Photos - Mother and SonPage 6

Apr 24th, 2006


Mom casting.

My mother found out I was earning money doing some porn sessions with frien...

Apr 14th, 2006


Mon's joystick.

I was triyng to do some work in the living room with my laptop but my mom d...

Apr 8th, 2006


Cleaning the apartment.

I live with my younger brother in a apartment but we don't really like to c...

Apr 6th, 2006


I'm feeling low, mom.

When my soncames home tierd and says he's feeling low I know exactly what h...

Apr 4th, 2006


Dad is suspicious.

I know my husband is suspicious about me. I think he knows I might have a l...

Apr 2nd, 2006


Help mom.

I've asked my older son to came and help me doing a man's job in the living...

Mar 31st, 2006


Still a boy.

I still think of my son as a young boy and I like to treat him like so but ...

Mar 29th, 2006


Always ready.

We're just like a couple of teenagers, we are always ready to have sex. We ...

Mar 25th, 2006


Young mother.

I got pregnant very young and I was abandoned by the father of my son. We a...

Mar 23rd, 2006


Can't miss a chance...

It's so rare to have my oldest son sleeping at my place that when he cames ...

Mar 17th, 2006


Young mom.

It was always me and my mom. We only have each other and since I never like...

Mar 11th, 2006


New apartment.

I moved into my new apartment, my mom wasn't very glad about it but because...

Mar 9th, 2006


Mom wants more.

After some time doing my mother she asked if I could invite two of my frien...

Mar 7th, 2006


Wrong hole?

Ok I was a bit drunk, and my mother too, so this just append. I missed the ...

Mar 3rd, 2006


Visiting mom.

My sister told me my mom really suffers when our father is away so I go to ...

Feb 21st, 2006


Even drunk.

My mother always had drinking problems, my father left her and I went to li...

Feb 13th, 2006


New girlfriend.

I've got a new girlfriend and tonigh is the night I'm going to fuck with he...

Jan 30th, 2006


How to stop it.

It was my fault, I was alone and in need so I've seduced my sons so I would...

Jan 24th, 2006


Drunk and horny.

I came home drunk from a party. I didn't get lucky that night and I was rea...

Jan 20th, 2006



When my son found out his girlfriend was cheating with a friend of him he g...

Jan 16th, 2006


Drunk at home.

When he cames drunk there's nothing I can do, he enters in my bedroom and u...

Jan 6th, 2006


No respect.

My mother tried to give us a lesson because our behaver at school but it's ...

Dec 29th, 2005


No rest.

My 3 boys don�t let me rest for a moment, always ready to stick ...

Dec 23rd, 2005


On mom.!

This was always a fantasy of mine, to cum on mom. I have a diary where I wr...

Dec 22nd, 2005


She got it.

My aunt was always saying when she saw me or my cousins: "If I was younger ...

Dec 18th, 2005


Mom's boyfriend away...

My mom was talking to her boyfriend on the phone, he was telling her he cou...

Dec 17th, 2005


A quick one.

I wanted to see a football match on the TV and I was feeling horny like hel...

Dec 15th, 2005


Shy ? No.

My son is extremelly shy with women and I've noticed that this way he won't...

Dec 14th, 2005


Make it hard.

That night I was a tierd and went to have a bath with mom, she wanted sex a...

Dec 12th, 2005


Tierd ?

I spent all night with my girlfriend and went home thinking only on spleepi...