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Jul 13th, 2011


Guess who's Daddy's real gir...

After I finished high school I went to live with my Dad, he's the owner of ...

Jun 25th, 2011


The mother for the night, th...

I got married with a 10 years older woman who has a daughter. When her daug...

Jun 20th, 2011


Me and my Dad

I went to live with my father when I 4 when my mother died. We had a good l...

May 27th, 2011


My step-daughter and I

When I got married my wife and her daughter came to live with me. A few mon...

May 4th, 2011


Dad's my regular client

Since my father found out I worked as a prostitute for awhile to pay some d...

Apr 28th, 2011


Following my Dad's footsteps

I never lived with my Dad before, he was a drug addict and was never around...

Mar 30th, 2011


Dad and I

I can say I come from an unusual family, I'm from Brazil, when my mother wa...

Mar 17th, 2011


31 years old daughter

I was 19 when I became a father. I was too young to enjoy it and never spen...

Feb 14th, 2011


My punk Dad

My parents lived their youth in the punk years. My Dad loved it so much he ...

Jan 22nd, 2011


Dad's always ready

I never seen a man so horny like my Dad. Since I came to live with him he d...

Dec 18th, 2010


I found my someone, my daugh...

After all my family and friends got tired of my alcohol and drugs problems ...

Nov 22nd, 2010


Holidays with my father

My parents got divorced a few years ago and I stayed with my mother and my ...

Sep 21st, 2010


I wanna stay with my daughte...

I had my daughter when I was 17, her mother left her with me and my parents...

Aug 8th, 2010


Enjoying my revenge

All this years I´ve always been put in second place by my mother. Her favo...

Jul 15th, 2010


Spending a few days with Dad

My father is in the Israel army and he spends most of the time away from so...

Jul 7th, 2010


What do you think Dad?

Since I´ve met my step-father I´ve been abscessed by him. He´s the type ...

Jul 4th, 2010


Dad gives me what I like

I´m a girl that was made not to work but to enjoy life, I´m just like...

Jun 23rd, 2010


Living with Dad again

I worked in a bank, I earned well and I was completely independent. Because...

Jun 21st, 2010


I love teasing my new Dad

Since I've watched my step-father masturbating with one of my panties in th...

Jun 8th, 2010


She likes to be with me

When she was younger and I was married to her mother we used to spend all o...

Apr 22nd, 2010


My trips with Dad

Since my parents got divorced I only see my father on special ocasions like...

Apr 6th, 2010


Step-father left my mother f...

I lived with my mother and my step-father (10 years younger than mom) for a...

Mar 26th, 2010


A daughter with 20 years

I never got married and never knew I had a daughter since a year ago. It wa...

Feb 24th, 2010


More than Dad was expecting

I was trying to take some phots of my daughter naked for some time but she ...

Feb 18th, 2010


Covered with Dad's cum

What great weekends I have with my daughter, she's wild and like new advent...

Feb 13th, 2010


Huge tits I can't resist

Since her mother throw me away from her house my daughter invited me to go ...

Dec 18th, 2009


My wild daughter

I became a father very early and my profession as a rock musician didn't he...

Nov 28th, 2009


My ex-step-daughter (2)

Having again a young woman at home it wasn't easy I was still enjoying my m...

Nov 25th, 2009


My ex-step-daughter (1)

I was married to her mother for 10 years and I was the one who raised my st...

Nov 14th, 2009


One week alone with my step-...

My wife's mother had an accident at home and my wife went to take care of h...