Photos - Grand ParentsPage 2

Aug 21st, 2004


She might kill me.

I live alone with my grand-mother and since early she uses me to satisfy he...

Aug 15th, 2004


Only for money.

My grand-mother is a very rich old woman but she has a sexual apetite like ...

Jul 26th, 2004


Large hole.

My grand-mother asked me to give her some fist and I did. She really has a ...

Jul 22nd, 2004


Dildp contest.

My grand-mother is always horny now she invented a game with dildos. The wi...

Jul 9th, 2004


Taking care of him.

He came to live with me when he was a kid and he always was a very fragil b...

Jun 30th, 2004


Big breasts she has.

I always liked to see my grand-mother's big breasts in the morning when she...

May 31st, 2004


She wasn't ready.

She was against at first but now everytime I go to her place she's always e...

Apr 11th, 2004


On grandpa's lap.

I always liked to seat on my grand-father's lap the diference was that we d...

Apr 7th, 2004


Grannies trio.

My sister found out about what I was doing with my huge tited granny and sh...

Mar 29th, 2004


She can't say no.

From behind that's what she likes, she says she can feel all his cock deep inside her.

Mar 19th, 2004


Me, his birthday present.

My grandpa never hided his interest in me he was always asking when it will...

Mar 11th, 2004


Just before dinner.

Normally he cames to my apartment to have dinner with me, but he always cam...

Mar 7th, 2004


Washing grandpa's private pa...

Ok, ok, I was looking for some action with my grandpa. The washing was only...

Jan 25th, 2004


Grandpa is back.

I really missed him, he went to make some medical exams and stayed there fo...

Jan 4th, 2004


At grandpa's home.

Since he became a widow I like to visit my grand-dad at his place, the main...

Jan 3rd, 2004


He still makes me cum.

My grand-dad still has a hard cock and he still can keep it hard for a long...

Nov 14th, 2003


Keep on smokin'

They really live for a good smoke with the diference that the grannie somet...

Nov 13th, 2003


Both love some grass

The grannie is from the 60's, the grand-son from the 2000's both love to sm...

Sep 11th, 2003


Some extra money.

He was really not in the mood to fuck his grand-mother that day, but when h...

Sep 10th, 2003


When he needs money.

He just have to visit his grand-mother and give her what a ninpho old woman...

Aug 25th, 2003


She calls him if he doesn't ...

If he doesn't show up at her house at least once a week she calls him sayin...

Aug 17th, 2003


Always with the eyes closed.

Do you notice that the guy has his eyes closed on almost every photo ? We d...

Aug 10th, 2003


She always has something for...

Since he was a kid he liked to visit grandma, she always had money to give ...

Mar 20th, 2003


Having a bath with Grandpa.

One more set about Misha and her grand-father this time sharing a bath together.

Mar 19th, 2003


Misha is back with her grand...

I thought I've lost this set but I found it some days ago, so here it is. A...