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German granny exposed

Nov 18, 2011

My granny became a widow very early, I was only 9 and after that she never had much time for me, li...

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My grandma's secret life

Sep 19, 2011

Since my grand-father died my grandma changed a lot. She started traveling, having lots of friends...

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Three generations of incest

Oct 31, 2009

It seems all started with grandma (67yo) liking to have sex wth her two daughters. She never had an...

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Granny's way - Nothing is for free

May 05, 2009

Since my last girlfriend kick me off of her apartment I went to live with my grand-mother. I can sa...

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Alway young granny

Jun 28, 2008

My granny doesn't like to grow old, she's always fighting her real age. She likes to dress very col...

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Grandma still has a lot to teach.

Apr 06, 2003

Tibor and his grand-mother enter our photographer's studio saying they would like to make a photo s...

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Grandma didn't loose it yet...

Apr 05, 2003

Don't think because she's 67 years old that she can't ride a young stud and leave him almost dead t...

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He never washes behind his ears...

Mar 22, 2003

And granny has to give him a bath but not for free, of course.

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Granny loves to have cream on her face.

Feb 02, 2003

This naughty granny can't resist to a good fuck ended with with her face covered with her young boy...

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Our special granny is back !!!

Jan 26, 2003

She simply can't see her grand-son without wanting to jump on him. Sometimes he likes to save himse...

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Once upon a time in Bulgaria

Jan 05, 2003

On a small farm in the Bulgarian country side lived a a widow woman and her grand-son Omar, times w...

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Widow GRANNY likes to invite their grand-sons

Dec 23, 2002

She likes to have her house full of young boys, her grand-sons are her favorite.

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Grand-mother's first porno experience

Oct 30, 2002

At first she was ok, smoking a cigar, seated and thinking: "I can do this, I can do this !" but whe...

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