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My aunt's photos

17 Aug 2018


My aunt's boyfriend gave me his old laptop. When I got home my intentions were to format everything and make a new install but at the last minute I decided to simply turn it on and see if everything was working properly. I checked the Pictures, Videos and...

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Mom's pussy

14 Aug 2018


Thanks to my step-father's obssession for my mother's pussy I was able also to appreciate it, from many angles. It looks like that my step-father likes to watch and take photos of my mother naked and with her legs wide open, and I can say he has a huge...

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Dad sends me the toys

17 Jul 2018


I have a very special relationship with my Dad but because of work he's always traveling, this was the reason my mom divorce him. When he's away he likes to send me naughty gifts. He sends them by mail to my granny's address and I go there to pick them up so...

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Moments with Dad

15 Jul 2018


My father is a photographer and some times he invites me to go with him when he has a photo work to do. We have great moments and he's always taking photos of me, some times even when I'm not expecting it

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Well, that's my mom

06 Jul 2018


It came as a big surprise. Since she started dating a new guy she changed a lot, and for better I thought but then I found this photos and all started to make sense in a completely diferent way.

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Found some mom's photos

30 May 2018


When we moved home my job was to store some boxes my mother gave me in the garage. In one of them I've found some CDs, they all had hand written names of old music albums, so I decided to to take them to my room to listen. When I try to listen one CDs with...

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Found some photos of...

19 Mar 2018


Two years ago my mother was very in love with her new boyfriend and decided to go on a trip to Brazil. The trip was wonderful, she said, but two month after they return the guy left my mother. She felt bad and she throw thought the window all her memories of...

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Found some photos of...

18 Feb 2018


He says his mother got divorced from his father 20 years ago and married again. Because of her new husband she embraced the naturism life style. Both do it, and their daughter. He never felt comfortable so every time his mother invited him to spend a weekend...

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My mom 15 years ago

12 Feb 2018


She still looks hot but 15 years ago she looked like this. At that time I should have around 4 of 5 years old, my Dad already left my Mom and she had a new boyfriend. I spent most of my time living with my grand-parents. I found this photos recently in a old...

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Dad likes to take...

10 Feb 2018


He says that I have the body just like my mother when I was her age, but the tits are bigger and he's boobs guy. The truth is that I also like to tease him and every time mom is not at home I lie to hang out naked around the house and Dad is always after...

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Mom after getting...

09 Feb 2018


He says his mother changed a lot after the divorce but he only got the whole picture when he found this photos of his mother. She had an affair with one of her nephews and after the divorce she decided to enjoy life more and he showed her to to do it.

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Photos she sends to...

02 Sep 2013


Since her father got divorced from her mother and left home she doesn't see him as often as she liked so she started sending him photos of her and it worked he told her he would go and pick her up to spend a weekend with him.

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Getting used to Mom

30 Jul 2013


He wrote on an amateurs forum that when he was 18 his grand-father died in a work accident and his grand-mother got very depressed and was hospitalized, he accepted to go living with his mother and her third husband until he could find a job and stand on his...

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Found some photos of...

09 Jul 2013


Her son wrote on his blog that when his mother wanted to divorce his father he didn't accepted it very well, only later when his mother told him his father had a male lover for about 3 years he realized it wasn't his mother fault. He didn't accept his father...

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Mom has a new boyfriend

21 May 2013


Since my mother got divorced from my father and got a new boyfriend she doesn't stop to surprise me. The guy moved in to my mother's house and they seem just like a couple of teenagers but with money. They travel a lot and I normally take care of the house...

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She wants her...

24 Apr 2013


It took several months, she wrote, but she got what she wanted. She said her mother took her two boyfriends and she wanted to make her feel the same. She knew her marriage was not going very well but her step-father was still trying to save it, then she...

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Aunt Jenny's photos

17 Apr 2013


Another happy nephew found some private photos of his aunt. It seems he found the photos in a memory card that his uncle gave him when he bought a new photo camera. The photos might have two or three years but he says her mother's sister is still in very...

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His sister after her...

31 Mar 2013


A few months after his sister got married, she and her husband went on vacations and left their house keys with her parents so they could open the door when their new furniture got delivered. The scheduled day arrived and her brother when there to open the...

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Aunt Lisa´s...

22 Mar 2013


A guy, early 20s posted on his blog how he found out about his aunt Lisa's secret life. It seems that when his mother lost her job his aunt (his mother's sister) suggested her to do the same she does. She said she started to post some photos of her on the web...

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Mother in private

14 Mar 2013


Another teenager boy that found his mother's photos on the internet. The photos seem to be dated from 2008. As any normal guy, he likes to spend some free time watching porn on the web and he found on an amateurs forum this photos of his 42 yo mother with his...

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Watching his pregnant...

19 Feb 2013


After the divorce of his parents he stayed with his mother and her new husband. Last year when he was going to college his mother told him she was pregnant. A few moths later when he returned home for a weekend he found this photos on his step-father's laptop...

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Big sister exposed

13 Feb 2013


The younger brother wrote that a year ago his sister (9 years older) had a a big fight with their parents because they didn't accept her new boyfriend, they said he was a real scam bag and he was only interested in money. She didn't listen obviously and...

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His aunt from 20 years...

27 Jan 2013


A guy wrote on his blog that since he was a kid and his aunt bacame his babysitter he started to fantasize about her. It was more than 20 years ago, she was 19 and he was always looking for a way to see her naked. After she lost her house some of her stuff...

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Grandma's secret life

05 Jan 2013


This woman's grand-daughter had a big surprised when she found this photos of her granny on a amateurs website. She says she was raised by her and since she left for college her grandma lives alone and has a new boyfriend. A few months ago some friend told...

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His aunt Jenny

01 Jan 2013


The guy told on a forum how he got this photos of his aunt Jenny. As a punishment for having bad grades his parents sent him to his grand-parents house for the Summer, to work at his grand-father's store but he didn't know his aunt would be there too. She got...

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A son's big deception

12 Dec 2012


When I was a teenager my parents got divorced but neither of them explained me the true reason for the divorce. They simply told me they didn't love each other anymore but they didn't talk to each other since then. Only years later when I was putting some old...

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Son gets a present...

19 Nov 2012


An 19 yo guy was very excited when he wrote to his friends on their private online forum. His father got a new laptop from the company where he started to work at, and after a lot of begging from him, his father finally accepted to gave the old one to him. He...

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His new mother

19 Oct 2012


Her son posted on a forum this photos and wrote his mother is not what she used to be, after she found out his father cheated on her and they got divorced. She only cares about herself and only wants to have fun with a bunch of boyfriends that came to their...

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His mother's photos

05 Oct 2012


Single Italian mother in her forties likes to live a bohemian life style were there's no place or time for her teenager son, raised by his grand-parents. Some times his mother invites him to spend the week ends with her and his always looking for something to...

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Lesbian daughter wants...

11 Aug 2012


Her daughter wrote on a lesbians forum that she's lesbian and that she fantasies a lot with her sexy mother. Her mother is hetero and has a new boyfriend, on their last trip they took some photos she found on her mother's laptop. She says that now she doesn't...

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