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Jul 24th, 2005


They like to ride.

Normally my father and broter came tierd from work and it�s a bi...

Jul 20th, 2005


Bad weather.

We went for vacation but onthe third day the weather was really shit so we...

Jun 18th, 2005


Big beds.

We only have king size beds in our house, at first I didn�t unde...

May 20th, 2005


My brother came back.

My brother went away to try to find a job but after 3 months away he didn&#...

May 7th, 2005


Weekends at home.

Me and sister only see our parents on the weekends because we study far. We...

May 2nd, 2005


Mom wants both.

My mom can�t see a cock she gets mad and needs to have it even i...

Apr 14th, 2005


Party at aunt's.

I live with my mother since my father left me and during school holidays my...

Apr 9th, 2005


Good surprise.

What about comming home from school with my sister and finding our parents ...

Apr 8th, 2005


Mom for three.

Our mom caught me, my brother and friend having a sex party at our home wit...

Apr 3rd, 2005


Fat Dad.

My fat dad doesn�t move a lot and it�s difficult for ...

Mar 31st, 2005


All helping.

In our family everyone likes to help in the kitchen and no one leaves befor...

Mar 27th, 2005


Learning from Mom.

I�ve learned from my mother the best way to suck dad�...

Mar 24th, 2005


Family Swingers

My step-mother took our father for a swingers party and he loved it, he tol...

Mar 19th, 2005


Evenings at home.

Our evenings are very interesting, so interesting that we prefer to stay at...

Mar 16th, 2005


Family Album.

My parents decided to do a private family album, so we all can remember lat...

Dec 31st, 2004


Finally arrived.

We didn�t see our parents for almost 4 weeks. You can say itï...

Dec 30th, 2004


Weekends at the country.

All weekends we go to our country house and my father spends it with my sis...

Dec 18th, 2004


Horny women.

I don't know what is with my wife and daughter, I think they spend all afte...

Dec 15th, 2004


New Year's party

All my friends ask why do I like to spend the New Year�s eve wit...

Dec 6th, 2004


Mom and her 2 boys.(Part 2 o...

After the first round mom was already a bit tierd but her boys wanted more ...

Dec 3rd, 2004


Mother and her 2 boys.(Part ...

When my younger son knew what I was doing with his brother he wanted to joi...

Dec 1st, 2004


Bend over, girls.

As you an see we use the table for other things than eat. The girls love to...

Nov 28th, 2004


Family visit.

I and my brother decided to go living to the city and we received the visit...

Nov 20th, 2004


Busy Mom and Sister.

Me, my brother and my sister lived with our mother and we don�t ...

Nov 11th, 2004


All together again.

There are people who does nudism, in our family we do nudism outdoors and a...

Oct 21st, 2004


The girlfriend joined.

My sister wasn�t available so I�ve decided to call my...

Oct 16th, 2004


Another family meeting.

Since my brother and I went to work in the city we only see our parents twi...

Oct 9th, 2004


Living with Aunt and Uncle.

I went to live with my uncle and aunt because they live in the city. I neve...

Oct 7th, 2004


Mom shows her experience.

My mother showed my sister how men like to have their cock sucked, and gues...

Oct 4th, 2004


Don't blow, suck.

My daughter�s was never a good "sucker" but I wanted t...