Photos - Mother and SonPage 8

Jul 30th, 2005


Partying with Mom.

I had some friends at home for a party at the end my mother told me what bo...

Jul 15th, 2005


Before he goes.

My son got a job far from were I live and this made me a bit sad because no...

Jul 14th, 2005


Mom in the morning.

If I want to wake up with my mother sucking my dick I only need to sleep na...

Jul 13th, 2005


Getting younger.

Since my mother got divorced from my father we got really close. She lives ...

Jul 4th, 2005


After shopping.

She came with lots of new clothes for me after she showed me what she bough...

Jul 2nd, 2005


Like a baby.

My mother to get excited likes to treat me like her baby, she starts to bre...

Jul 1st, 2005


Party with Mom.

I only knew my mother when I was 18 but we didn't start a mother-son relati...

Jun 30th, 2005


If you stay at home.

My son always gets in troubles everytime he goes out with his drunk friends...

Jun 23rd, 2005


Mom's surprise.

I called my brother to come for our mother's birthday, we invited a friend ...

Jun 17th, 2005


Not so sick.

When they knew I was sick the y all came to see me. But I wasn't really sic...

Jun 12th, 2005


Do that to mom.

I get so excited with my son I can't seat next to him I always want him to ...

Jun 9th, 2005


Pictures of mom.

My mother always let me see her naked at home. I live alone with her and no...

Jun 8th, 2005


No soap opera.

My mother wanted to watch her soap opera but I and my brother wanted to wat...

May 28th, 2005


Mom's boy

He was a bit upset because his girlfriend left him and I coudn't see my boy...

May 26th, 2005


Very flexible.

My mother surprised masturbating in the living room, but that wasn't a prob...

May 21st, 2005


No privacy.

Living with 3 young men is not easy they simply don't give me time to rest....

May 15th, 2005


TV Game.

I invited 2 friends to watch a game on TV and my mother was always entering...

May 1st, 2005


Mom's birthday.

She told me that one of her fantasies was to have 3 guys, to have all her h...

Apr 28th, 2005


Legs in the air.

When I asked her what she likes in bed she was very ashmed but after I aske...

Apr 24th, 2005


Old magazine.

I found and old porno magazine were my mom was one of the girls, at first I...

Apr 22nd, 2005


Bring a friend.

I wanted to show to my best friend what I have right at home. She's always ...

Apr 21st, 2005


On top of Mom.

I think my mother only had sex with my father inher whole life. Since he di...

Apr 17th, 2005


Christmas present.

I only gave her what she wanted for so long, at least since my father went ...

Apr 16th, 2005


Night out.

When I go out with my friends I normally sleep at my mom's place because it...

Apr 10th, 2005


Every excuse...

Since my son went to live with a friend I'm always trying new excuses to ha...

Apr 1st, 2005


Happy birthday.

I knew what my mother wanted for her birthday, three men at the same time. ...

Mar 20th, 2005


Mom's big boy.

He wasn't feeling very confortable doing it but with some patience from me ...

Mar 10th, 2005


Invited for dinner.

I invited 2 friends to have dinner at y place but we got drunk, my mom too ...

Mar 4th, 2005


Mom's boy.

I always liked to dominate and when I have a young and innesperience boy I ...

Dec 29th, 2004


Making lunch.

I was really excited to see my Mom doing lunch with a transparent dress. I ...