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Sep 25th, 2012


Two sisters and husbands

At first sight this set could be just another normal middle age swingers co...

Jun 28th, 2012


The wife and her sister

The guy who posted this photos said that his wife and his sister drive him ...

Feb 2nd, 2012


My sisters needed money for ...

My sisters organized a trip with a group friends, only girls, to Hawaii but...

Oct 10th, 2011


Me, my sister and our husban...

Since we were kids, me and my sister were always very close, best friends. ...

Apr 20th, 2011


Sisters public shaving

When I and my sister became out of a job due to this fucking crisis things ...

Apr 6th, 2011


Sisters sharing boyfriend

Since we were kids we always been very close and we only liked to be where ...

Aug 12th, 2010


Playing with Mom´s old clot...

Me and my sister went to visit our mother, she was packing some old clothes...

Aug 4th, 2010


My sister for my boyfriend

I do everything my boyfriend asks me to do, I´m completely at his mercy, i...

Mar 9th, 2010


Sharing husbands with my sis...

I always was very close with my sister, so close I had my first lesbian exp...

Jan 11th, 2010


The feeling was there

All started as a joke, we went to a friend's house to spend the night and b...

Nov 18th, 2009


Exchanging husbands

Me and my sister finally got the courage to propose to our husbands a one-n...

Sep 4th, 2009


Inviting my sister to swing

Me and my husband have a friend couple with whom we like to swing, it's ver...

Jun 18th, 2009


Chocolate cream all over

Me and my sister love chocolate and one day we were at home alone and we st...

Dec 23rd, 2008


Seducing my younger sister

I always dreamed of being with my younger sister but I was always affraid o...

Nov 21st, 2008


Sisters lesbian photos

A friend of ours was always trying to convince me and my sister to take som...

Sep 30th, 2008


Dad took photos of us

We were planning this holidays with my father for a long time. Since our pa...

May 1st, 2008


Our business (part 4/4)

I really thought it would be harder to convince my older daughter but she l...

Apr 27th, 2008


Our business (part 3/4)

My older daughter is in the age of interest for boys and sex. She would lik...

Apr 25th, 2008


Our business (part 2/4)

They are very close sisters I already noticed the young one likes her older...

Apr 24th, 2008


Our business (part 1/4)

I was tired of looking for jobs, I'm a secretary and I couldn't find a job ...

Apr 18th, 2008


Sisters discover dildos

This was the first photo session I gave this two sisters a dildo to play wi...

Mar 17th, 2008


My sister likes doing it.

What can we say, she likes doing it! She's always ready to go, she's always...

Mar 15th, 2008


More of my sister

I know you liked her so here's more photos of my sister. We start to really...

Mar 6th, 2008


With my sister in the tub

When we were kids we never thought that girls could have pleasure together,...

Jan 18th, 2008


Hey sis, show them more.

My sister really started to like the attention she gets every time she goes...

Jan 3rd, 2008


My sister shaving

There was a time we've decided to shave our pussies, I did it first and my ...

Dec 29th, 2007


Now you, sister!

It was fun doing it, my sister was like me, nervous at first but but at the...

Dec 27th, 2007


My sister on the phone

We were a the studio and in the middle of this photo session my sister's ce...

Nov 20th, 2007


Fun with my sister (part 2/2...

We really got excited but didn't know exactly what to do with each other, w...

Nov 17th, 2007


Fun with my sister (part 1/2...

This was our first time and we were exciting and afraid at the same time. I...