...

Apr 29th, 2004


In need of money.

Shw lives at my parents house and she's drug addicted and everything for he...

Apr 28th, 2004


Skinny aunt get it.

I always thought my aunt didn't like me she was always trying to acuse me t...