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Mother and Son

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Come here son, Mom...

06 Oct 2011


My son always was extremely shy, the opposite of me. He's almost 20 and he has great difficulties to meet girls or even keep a regular talk with them. I'm not a kind of woman that likes to wait and see so I decided to show my son what he might miss if he...

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My mother 21 years...

21 Sep 2011


I was born when my mother was only 16. She didn't had any conditions to raise me so she gave me for adoption, 22 years later I decided to look for her and when we found each other our relation went a different way than any one could expected. It was a instant...

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Mom is upstairs...

20 Sep 2011


Today was my Mom's day. The day I spend with her but there was a great soccer match on the TV, it was a final, and didn't want to miss it. My Mom started to became impatient and she called me almost every 5 minutes from upstairs. I give her a quick one during...

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I do all men,...

17 Sep 2011


I always been very ambitious and nothing stops me until I get what I want, even if for this I have fuck a bunch old rich guys. During many years I had sex to have things in return, now that I have a good life I fuck for pleasure. And one thing that gives me...

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Do you want to have a...

15 Sep 2011


After my divorce I just wanted to die and it was my son who made my life change. I can say he had his plans but the truth is that I'm feeling alive again. I let him do what he wants with me and sometimes I prepare some special desserts for him, if he has good...

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Mom's mad about it

29 Aug 2011


I can say that my mother discover real sex late in her life, only after my father died she began enjoying it. And enjoying it a lot! She became almost a nymphomaniac mad about cum. She really empties my balls and my wife is starting to complain. Mom always...

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Summer vacations with...

27 Aug 2011


Because of work we never have time to be together so since a couple of years we spend one week together during Summer. This year it was different I went with my son to south Italy and what I was able to avoid the years before, this year it append. My son was...

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Teasing my son-in-law

23 Aug 2011


I've been attracted to my son-in-law since his father presented him to me. With time I was able to seduce him but he's always having conscientious problems. I can say already broke up hundreds of time but I was always able to make him come back. When we broke...

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My son is like his...

17 Aug 2011


When I was 15 I got madly in love with a latin guy and I end up pregnant. Until I finish high school I helped my mother raising my son but when I went to college my mother took care of him full time. I only saw him when I was on vacations. After I finished...

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Me and my son

12 Aug 2011


My husband died very early in his life due to health problems that unfortunately my son inherited. This not only limited my son's life but also my own. Being alone with a sick son was never good for our social life. I never had a long term relation since my...

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Come to bed and play...

01 Aug 2011


My mother was always very controlling over me and I end always doing what she wants. She likes to be treated like she has the right to have it all, she only has to ask and her wish has to come true, without buts or else...This is the way I was raised alone...

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Mom prefers her boy's...

24 Jul 2011


I've never seen a craziest woman for sex as my mother. After her second marriage she decided that men of her age aren't enough to satisfy her so she went for younger guys and I was her first experience. For now I'm being able to keep her libido controlled....

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My step-mother's...

09 Jul 2011


Sometimes it's hard to believe there are some really dumb people in this world and my step-mother is one of them. She's a selfish and futile person completely obsessed on not getting old at all costs, that believes, or wants to believe everything she reads...

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My mother, my 22 years...

28 Jun 2011


Until I left home I always lived with my grand-parents, my mother came to visit some times but we never had a close relationship. I always felt my mother was and always will be, my grand-mother, the woman who raised me. I got my first job in the city where...

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My mother with my...

14 Jun 2011


When I went to stay with my mother I had a girlfriend that at first accepted the special relationship between me and my mother but with time things started to be really difficult and she decided to left. I was able to take some photos of her but never wanted...

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Mother and son from...

02 Jun 2011


Finally I had the courage to share some of my mother's photos. We've been having a relation for about 4 years now. No one in our family knows not even my younger brother who still lives with my mother. Sex is great and my mother likes to be in front of a...

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Well done Mom

31 May 2011


I was born 17 years ago, my mother never got married and we only the two of us. Well, most of the time. When my mother is not "attached" to a new guy we like to have fun. She's like my girlfriend and we do boyfriend-girlfriend stuff, but some times she...

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Mom, the craziest at...

17 May 2011


All this started one day I organized a very wild party at my apartment and my mother knocked at my door to make me a surprise. I thought she would freak out but no. After a few drinks she was already giving a massage to one of my friends with both her hands...

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Making Mom do things

27 Mar 2011


Being my Mom a single mother and maybe because of guilt I always was able to get what I wanted from her and I like to push it always a bit further, until now she always did what I tell her. Lately I've been pushing her to do public nudity, dogging, threesome...

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Mom likes to tease me

20 Mar 2011


My mom is always pushing me to be the best in everything and there's no time for girls. Every time my grades aren't good enough for her she likes to tease me, she let's me take her sexy photos but no sex. The worst thing is that while I'm taking her the...

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Getting there with Mom

19 Dec 2010


After her last boyfriend dump her, my mother became very vulnerable and sensitive, this was the right moment to get her where I wanted her. We didn't actually had sex yet but we are getting there. She let's take her pictures and a few times she even made a...

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Mom doesn't like to...

06 Nov 2010


My mom doesn't like to take pictures of us when we are having sex but at the same time she gets hornier, the problem is that she doesn't like me to keep the photos. This photos I was able to keep because I've fooled her I switched the memory card and gave her...

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A step-mother that...

28 Oct 2010


I only started talking with my father because my mother told me to. Since he cheated on my mother left us for another woman I never wanted to see him again. I started going to his place and meet his new wife, a bored housewife that spends her time shopping...

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Mom does them all,...

27 Sep 2010


Until I was 19 I lived with my grand-parents but when my grandma died I went to live with my mother. It was shock, to discover how my mother lived. It's like she is one person during the day and another during the night. I always liked photography and I have...

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My mother is enough

03 Sep 2010


I'm 34 yo, single and I live with my widow mother. After living with a woman for about 7 years she left me, I realized that I'm a lazy bastard and that only my mother will be able to deal with me. I went to live with my mother and we have a kind of an...

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Mom´s naughty dressing

09 Jul 2010


We´ve been having sex since my mother got divorced from her second husband. One day we were cleaning an old closet and I´ve out some nice lingerie belonging to my mother, she told me her ex liked to see her dressed like before having sex. I asked her to...

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Knowledge is power Mom

28 Jun 2010


My mother is having an affair with a married guy who is our neighbor so I've decided to take some advantage of this knowledge from both parts. From him I already got a nice motorcycle and from my mother, well, I get everything I want, until she leaves this...

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Brazilian Mom and her...

20 Jun 2010


I always lived in North of Brazil, in a small town, when I was 16 I got pregnant, my parents didn't want me there with them and I started to work in a bar. My son is now 20 and after all of this years seeing me with diferent men everyday he asked me too to...

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I'm a 42 yo sexy Mom...

15 Jun 2010


It started with talk, then the questions became more dificult to answer so I've decided to show him about the female anatomy. Then things lost control, the idea of my son watching me naked made me wet and we both enjoyed the feeling so much than ended up in...

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I'm a 42 yo sexy Mom...

13 Jun 2010


I never got married and when my son's father went away I've decided to raise my son alone. I live 3000 Km away from my family and I had to do it all alone, some times being over protecting.Things between me and my son began when he had his first serious...

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