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Meeting his Brazilian...

14 Jan 2013


A guy wrote in his blog that he only knew he had a half-ssiter when he was 25. His father told him she was Brazilian like her mother, an affair he had 20 years ago. Since that time he wanted to meet her, they first met over the internet and he became...

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Grandma's secret life

05 Jan 2013


This woman's grand-daughter had a big surprised when she found this photos of her granny on a amateurs website. She says she was raised by her and since she left for college her grandma lives alone and has a new boyfriend. A few months ago some friend told...

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His aunt Jenny

01 Jan 2013


The guy told on a forum how he got this photos of his aunt Jenny. As a punishment for having bad grades his parents sent him to his grand-parents house for the Summer, to work at his grand-father's store but he didn't know his aunt would be there too. She got...

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End of course...

28 Dec 2012


The guy has 24 yo and finished his art course so his 45 yo mother decided to offer him a graduation present. They didn't see each other since he was 20, he told on his blog he missed the time they had together before he went away. He says he's obsessed by her...

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Uncle needs a hand...

23 Dec 2012


The girl wrote on her blog that because she owed money to a lot of people in the town were she lived she agreed to move to her uncle's one-room flat in another town 400 Km away. Her 45 yo uncle always had crush for her so she decided to take advantage of that...

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Got pregnant from her...

19 Dec 2012


Her mother got married 9 years ago for the third time and her husband went to live with her and her 21 yo unemployed daughter. He says he started having sex with her daughter 4 years after he got married. All came out when the daughter got pregnant, the...

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A son's big deception

12 Dec 2012


When I was a teenager my parents got divorced but neither of them explained me the true reason for the divorce. They simply told me they didn't love each other anymore but they didn't talk to each other since then. Only years later when I was putting some old...

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Mother, son and some...

28 Nov 2012


The mother posted anonymously on her blog a very explicit story about her relationship with her son, by luck a few days later we found some photos she posted on other forum saying the guy was her boyfriend. After comparing the descriptions from the story and...

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Son gets a present...

19 Nov 2012


An 19 yo guy was very excited when he wrote to his friends on their private online forum. His father got a new laptop from the company where he started to work at, and after a lot of begging from him, his father finally accepted to gave the old one to him. He...

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Horny sister is ...

07 Nov 2012


After a two years of marriage his sister got fed up of her husband and went to live with her brother. She was advised by her lawyer not to get into any relation or it might be more difficult for her to get the custody of her son due to her past affairs. But...

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Swinging with family...

25 Oct 2012


At first it was only with other couples they met exclusively to exchange partners, then started to invite their friends, the word spread and in no time other family members join in. Brother and sister with their respective husband and wife gave it a try and...

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His new mother

19 Oct 2012


Her son posted on a forum this photos and wrote his mother is not what she used to be, after she found out his father cheated on her and they got divorced. She only cares about herself and only wants to have fun with a bunch of boyfriends that came to their...

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The father and his...

11 Oct 2012


In this times of crisis almost everything is permitted to have a satisfied client and close a business deal. One of the guys used his daughter services as a call girl to have a night party at a hotel with some clients with whom he wanted to close a important...

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His mother's photos

05 Oct 2012


Single Italian mother in her forties likes to live a bohemian life style were there's no place or time for her teenager son, raised by his grand-parents. Some times his mother invites him to spend the week ends with her and his always looking for something to...

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Sister's private...

01 Oct 2012


Her older brother is a high school teacher and by their parents request she started to have private lessons at his place to improve her grades. Each lesson her mother gives her the money to pay for the lesson but she wanted it for herself so she proposed her...

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Two sisters and...

25 Sep 2012


At first sight this set could be just another normal middle age swingers couple showing their sexual activities but after reading comments on a forum it seems the girls are sisters and when the redhead is in town is when the real fun begins, a family foursome...

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Too late now, Dad.

17 Sep 2012


Her step-father got caught, he thought he could fool around for a while with his step-daughter without her mother knowing, it would be their secret, but when he wanted to end it she started to make his life a living hell, and she was decided to show it to...

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Meet her...

11 Sep 2012


When her grand-mother told her she had a 25 yo brother she didn't believe her. After this she first met him over the internet and started talking regularly, after some time he invited her to visit him for a few days but after she got there that few days,...

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Is it party time yet?

07 Sep 2012


This widow step-mother was trying to get her step-son to bed since she got married but he always told her that while he was married she wouldn't had that luck. So when he told her he got separated and was starting his divorce process she got the message, and...

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Grandma put us together

03 Sep 2012


I was informed that my grand-mother left half of her house to me and the other half to her son, my uncle We were the last descendents of the family. I didn't had contact with my grand-mother and my uncle for years but by phone we decided to go visit the house...

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Life with her big...

30 Aug 2012


When she turned 18 and decided to leave school and go to work her grand-parents didn't like the idea so she left and went to live with her 8 years older and single brother. She promised him she would pay half the expenses when she found a job.After 6 months...

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Bisexual sister's...

26 Aug 2012


It was the sister's girlfriend that started it. She started dating the sister (the blonde girl) and felt the need to try the brother too so slowly she started the threesome. When the brother and sister were fully aware of her thoughts they also were excited...

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Big sister's crazy...

23 Aug 2012


My sister's husband is a truck driver and spends a lot of time away from home and after 7 years they finally got pregnant. During her pregnancy I went to work in the town were they live, I work in construction and went there for 3 months to build a social...

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Sister, it was good...

19 Aug 2012


Since his sister was almost left at the altar by her fiance she started her decadent period. She got fat, doesn't want to leave her parents house for anything, doesn't want to see any one and most interesting, she became sex addicted and her brother is her...

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From father and...

15 Aug 2012


Her father never got married, she was the consequence of a crazy night between her 18 yo father and a town prostitute. After the paternity tests proved she was her daughter she went to live with her father and was raised by her grand-mother. When she was 20...

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Lesbian daughter wants...

11 Aug 2012


Her daughter wrote on a lesbians forum that she's lesbian and that she fantasies a lot with her sexy mother. Her mother is hetero and has a new boyfriend, on their last trip they took some photos she found on her mother's laptop. She says that now she doesn't...

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His mother's real way...

07 Aug 2012


This woman's son decided to leave the small town were he lived with his grand-parents and go to the big city to start a living. He asked his mother if he could stay with her until he found a job and a place to live. She accepted but only with a lot pressure...

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Without a choice

03 Aug 2012


She wrote she always admired her mother's youngest brother and when she went to college she chosen the same course her uncle took 9 years earlier. During the years of college they shared the same interests and they kept the relation a secret for the whole...

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The aunt that wanted...

30 Jul 2012


A 33 yo aunt takes her 21 yo nephew on a Summer vacations. She said she was broken-hearten due to a long term relation that ended badly and her nephew told her he would make her forget. And he did but the moment they returned home she wanted more but her...

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Ukrainian Family

26 Jul 2012


When a widow father marries with his daughter's best friend and starts to hang out with her friends this might easily append. If you add to it that they come from a large nudist family that is used to spend every Summer at Odessa this might be seen as a...

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