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Family reunion

18 Oct 2018


Another great family reunion. Brothers and sisters with their wifes and husbands. A weekend during Summer holidays just for the adults of the family.

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Me and my brother

07 Oct 2018


Since kids we spend a lot of time alone at home. Our Dad is a trucker driver and is always on trips, our Mom has two jobs and only comes home to sleep. We have the house for ourselves and we like to take advantage of that. I like to tease him with hairy...

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Desperately in need of...

27 Sep 2018


Me and my brother started having sex a few months before he went to the army. Now he only comes home twice a month for the weekend and that's not enough because we used to fuck every day when I came home from school and now when I get home I have to close...

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Selfies for Dad

21 Sep 2018


Since 6 months ago I've having sex with my Dad but he travels a lot because of his job so I like to send him some photos of me so doesn't forget what's waiting for him when he returns.

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When Dad gave me a car

20 Sep 2018


I asked my father if I could move in with him because it only took 15 minutes by car to go to my new job, the problem was I didn't had a car so the main reason was too convince him to buy me one. I know I can be very persuasive and I know how to do it with my...

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Crazy relation

15 Sep 2018


I'm divorced, live alone and I'm around 50s. I always had a crazy relation with my daughter that harms both of us, so we decided see each the less as possible to avoid unnecessary complications. But she simply can't stay away. She shows up at my place without...

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I got the jackpot

12 Sep 2018


When my sister broke her cellphone's screen it stopped working and my Dad bought her a new one without even worry about fixing the broken one, so I asked her if she would give it to me. It didn't even tun on but after replacing the screen it was 100% ok. It...

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My married sister

11 Sep 2018


When my older sister got married she went to live with her husband to a farm he inherit from his mother. They thought they could live of the land but it wasn't the case so her husband got a job in town and only comes home on weekends and I stay at the farm...

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Where do you want it,...

07 Sep 2018


The last time I spent at my Dad's and his family I ended up fucking my half-sister. She's hot and loves sex even more than I. One morning we were home alone while Dad and the rest of the family went to the beach. I went to her bedroom and put my cock right in...

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Mom's secret life

05 Sep 2018


When I found this photos of my mother in my brother's cellphone a lot of things stated make sense in my head. My older half-brother was actually our mother's and other women's pimp. Sometimes he organized parties for his friends and he also participated.

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Me, my sister and my...

04 Sep 2018


I own with two friends a car repair shop. We decided to make a men's party and I asked my sister we wanted to hire one of her friends, what I didn't expect was that my sister would show up at the car repair shop that night. What she said ended up making...

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Family party

01 Sep 2018


It all started with my husband's family. We use to go to his sister's and have some family fun, but then I realized that I could fulfilled one of my sexual fantasies, that was to have my brothers fucking me at the same time. So we started having also family...

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Guess who's dick

29 Aug 2018


This is a small game we like to play when we get together. It's actually two families, mine and my boyfriend's. My brother and sister and some of his cousins and sister. Only the youngest generation but it's been in our families for some generations.

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With son and his...

28 Aug 2018


All my friend knew what my mother does for living and this time they decided to hire her to help us. We were about to loose the house were we live if we didn't had the money to buy it. We did several parties like this and I join some of them also.

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When sister is in town

27 Aug 2018


We don't see each other very often but when we do it's wild. My sister and I have the same group of friends and we go way back. We always liked group sex and it wasn't because we were brother and sister that we didn't party together.

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My latin aunt

25 Aug 2018


My mother's sister still lives in her home country and we only got together a very few times since I was born. When I turn 20 she bought me a airplane ticket to go visit her and my latin grand-parents. Well, what can I say? Life in this part of my family is a...

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Tasting niece

23 Aug 2018


When my niece found out I was fucking two of her friends she got kind of jealous. At first she said it was disgusting for a 31 yo man to fuck 10 years younger girls but when I told her that she should try it too she didn't slap me or run away. I realized that...

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Dinner is ready, big...

22 Aug 2018


My brother is 7 years older and was a kind of step-father to me. I say step-father because he took care of me when our mom passed away and I was 18, and also a step-father in a way he was always checking me out and flirting with me, and I liked it. After some...

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My daughter with my...

21 Aug 2018


My daughter is around her 30s and I still lke to spend some quality time with her and give her some presents that are also usefull to get her wet and ready. A red, short nightgown and a blue dildo, she gets wet and I get hard. It's all what we need.

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Living with Dad

19 Aug 2018


When I turned 18, and against her will, I left my mother's house and decided to start a life on my own but after loosing the job 6 months later things went downhill very fast and tried to get back to my mom's but she didn't take me back so I went to ask my...

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Life with my two...

18 Aug 2018


I'm the youngest and was raised since early age by my two brothers after our mother passed away. They both got married and both got divorced. I never did and always loved my freedom because sex is my adiction. Them they got divorced they moved in with me (our...

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My aunt's photos

17 Aug 2018


My aunt's boyfriend gave me his old laptop. When I got home my intentions were to format everything and make a new install but at the last minute I decided to simply turn it on and see if everything was working properly. I checked the Pictures, Videos and...

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The day I realized

15 Aug 2018


Well this was the day I understood what my daughter and her friend were trying to do with me. I already noticed my daughter's friend interest in me and I was showing her my interest too, but when we get home at night what they did made see what they were up...

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Mom's pussy

14 Aug 2018


Thanks to my step-father's obssession for my mother's pussy I was able also to appreciate it, from many angles. It looks like that my step-father likes to watch and take photos of my mother naked and with her legs wide open, and I can say he has a huge...

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Me and my son

11 Aug 2018


Since my husband left it's always been me and my son only. Even after he got married we secretly have casual sex. I chose the girl he married with because I knew she won't be a problem for us and she wouldn't find out about my relation with my son.

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My step-daughter...

08 Aug 2018


I married for the second time. My wife is 11 years older than me and my step-daughter is 9 years younger. They both look alike in many ways the only diference is that my wife doesn't have the same sexual apetite that I have, as oposite of her daughter. So we...

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My bride daughter

07 Aug 2018


Since I married her mother I've been having sexual relations with my step-daughter. With time, in the family the rumours started, so my step-daughter decided to get married and try to end her mother suspicious. For now it seems to be working, her mother is...

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I miss your cock Dad

05 Aug 2018


When my step-father is away I like to send him photos of me where I show him how I miss his cock, and that is inserting diferent objects in my pussy. I like doing it and he likes watching it and when he comes back we do it together.

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Me and my daughter

04 Aug 2018


I became a father at the age of 16 then lost contact for almost 20 years and only after her mother died we start to get to know each other. One year later after her mother died I invited her to live with me and that's what made our relation what it is today.

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Teaching my step-mother

02 Aug 2018


Well this is what happen when a 49 yo kinky and sexually active woman marries a 69 yo guy with impotence problems. She simply looks for another guy to satisfy her fantasies and sexual needs. I fould out my step-mother likes to try almost everything so I was...

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