Photos - Father and DaughterPage 4

Jun 24th, 2008


Dad's too horny today

This time my father didn't bring neither he asked me to wear a custom. It w...

Jun 17th, 2008


Dressing up Dad

My mother goes to work every morning and I, when I'm on school holidays lik...

Jun 14th, 2008


Playing with Dad's toys

My father always liked to buy me toys. When I ws a kid every time he came f...

Jun 12th, 2008


Let Dad shave you (part 3/4)

This was a great weekend for me. I always thought that my father was a bori...

Jun 12th, 2008


Let Dad shave you (part 4/4)

My mother doesn't dream about this but it's not all. I came to spend the we...

Jun 12th, 2008


Let Dad shave you (part 1/4)

We've been doing sex for sometime but this was the first time I knew my fat...

Jun 12th, 2008


Let Dad shave you (part 2/4)

After the shave I couldn't scape from some fun with Dad. He got very horny ...

Jun 5th, 2008


More than I expected (part 2...

Well, I was only expecting to see her breasts, or her getting dressed but I...

Jun 3rd, 2008


Dad's callgirl

This time my father bought me a nice custom, he wanted me to be his expensi...

May 28th, 2008


Dad eat... me!

My mother told me to prepare lunch for my father, but because I work during...

May 20th, 2008


Dad's little waitress

My father bought a waitress custom, he asked me to dress it without anythin...

May 7th, 2008


Mad about it

I don't know why since I was a teenager I became obsessed with men and sex ...

May 3rd, 2008


Convising Dad

It took a while to make my father to go with me to the studio but I knew th...

Apr 26th, 2008


Dad, do you need any help?

I was really in need of money, it was the end of the month and was complete...

Apr 2nd, 2008


She likes to tease me.

My daughter is a natural teaser. She knows I get extremely excited when she...

Feb 10th, 2008


Dad, don't do that.

My father is getting careless in the last few days. He normally uses condom...

Nov 16th, 2007


Hard times, good decisions

As in any other business starting is the hardest part. It took some time fo...

Oct 26th, 2007


When I need (part 3/3)

This first time was a bit weird wth my father but I got used to it. Now eve...

Oct 24th, 2007


When I need (part 2/3)

I made an appointment and went to the address my father gave me. There I fo...

Oct 23rd, 2007


When I need (part 1/3)

I runaway from home when I was 18, I don't like my father, he never wan...

Sep 25th, 2007


Hard times, hard decisions

Since my father lost his job life was a bit dificult for both of us. My mot...

Aug 23rd, 2007


Dad, if you want it...

I went to my Dad's bedroom on a very special mission. I had to convince...

Aug 15th, 2007


Spoilled Daughter

Ok, I know I'm a spoilled girl and I don't like to wait and get no ...

Aug 8th, 2007


Tease Dad

I like to tease him when he at the kitchen table. I dress tight trousers an...

Jun 25th, 2007


Distant again

I noticed my father distant again, when he is like this normaly it can only...

Jun 1st, 2007


Rubbing her clit

She finally agreed. I went to pick up my camera and when I came back she wa...

Apr 12th, 2007


Dad's new toy

My father bought a new video camera and started recording around the house ...

Feb 23rd, 2007


Too much.

This was too much. My daughter was teasing me a lot since I got a new girlf...

Jan 26th, 2007


Let the games begin.

Me and my mother were testing my brother and father. We wanted to know who ...