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Family party

01 Sep 2018


It all started with my husband's family. We use to go to his sister's and have some family fun, but then I realized that I could fulfilled one of my sexual fantasies, that was to have my brothers fucking me at the same time. So we started having also family...

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Brother and sister...

16 Aug 2018


I didn't know my brother and his wife were also into swinging. I only found out talking with a mutual friend couple with whom they invited for a swingers night at their house. I got really curious, the idea made me really wet and my husband started to think...

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Crazy for my...

01 Aug 2018


The all swinger thing started because I'm stubborn and I really wanted to fuck my brother. My husband helped and we made it happen, what I wasn't expecting was my obssession, not for my brother's cock but for my sister-in-law's pussy. That felt weard. I never...

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Let it swing brother

28 Jul 2018


It was great news when my sister-in-law told me that they also were swingers. We both did it for years without telling it to each other. We decided to have a private foursome for the first time. I ended up fucking my brother but what I really enjoyed was my...

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The aunt I know too...

10 Jul 2018


She's my mother's youngest sister. One day I met one of her friends, we start to date and end up getting married. Only after I got married my wife told me she and my aunt (and my uncle) were swingers when she was married with her first husband and now she...

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Well, that's my mom

06 Jul 2018


It came as a big surprise. Since she started dating a new guy she changed a lot, and for better I thought but then I found this photos and all started to make sense in a completely diferent way.

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All family and friends

05 Jul 2018


They say it's a twice a year family and friends event. Everyone comes, no one likes to miss them. Just for grown ups where each couple invites another family or friend couple after approval from all other participants.

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Family parties

22 May 2018


This is the way this family likes to spend their time together. Dinners, parties and barbecues no one misses one. At least the ones that know about it. This are not for all the family members.

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Family vacations

16 May 2018


Since a few years they decided to spend vacations together. Once a year they have a vacation only for adults. She, her husband, her brother and his wife get together and only things like this happen. Full sexual satisfation.

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Family parties

11 May 2018


This family likes to party big time. They all are from two generations, brothers, sisters and cousins and some of their sons and daughters. Different parties but the same family.

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Sister's birthday orgy...

06 Feb 2018


It was her sister's birthday so they decided to organize a family party, but their own kind of party. As the birthday girl she got all the men's attention and she got out of there covered with a lot of presents. The sister is a slut and she's already planning...

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My sister dating our...

09 Oct 2013


It came as a surprise when her sister told her she was in a relation with their half-brother. A few years back the sisters had several sexual experiences with each other but they never thought about trying it with their brother, until now. If her sister was...

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Mom's revealing photos

03 Oct 2013


This photos have few years and now, after finding this photos of his mother he understands why every time he had a break from school, his parents sent him to his grand-parents. They said they had to work, didn't had time but the truth is now revealed. The...

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The brother, his...

01 Oct 2013


See just how they like to party. The brother, his sisters (which one is married) and her husband are swingers and love to party not only with each other but also with more friends. They say it all started a few years back, when the sisters seduced their own...

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Russian family get...

28 Sep 2013


They definitely party like a Russian. Once a month brother and sister get to together with their wife and husband and have a swinger's night. They say they only do it with them because brother and sister can't live without having sex, so this way it's fare...

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My parents were...

16 Jun 2011


For many of us our parents doesn't have a past, their life only started after we born or at the best of chances, we think they always been as we know them. This was what I thought until I found this photos. As far as I know this photos were taken on a Summer...

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Middle-age brother and...

22 Oct 2002


When you join and start to go to swingers parties you never know exactly who you gonna meet, Lara and her husband meet her brother and sister-in-law, since then they just make their own swing parties, here's Lara and her brother.

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