Photos - Father and DaughterPage 6

May 4th, 2006


lLike her mother.

It's like I went back in time when I was young and my did the same with her...

May 2nd, 2006


Needed money.

I know my father would like to screw me so I decided to take advantage of i...

Apr 30th, 2006


Long evenings.(Part 1 of 2)

I really like to spend my weekends with my Dad. My parents are divorced and...

Apr 20th, 2006


Brother's bedroom.

When the men in the family want to watch some soccer they go to my brother'...

Apr 18th, 2006


Kitchen sex.

Friday is the day we all get together at home to have lunch. But this Frida...

Apr 16th, 2006


Alone with Dad.

When we are alone at home Dad doesn't loose an opportunity to have sex. I t...

Apr 12th, 2006


Busy night.

Dad was tierd as usual and mom was horny, as usual too, she called my brot...

Mar 21st, 2006


Mad for tits.

I was always to see my daughter's tits, one day she caught me spying her I ...

Mar 19th, 2006


Good times.

I always liked to visit my dad when my parents got divorced, I only didn't ...

Mar 15th, 2006


When mom's goes to work.

My father is without a job for almost 6 months so spents all of his time at...

Mar 5th, 2006


Cold weekend.

It was realy cold outside and we spent the all weekend at home. But the tru...

Feb 23rd, 2006


The truth.

My father found out I was working on a scort service. He scheduled adate wi...

Feb 3rd, 2006


To get some money.

Her mother left us for drugs and I raised our daughter. We live togather an...

Jan 18th, 2006


Good manners.

Her mother was a bitch but I decided to teach some manners to her daughter ...

Jan 12th, 2006


At home.

I like to take pictures of my daughter when she cames to spend the weekends...

Dec 21st, 2005


Surprise dinner.

I and my brother went made a surprise by showing at our parents house for d...

Dec 11th, 2005


So wet.

My Dad can't take his hand off me. When is a bit drunk is all hands, he sea...

Dec 9th, 2005


Traditional custom.

This pictures were originally taken for a exposition at her school but as y...

Dec 4th, 2005


More than I expected.

I picked up my camera and went to the bathroom when I daughter was having a...

Dec 2nd, 2005


Playing with him.

I really like to tease him. This last time I stolen his clothes while he wa...

Nov 17th, 2005


Another lunch.

At lunch is when we all get together at home and it's time we have to "disc...

Nov 16th, 2005



I showed my father the new cheerleader uniform I got and I never though he ...

Nov 6th, 2005


Dad's fantasies.

I like to join my father in his sex fantasies. One of his favorite is the n...

Nov 2nd, 2005


Good pictures.

My daughter told me that her computer wasn't working ok, so I, before I too...

Oct 26th, 2005


Her underwear.

I'm crazy about underwear and my daughter knows it, she leaves it everywher...

Oct 23rd, 2005


Drunk is better.

I found out that my father can handle better sex if he's drunk, normally he...

Oct 17th, 2005


Don't tease...

I never thought he could loose his mind this way. I know I'm always teasing...

Oct 6th, 2005


After School.

My father doesn't leave me alone, almost every day after I came home from s...

Oct 1st, 2005


My wild pony.

When she needs something from me everything I ask her she does but if she's...

Sep 29th, 2005


Parents bed.

We've made a surprise to our parents. We came home on vacation without tell...