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Family reunion

18 Oct 2018


Another great family reunion. Brothers and sisters with their wifes and husbands. A weekend during Summer holidays just for the adults of the family.

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Mom's secret life

05 Sep 2018


When I found this photos of my mother in my brother's cellphone a lot of things stated make sense in my head. My older half-brother was actually our mother's and other women's pimp. Sometimes he organized parties for his friends and he also participated.

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Guess who's dick

29 Aug 2018


This is a small game we like to play when we get together. It's actually two families, mine and my boyfriend's. My brother and sister and some of his cousins and sister. Only the youngest generation but it's been in our families for some generations.

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With son and his...

28 Aug 2018


All my friend knew what my mother does for living and this time they decided to hire her to help us. We were about to loose the house were we live if we didn't had the money to buy it. We did several parties like this and I join some of them also.

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When sister is in town

27 Aug 2018


We don't see each other very often but when we do it's wild. My sister and I have the same group of friends and we go way back. We always liked group sex and it wasn't because we were brother and sister that we didn't party together.

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Teaching my step-mother

02 Aug 2018


Well this is what happen when a 49 yo kinky and sexually active woman marries a 69 yo guy with impotence problems. She simply looks for another guy to satisfy her fantasies and sexual needs. I fould out my step-mother likes to try almost everything so I was...

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My crazy sister and...

31 Jul 2018


There it is two girls that like sex. They told me that when they started to get curious about it they did it together, guys only came later.Then I started dating my sister's friend and we became a threesome. They realy complete each other. For instance, my...

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Let it swing brother

28 Jul 2018


It was great news when my sister-in-law told me that they also were swingers. We both did it for years without telling it to each other. We decided to have a private foursome for the first time. I ended up fucking my brother but what I really enjoyed was my...

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My big tits latin...

27 Jul 2018


I'm working abroad and only go back to my country once every two months but my mother is always sending my photos of her so I won't forget to return. Every time we get together, the first thing she does is to punish me. She likes to squize my balls until I...

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Dad is comming

20 Jul 2018


After a very hard divorce process my Dad invited me to spend a year with him to recover and think what I wanted to do with my life. This is a kind of a compilation of photos taken during that year. We had a lot of fun but this is what I remember the most:...

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All in the family

19 Jul 2018


My husband has 3 brothers and 3 sisters and when they get together with their wifes and husbands the parties end up just like this.

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When i finally knew Dad

18 Jul 2018


My mother only told me who was my Dad when I was on my 20s. It was a guy 10 years younger than my mother and she never told him she was pregnant. When I knock at his door he was a bit surprised but he made the math and everything matched. He's single. We...

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She sucks... a lot

11 Jul 2018


She always looked for me, very secure and confident but when it's about men she's the opposite. I started dating my niece, she 9 years younger than me, and I don't know how to get out of it. She's so insecure that every time I tell her I go out with friends,...

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The aunt I know too...

10 Jul 2018


She's my mother's youngest sister. One day I met one of her friends, we start to date and end up getting married. Only after I got married my wife told me she and my aunt (and my uncle) were swingers when she was married with her first husband and now she...

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Because mom gets...

09 Jul 2018


My Dad has small yacht and when we are on vacations we like to go to sea. My mom doesn't like it because she gets seasick so me and my Dad normally go alone and spend the day in the middle of nowhere all alone and all this happens. Some times even when we get...

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Well, that's my mom

06 Jul 2018


It came as a big surprise. Since she started dating a new guy she changed a lot, and for better I thought but then I found this photos and all started to make sense in a completely diferent way.

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Family younger...

24 Jun 2018


Well this photos have a few years but they say they still get together once in awhile to have the same fun. They are brothers, sisters, cousins with their husbands and wifes. Swinging is normal in the family.

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My Brazilian...

24 May 2018


This was the first time I was with my sister since we were kids. She lives in Brazil and she envited me to go there and spend two weeks with her and her friends I can say that it was one of the best vacations I had as you can see.

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Aunt's fetish

17 May 2018


He says that his mother's youngest sister never was a easy person, kind of excentric for the family, but the truth was that she didn't care about what other think and did, and try everything wanted. It all started when one day she told me face to face that...

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Brother and sister...

26 Apr 2018


She says that after she got divorced she went to live with her brother and his wife. Years later his wife got fed up of her life, and because they didn't had any kids, it was easy for a her leave without any warning. The guy didn't care, he already was fuck...

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This why his sister is...

30 Mar 2018


He says sex was never a taboo in his family. Soon they learned it was the way to get things from the family so his sister didn't had any problem doing the same with almost all the guys she knows, her brother included. That's her way of going thru life:...

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At her Dad's service

15 Feb 2018


Her father has an affair with is secretary and he always takes her with him when he has a business trip but this time she got sick and couldn't go with him as planned, so his daughter suggested to go instead of the secretary and do her work, and she also told...

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Screwing my big tits...

08 Feb 2018


Since they were kids they spent a lot of time alone at home. While parents were at work, they came from school and did everything for themselves during the day. His sister became interested in sex very early and it was with her brother she satisfied her...

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Sister's birthday orgy...

06 Feb 2018


It was her sister's birthday so they decided to organize a family party, but their own kind of party. As the birthday girl she got all the men's attention and she got out of there covered with a lot of presents. The sister is a slut and she's already planning...

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Wanna see her happy?...

30 Jan 2018


His father's younger sister is a cum addict girl, and he was lucky enough to experience her addiction. She's 38 and he's 24. After some rumors about her he was brave enough to ask her about it and she didn't try to hide it and since then she decided to show...

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