Photos - Mother and SonPage 5

Jun 6th, 2007


Mom wanted to show me someth...

I guess that my mother found out about my secret desire and she tried to he...

May 11th, 2007


Pain on her back

My mother came from work with a pain on her back, she had a bath and asked ...

May 9th, 2007


Please me, I please you

I was going out with my new girlfriend and I wanted to impress her, I asked...

May 3rd, 2007


Mom is waiting

Because I don't like to do my laundry I normally call my mother and ask...

Apr 26th, 2007


Mom pornstar

A frined of mine lend me his video camera for a work for schiool. I was fil...

Apr 19th, 2007


Let mom finish lunch

When he's at home and I'm cooking lunch we never finish on time. My...

Apr 5th, 2007


Oh! those huge tits...

I went to spend the weekend with my mother, she lives in a small apartment ...

Mar 11th, 2007



I came home very tired from work, I had dinner and went to bed. My mom ente...

Mar 9th, 2007


Morning stiffness.

I wake up and got dressed to go to work, my mother was in her bedroom readi...

Feb 21st, 2007


Upset kids.

My two sons came home very upset, they lost the final football match at th...

Feb 15th, 2007



I was raised by my father and step-mother, my mother only came to visit me ...

Feb 5th, 2007


That's the way.

I had to teach my son how to treat a girl in bed so they enjoy it and go af...

Feb 3rd, 2007


Broken heart.

My girlfriend left me and I was really feeling down and only my mother coul...

Nov 25th, 2006


Upside down.

My mom's boyfriend convinsed her to be gangbanged by him, me and a friend o...

Sep 4th, 2006


Three for one.

My step-father got my mother drunk and told me and a friend of mine to join...

Aug 17th, 2006


Long time, no see.

It was been about six months ago that me and my brother went away to work i...

Aug 11th, 2006


Three for Mom.

My mother told she wanted to try everything and she never did it with three...

Aug 7th, 2006


Give me a break.

I'm getting completely desesperate with my mother. She's taking my youth aw...

Jul 26th, 2006


Ride it Mom.

The best thing that can apend to my Mom is to catch me on the sofa. She jum...

Jul 22nd, 2006


Dad warn me.

When my Dad went away he warn me that after he's gone Mom would go after me...

Jul 4th, 2006



I lost my job and I'm without money to pay my bills so I had to look for a ...

Jun 5th, 2006


No rest at home.

I though I could have a calm night watvhing TV with my sons but, as usual, ...

May 30th, 2006



My mom like to make her fantasies come true and she wanted to play a teache...

May 28th, 2006


Horny mom.

If I only knew this before. My mother gets drunk very easily, with two glas...

May 24th, 2006


Not so fragile

I always thought because my Mom is so skinny she was so fragile and that my...

May 16th, 2006


Ones things.

I like to try new things and when my son told me if I wanted to do a photo ...

May 12th, 2006


Trying anal.

My mother had a desire for a long time, I discovered it reading her diary. ...

May 10th, 2006


Mouth problems.

My mother still has some problems sucking cock, I guess she never did it wi...

May 6th, 2006


Trying mine.

My mother was a bit shy with the situation but soon she started to enjoy it...

Apr 26th, 2006


Now both know.

I was trying for my sons not to know that I was doing them both, I always t...