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My classy naked mother

16 Jan 2012


This append when my mother got married with my step-father and we were moving to his house. We were packing everything in boxes and I found a small bag full of empty batteries, I guess they were used with the photo camera, when I was sending them to...

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Dad, can you please...

23 Dec 2011


I live with my mother but sometimes when I'm feeling low I like to spend a few days with my Dad. This time I broke up with my boyfriend and I was feeling really sad so I went there. He lives alone as opposite of my mother who got married again and the house...

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I like to show, my son...

16 Dec 2011


It started as a joke between me and my 19 yo son now he asks me to do it almost every where we go. I'm a 42 yo single mother and my son lives with me. At home he's always pointing the camera at me and asking me to get naked to take more pictures, outside of...

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German granny exposed

18 Nov 2011


My granny became a widow very early, I was only 9 and after that she never had much time for me, like any regular grand-mother. She was always traveling with friends and until now 12 years later she's still like this. She never got married or had a relation...

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You've played well!...

30 Oct 2011


When I hear this sentence I immediately know I'll get my prize. Every time I play well or I have A grades at school I know what's cumming. My mother let's me see her private parts. I'm only allowed to watch a take photos. No touching of any kind it's allowed....

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Dad, don't you like my...

24 Oct 2011


I planned everything. That week with my Dad things would append my way and the way I wanted it to append. After two or three days trying to seduce my Dad I finally got what I wanted. We had sex three times, then the week ended, he left me at my mother's and...

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Don't be shy Mom

02 Oct 2011


I only lived with my mother only. My Dad died when I was a baby and my mother never got married again. We became very attached to each other and because of this and growing up without a father figure I never had any interest in men, only women. And my most...

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What you think you're...

22 Sep 2011


My aunt Jeanine is my grand-parent's youngest daughter (of seven) and my mother's sister. She's 22, only 6 years older than me and I've been completely and secretly obsessed by her (specially her huge breasts) since I was 12. Since that time I was inventing...

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My grandma's secret...

19 Sep 2011


Since my grand-father died my grandma changed a lot. She started traveling, having lots of friends and boyfriends, now basically she's never at home. When she travels she gives me the key to her house so I can take care of her plants and her cat. The last...

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My exceptional sexy Mom

10 Sep 2011


My obsession for my mother began on my early teenage years, I've started to observe her around the house almost naked, then my grand-father gave me a camera and I started to take photos of her when she wasn't looking. Later she found out my collection of...

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My collection of Mom's...

01 Sep 2011


Since I was a teenager I became obsessed my my mother. She never got married and my father left us when I was 9. My mother always had a lot of boyfriends and a very sexual active life, and she likes to keep photos of all her relations. I was able to find...

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Wanna try it, Dad?

19 Aug 2011


Finally my father got divorced from my step-mother, she was really a pain in the ass and my father lost all his patience with so finally after 2 years of discussions and argues they separate. She left the house leaving some of her stuff behind. The day she...

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My sister's photos to...

15 Aug 2011


Lately my sister treats me nice. This was very weird for me, I've started to become suspicious and began my investigation to know what she was up to. I can say it wasn't difficult, the first time I had a chance I went to her bedroom and found much more than I...

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My step-mother...

04 Jul 2011


To cut expenses my father and his associate had to fired two sales men of the company and my father and his partner would have go back to the road doing sales, like in the early years. My father started to stay away from home for long periods and my...

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Mom hanging out naked...

21 Jun 2011


After loosing my job and 3 months without finding a new one I also lost my rented apartment, so my only solution was to accept my mother's invitation to go to her place until I could stand on my feet again. My mother loves to be naked around the house and...

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My parents were...

16 Jun 2011


For many of us our parents doesn't have a past, their life only started after we born or at the best of chances, we think they always been as we know them. This was what I thought until I found this photos. As far as I know this photos were taken on a Summer...

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Mom likes to show it...

29 May 2011


I went on vacations with my mother and her boyfriend, this day there was a final soccer match on the TV and her boyfriend stayed at hotel with friends to watch it. Me and my mother went for a walk at the lake. It was a very hot day and my mother asked me if I...

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Too good to last

25 May 2011


My parents got divorced a few years ago and when my father was working I didn't like to spend my weekends at his place, it was boring, I was almost always alone and when he was at home didn't had time to spend with me. Now it's different, he sold his company...

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Dad these are for you

21 May 2011


My step-mother got fed up with my father and throw him out of the house. He's a nice guy but a bit too lazy and doesn't like to work and my step-mother find out he was cheating on her. She let me stay with her until my father finds a job and a new place for...

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Mom shaving in the bath

19 May 2011


Unfortunately I didn't took this photos of my mother but I was lucky enough to find them in a old memory card belonging to my step-father. After this find I'm obsessed in finding more photos or videos with my mother naked or even having sex. I know my...

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When Dad is not at home

22 Apr 2011


My father is a salesman and is always traveling. I like to send him emails so he knows how I'm doing at school, my relationship with Mom and friends but what I like the most is send him photos of me. I like to be naughty and send him photos that I know would...

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Photos for my brother

04 Apr 2011


Because my father died when I was 4 I've always seen my older brother as my father figure. My mother never got married again and we were always the three of us. I few months ago my brother had some problems with the police and runaway, me and and mother don't...

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Mom's private photos

28 Feb 2011


Since my mother got married again she travels a lot with her new husband and the first thing my sister asks her when they return is to see the photos from their trip but my mother always says that she needs to make a selection before she can show the photos...

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Dad's precious things

19 Jan 2011


I simply adore my father and I'm, just like him, fanatic by comic books. When he went away after the divorce he told me to take care his huge collection of comic books that I worship and read many times. Now I don't see him very often but I like to send him...

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Fooled by my brother

20 Dec 2010


My brother always had a fragile health, not serious things but he's always with something, cold, sinusitis, fevers, etc... this time was appendicitis. I didn't know what that was but I got scared when I knew he needed surgery. Dumb of me, I asked him about...

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My Mom's and Dad's...

11 Nov 2010


A few years back after we moved to a new house I found a secret compartment in the wardrobe at my parents bedroom. At that time it was empty, we had finished moving in and I never thought about it. Last month my mother asked me to grad a pillow in the...

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Spending a few days...

02 Nov 2010


After some bad moments in my life I've decided to accept my mother's invitation to go spend a few days with her. I took the plane and there I was. My mother is a nudist fanatic, when I was younger we used to go to nudist camps but when my father died we...

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Authorized to watch Mom

25 Oct 2010


After several years paying for extras Math classes without any success my mother quit. One day I caught my mother dressing and I've seen a glimpse of her huge breasts, this never came out of my mind and I've been fantasizing with that moment since then. When...

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Strange way to know...

29 Sep 2010


Since my parents got divorced 2 years ago, I've been living alone with my mother. Six month ago she found a new boyfriend and most of my weekends I'm sent to my granny's so they have the all house for themselves. Even then I found a way go be informed about...

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My grand-daughter let...

30 Aug 2010


Since my wife died it´s been my only grand-daughter who´s been taking care of me. For a while I was able to live at my own place and she come to help me but with time it became impossible for me to stay alone so my grand-daughter took me to her place until...

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