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Nov 13th, 2008


My photos of Mom (part 4)

After that first time things got even better, I found out that mom likes to...

Nov 7th, 2008


My photos of Mom (part 3)

My mother really liked my gift and without knowing it this small gift made ...

Nov 3rd, 2008


My photos of Mom (part 2)

On my mother's last birthday I decided to give a very special present. I kn...

Oct 31st, 2008


My photos of Mom (part 1)

I always lived alone with my mother, my father left us when I was 2. Maybe ...

Sep 17th, 2008


My lazy sons

My sons don't want to study, don't like to work, they only like to hang wit...

Sep 16th, 2008


I still didn't had the coura...

For some time now me and my my son are trying to go the next step but I sti...

Aug 10th, 2008


I prefer this type of readin...

I really didn't understand why my son's grades were so bad, he spends all h...

Jul 8th, 2008


Have you seen the thermomete...

My mother was getting ready to have a bath and she enter my bedroom asking ...

Jun 30th, 2008


Mom, wants to play

I came home and went to have a bath, I lay down on the bed naked because I ...

Jun 22nd, 2008


Having Mom before dinner

After we had lunch I went to work and my mother too. I was thinking about t...

Jun 14th, 2008


Having Mom for lunch

I was at school I was late for work so I decided to go home to have lunch b...

Jun 10th, 2008


Playing with mom's toys

I went to my mother's and had a bath there she wasn't expecting me. When I ...

Jun 2nd, 2008


Mom fix it.

That day I had finished with my girlfriend and I was a bit down. My mother ...

May 31st, 2008


More than I expected (part 1...

I'm divorced and my daughter sometimes cames to spend the weekends with me....

May 31st, 2008


With my son at a public show...

We didn't had our sauna at home so we went to a public one. I simply can't ...

Apr 13th, 2008


Mom's surprise

We've been very secret about our relation, it started when I was 20 and non...

Mar 30th, 2008


Last resource (part 2/2)

The strange thing was that my mother didn't even care about it, I think she...

Mar 23rd, 2008


Son on my bed

I told my son I would go spend the weekend out and I would only came back S...

Feb 7th, 2008


Mom wants my asshole

I always wanted to cum in her mouth but my mother never let me, she told me...

Jan 26th, 2008


Horny in the morning

I was on the balcony when I look thru my son's bedroom windows, he was ...

Jan 24th, 2008


Mom's hypnosed

We can't film my mother, she gets so excited in front of the camera tha...

Jan 20th, 2008


Can you handle it, son?

My son is that kind of guy that talks too much and does too little. Everyti...

Jan 16th, 2008


What do you want to eat?

I normally go to my son's bedroom before I go to sleep to ask him what ...

Nov 27th, 2007


Mom's little lie

Since my son went to live with his girlfriend I feel lonely at home. I live...

Nov 26th, 2007


Back to Mom's house...

I found a new job that is close to where my mother lives and she suggested ...

Nov 23rd, 2007


Mom missing me

I went for 2 weeks on vacancies, my mother wanted to go with me but because...

Oct 10th, 2007


My son's big balls

My son came home late and tierd from work, he had a bath fell down on his b...

Oct 3rd, 2007


It had to be

I went to the studio to make a photo session, I didn't know who was the...

Aug 16th, 2007


Mom once again

I needed some money to pay a debt, the guy was all over me, calling me ever...

Jul 2nd, 2007



My son always  wanted to be a Fireman and this year he applied to make...