Photos - Father and DaughterPage 8

Mar 26th, 2005


Not again.

My father simply can't see me going to have a bath. Five minutes after I go...

Mar 23rd, 2005


For his car.

I planned to meet my boyfriend on the weekend but I needed my Dad's car bec...

Mar 18th, 2005


She does the job.

Since my wife died I stayed alone with my oldest daughter. After one year w...

Mar 17th, 2005


Only when he's drunk.

My father only can have a hardon when he's drunk. I know what he wants when...

Mar 3rd, 2005


First Time.

This was our first try. We were really nervous and didn't know how to start...

Jan 9th, 2005


Caught calling her boyfriend...

I get really jealous when I catch my daughter speaking on the phone with he...

Jan 8th, 2005


Have a bath with me.

My dad came tierd from work and I was having a bath, he got a bit upset bec...

Jan 7th, 2005


If mom only knew.

I always was good on convincing other people to do what I wanted, the harde...

Jan 3rd, 2005


Wash my back.

I thought he only wanted to wash my back as he normally does but this time ...

Jan 1st, 2005


Now the youngest.

When my older daughter got married I was really sad because she used to do ...

Dec 24th, 2004


Dad's impossible.

Since my mother went on a trip my Dad doesn't leave my bedroom, the worst i...

Dec 20th, 2004


Dad's blackmail.

My father knew that the son I'm expecting is not from my husband but from a...

Dec 13th, 2004


Horny daughter.

I was really feeling horny that night but my Dad was too tierd from work an...

Dec 12th, 2004


Two for one.

I was really very lucky I have 2 nice nieces that are even more horny than ...

Dec 11th, 2004


Trying anal.

My dad was very gentle but it hurted a bit at the begining, after some soft...

Dec 4th, 2004


Dad was waiting.

I told my daughter to go to my bedroom during the night because her mother ...

Dec 2nd, 2004


It's big.

Now I know why my mom screams during the night while they're fucking... fir...

Nov 29th, 2004


Instead of mom.

My mother doesn't know but I'm fucking my dad for about 2 years, I think th...

Nov 25th, 2004


A naughty girl.

During week days I have to go home at 10:00 PM maximum. My father doesn't f...

Nov 24th, 2004


Slowly Dad.

He wanted to try something we never had tried before, I was a bit affraid a...

Nov 22nd, 2004


After mom leaves...

My mother leaves for work after lunch and I stay with my father at home, he...

Nov 21st, 2004


Up her back door...

I knew my father wanted to try anal but he didn't had the courage to ask me...

Nov 17th, 2004


My hairy beast.

Everytime I see all that hair on top of me I get a bit scared but quickly g...

Nov 7th, 2004


Dad's birthday

On the morning of the day my father has his birthday I've entered my parent...

Oct 23rd, 2004


Dad came to visit me.

I went to work in the city and I only see my parents once every 2 months, o...

Oct 11th, 2004


A New boyfriend.

Everytime I take a boyfriend for my parents to meey my mother always wants ...

Oct 10th, 2004


When Dad is drunk.

Everytime he gets home drunk I know what to expect, this time he tied up my...

Oct 6th, 2004


Morning stifness.

My wife goes to work very early and when I wake up I need sex badly so I've...

Sep 26th, 2004


At home.

Every time I see my Dad worried about something on his job I try to cheer h...

Sep 17th, 2004


Old for new.

Since my wife separated from me I had to go living with my daughter to whom...