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Jun 19th, 2008


Uncle does my photos

My uncle is a photographer and he's the one who oes all my portfolio photos...

Jun 7th, 2008


Uncle will be mine

I always was a bit obsessed by my mother's youngest brother, he's only 7 ye...

Mar 3rd, 2008


Uncle teeaches... (part 3/3)

This lessons with my uncle re getting more and more interesting. I think I'...

Feb 29th, 2008


Uncle teaches... (Part 2/3)

We always end the lessons the same way, he doesn't let us go until he gets ...

Feb 28th, 2008


Uncle teaches... (Part 1/3)

I really needed good grades or my father would made me leave school and put...

Feb 12th, 2008


Lazy uncle

My uncle is a parasite, he doesn't like to work and lives on my mother&...

Sep 21st, 2007


Waiting at home

We had to stay at home my grnad-mother was comming. We thought she would co...

Mar 15th, 2007


A deal.

He's only 5 years older than me but he's really my uncle. My grandma got ma...

Dec 3rd, 2006


Another machine.

My uncle continues surprising me with his machines I really enjoy being fuc...

Nov 27th, 2006


Uncle's toys.

My uncle decided to show me his toys, I was very surprised and happy at the...

Nov 21st, 2006


Turn Off.

I've been screwing my uncle since I was 18 and the last time when I was rid...

Nov 11th, 2006



She is our younger and only sister and we always take care of her since she...

Nov 9th, 2006


Not just watching.

I always liked to tease my uncle, when I go to the bathroom I leave the doo...

Nov 3rd, 2006


Gothic niece.

My niece run away from home, my older brother never got long very well with...

Oct 16th, 2006


Needed a favor.

Me and my sister like to have what we want and we try everything to get it....

Sep 20th, 2006


Do your job.

I found out that my niece was taking money from her father's (my brother's)...

Sep 2nd, 2006


The best tits.

I always dreamer of sucking my sister's big tits and this, and much more th...

Aug 31st, 2006


In the bathroom.

My uncle came to our home to talk with my Dad but I was alone at home and t...

Aug 27th, 2006


He was late.

My uncle is blackmailng me and I have to do what he wants or else my parent...

Jun 24th, 2006


Threesome (Part 2 of 2)

Our uncle needs to rest for a while, after he does me he rests and after so...

Jun 20th, 2006


Threesome (Part 1 of 2)

We like to play with our uncle, he teach us lots of things. He invite us to...

Feb 11th, 2006


Doesn't leave me alone.

My uncle to live with my parents because his wife put him out of their hous...

Jan 10th, 2006


Can't say no.

My uncle found out I'm a scort girl and told me to do what he wants of else...

Dec 26th, 2005


Now we know why.

In our family everyone wonder how my single uncle could have a nice house, ...

Aug 27th, 2005


For the weekend.

My uncle is in the army and use to stay at our house for the weekends but l...

Aug 21st, 2005


3 years older.

I always seen my uncle as a best-friend than as an uncle. We study at the s...

Jul 11th, 2005


Not happy about it.

My uncle is asking his money back from my father but he doesn't have it so ...

May 4th, 2005


Gym teacher.

I asked my uncle to give me some aerobics lessons to loose some weight and ...

Apr 15th, 2005


It was hard.

I always wanted to have sex with my uncle but I was afraid how he would rea...

Dec 25th, 2004


Ok! but only this once.

My uncle is after me since years, but I always said no to him. This time I ...