Photos - Mother and SonPage 7

Dec 10th, 2005


On your knees.

Mom likes to be punish. She was in the bathroom and I call her and because ...

Dec 1st, 2005


Enjoying ourselfs.

My mother only can enjoy sex with me, because of her profession she can't r...

Nov 30th, 2005


My son is mad.

We stayed at a cousin's home for 2 days before we went home. I slept on a s...

Nov 25th, 2005


At home.

My mother is a teacher and she had some problems at the school where she wo...

Nov 24th, 2005


Hard life.

My mother is an drug addicted prostitute and we only have each other. Our h...

Nov 23rd, 2005


Always out ?

I stayed the all weekend without going home and when I came back my mom was...

Nov 21st, 2005


Wake up son.

My son envited 2 friends to spend the weekend with him. They slept in the r...

Nov 13th, 2005


Lessons at home.

Me and my friends use to go to my place to study but it's bit dificult. My ...

Nov 12th, 2005


Return home.

I'm 22 yo and my mother still treats me like a kid, I decided that or she t...

Nov 7th, 2005


They don't know.

Young boys don't know women need more time to get excited so I've decided t...

Nov 4th, 2005


Very fast.

My son is really fast, before I can ever warm up he's already cumming on my...

Oct 27th, 2005


Not enough ?

I've decided to pickup my mom at school were she teaches, when I enter the ...

Oct 24th, 2005


Do it to Mom.

My boy is realy obidient, I order him and he does it imediatelly. I just lo...

Oct 22nd, 2005


For the weekend.

My son is now in the army and he only cames home for the weekends and I try...

Oct 14th, 2005


Raped by a woman.

My mother had a fantasy where she was raped by a man dressed as a woman. Sh...

Oct 12th, 2005


You're late.

My mom thought I wouldn't go meet her as planned. My father is at home for ...

Oct 2nd, 2005


New computer.

My mother bought me a new computer and I thought it was to help me in schoo...

Sep 25th, 2005


Mom's boy.

My son has 27 yo but she still needs his mother to take care of him. I caug...

Sep 16th, 2005


Respect for my friend.

I invited a friend to have some drinks a home. My mother entered the kitvhe...

Sep 15th, 2005


Fat women.

My mother found out my collection of pictures of fat woomen I have in my co...

Sep 10th, 2005


Mom's visit.

I moved to my apartment but my mother every 2 days comes to visit me to see...

Sep 9th, 2005


Exercise freak.

My mother is mad about exercise she spends hours every day doing it but I t...

Sep 7th, 2005


Caught by mom.

My mother caught me having sex with my girlfriend in my bedroom. I thought ...

Sep 1st, 2005


Bath with mom.

My mother still didn't got used to the ideia that I already can have a bath...

Aug 26th, 2005


Needs to be punished.

My mother won't let me go out to meet my girlfriend and this is the only wa...

Aug 22nd, 2005


You're the best.

My son has the best tongue I ever had the pleasure to experience. He puts m...

Aug 15th, 2005


Need some cream.

When my mother entered the room she said "Need some cream." I said yes I ha...

Aug 12th, 2005


Small bathtub.

When my mother bought the bathtub she didn't imagine we would use it togeth...

Aug 8th, 2005


Girlfriend left.

My boy was really down, his girlfriend left him and I tried to give him so...

Aug 6th, 2005


Intense orgasms.

My mother has so intense orgasms sometimes I get affraid she might have an ...