Photos - Father and DaughterPage 7

Sep 21st, 2005


Caught in the bathroom.

My father caught me in the bathroom while we were alone at home, he entered...

Sep 14th, 2005


I know what you did.

I found out my daughter was missing classes at school and the reason was be...

Sep 11th, 2005


Caught me.

I went to have a sauna and I thought my mother wouldn't leave the house bu...

Aug 28th, 2005


Night TV.

I stay until late watching TV with my father. My mother mostly at 11 PM is ...

Aug 17th, 2005


Sweet pussy.

She has the sweetest pussy I ever tasted. Since her mother left us she does...

Aug 14th, 2005


Best blowjob.

My father told me I do the best blowjob he ever tried, even better than my ...

Aug 11th, 2005


Even in the bath.

My father doesn't miss an opportunity, if my mother is away he's always aft...

Aug 10th, 2005


Dad's steps.

It's normal for a daughter or a son to choose their parents profession. My ...

Aug 3rd, 2005


Mad trio.

Living with my father and his brother, my uncle, is really an adventure. We...

Jul 31st, 2005


Stay with Dad.

She went living with her mother since I got divorced but I stayed in the ho...

Jul 27th, 2005


Out of control.

I've asked my daughter if she would let me take her some naked photos of h...

Jul 22nd, 2005


Lovely big tits.

I always wanted to see her naked, those big tits should be a delight to see...

Jul 18th, 2005


Living with Dad.

My mother left us for some guy she knew. I always lived with my father. One...

Jul 17th, 2005


Mom went out.

Since my father found out I did it with my brother I don't have a minute of...

Jul 6th, 2005


When Mom says no.

Last week I wanted to spend the weekend with my friends, and my mom said no...

Jul 3rd, 2005


The day off.

When my father knew my mother to work until lata that day he made everythin...

Jun 29th, 2005


Don't do it alone.

My father caught me masturbate and his reaction was to take his dick out of...

Jun 16th, 2005


Making money.

When my dad knew they paid for to take pictures he made go with him and mak...

Jun 11th, 2005


Always the same.

Evetytime m mother says she doesn't come home for launch I know I have to d...

Jun 3rd, 2005


After the bath.

My brother and father follow me when I enter the bathroom to have a bath an...

May 25th, 2005


The open door.

My mother was already in bed and I had just finished having a bath, I ran n...

May 23rd, 2005


Visiting Dad.

Since my mother died my father whent to live in a small town alone and I go...

May 19th, 2005



My father is jealous of my boyfriend and everytime I came home after being ...

May 12th, 2005


A bed for 4.

Because me and my brother spend more time on our parents bed than on ours m...

May 11th, 2005


When I want something.

I found a way to have anything I want from my Dad. He's my pet but he think...

May 9th, 2005


Sad father.

Since his mother died my father is very depressed, he doesn't want to do an...

May 5th, 2005


Out if he's alone.

My father doesn't work for about a year and has more energy than before, no...

Apr 13th, 2005


Slowly Dad.

My father is very fast (that's why my mom left him, I think.). For him sex ...

Apr 7th, 2005


Diferent stories.

Since I was a kid I used to seat on my Dad's lap to ear his stories, normal...

Mar 30th, 2005


You're ready girl.

I found her reading but when I entered the room she tried to hide the book....