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Helping her son and...

02 Jul 2012


The mother convinces her son to go on a holiday trip with her so he so he recovers from his divorce. It seems he became mentally affected after he found out his wife was cheating on him, his mother was afraid he might do something stupid so she took him away...

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The wife and her sister

28 Jun 2012


The guy who posted this photos said that his wife and his sister drive him crazy. It seems the wife likes to fool around with her sister, but only let's her hubby to watch them, he's not allowed to even touch her, if he wants to fuck he can only do it with...

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Busty sister helps...

26 Jun 2012


It seems everything started when the brother commented with his sister he was tired of his girlfriend, he wanted to end the relation. He only didn't do it yet because of the sex. His sister told him not to worry about sex, she would give him more and better...

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My mother's fetish

20 Jun 2012


When my mother brings home a new 'friend' she doesn't introduce me as her son, she says I'm her room mate so the guys won't feel so bad when I (if the guy doesn't mind) start taking photos of them fooling around in the living room. She has a special pleasure...

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Mother explains it...

09 Jun 2012


Her son commented over the internet his milf mother is very demanding regarding his education and does everything to keep him focused and not being distracted. After the second year at college the grades were not as mother expected so she decide to show him...

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My brother does me good

22 May 2012


After my boyfriend dumped me, I was pushed to go living with my brother. The flat belongs to our parents and they said we need to share it. I never was very close to my brother, I thought he was really boring and a kind of a nerd, but after a while, knowing...

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While waiting for my...

20 May 2012


When my older brother Mike left home I was very sad, we started a relationship months before and suddenly he left to the army. We don't see each other for months so I like to send him photos of me, I send him the photos with messages written on my body or on...

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I want my sister's ass

17 May 2012


Since we live together me and my sister started to have sex with each other, we stop when one of us have a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Since she broke up with her last boyfriend I've been obsessed by her ass, I want to try anal but she doesn't want it so I...

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My daughter came back

13 May 2012


I'm a small farmer and live in a isolated area in Romania, three years ago my wife left me and took our daughter. When I finally was getting used to live alone my daughter returned alone saying her mother started on prostitution and wanted her to do the same...

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Is this what you...

10 May 2012


My teenager son is now obsessed, like any other teenager, by sex. I caught him trying to see me undress, looking through the bathroom key hole and lately he even asks me if he can see me naked. At first this made me upset but after so many times he asked I...

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Aunt's pet for one...

08 May 2012


For the last 3 years I've been living with my divorced aunt and her son, my cousin. He's two years older than I and this year he went to college while I stayed with his mother until I go to college too. This year things changed between me and my aunt, she's...

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Only my brother and I

04 May 2012


Since our mother left us and our father died of vodka overdose, my brother and I only have each other. We inherit the flat, the only thing we own and since then we both do about everything to survive. Because it's difficult for us to trust anyone and have...

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Mother for daughter...

02 May 2012


A few days after my wife left me, my step-daughter come knocking at my my door saying she left her boyfriend and she couldn't go back to her mother's because she was pregnant. First I said no, I was finished with this family but then she said she do anything...

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My son living with me

26 Apr 2012


My son was raised by my parents but since my mother got sick I decided to bring him to live with me. I became a mother at the age of 16 and now I don't know what to do with a 18 yo teenager around the house. He doesn't see me as his mother, but the worst part...

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We let it append

24 Apr 2012


My uncle raised me since I was 14, he's my mother's younger brother and after she died he became my guardian. He's very open minded and tough me to be the same, we both consider ourselves free spirits and like to do what we want, when we want and with who we...

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From sister to wife

17 Apr 2012


My sister never married and when my wife got sick she came to live with us to help me take care of her. After 2 years my wife died and I wasn't very keen on being all alone so I've made everything possible so my sister would continue living with me. She...

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My mother at home

13 Apr 2012


Since my parents got divorced I've been traveling a lot between their houses. My mother has a new guy and she seems like a 42 yo teenager that got her first boyfriend, disgusting! When I'm at my father's I know my mother and her boyfriend like to get wild...

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My sister's big ass

11 Apr 2012


Before I went to Iraque I had a brief relationship with my half-sister. It took years to append and when it finally did I had to go to abroad. While it lasted I became obsessed by her big ass and I told her by email when I left. She started to send me photos...

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Night life helped

09 Apr 2012


It wasn't easy when I told my parents I didn't want to study anymore, I was their last chance after my older brother done the same a few years back. I left my home town and went to live with him in the city. He's a security guard in a night club and he got me...

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Me and my sisters

05 Apr 2012


I don't know the reason but none of the three got married, maybe is something in the family, so we became very close, we always spend our free time together and use to go on holidays together too. Our relationship changed when my sister found out an article...

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Dad's second try

03 Apr 2012


I was surprised when my father told me to stay at his place after I broke up with my boyfriend and father of my daughter. I hardly know my father, he was 17 when I was born I always lived with my grand-parents. He said he wanted to be my daughter's father...

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French cousins

01 Apr 2012


This right cousins relation started when they were both teenagers, then they went to live in different cities, both got married. After 10 years the guy decides to go back to their hometown to live with his family and they start their affair again. In a small...

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Spanish father and...

30 Mar 2012


The father is a 55 yo business guy who during his life traveled to Morocco to buy furniture and decoration items for his store. During one of his trips he add an affair with a Morocco woman. 30 years later he founds out he has a daughter, and she looks just...

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My available aunt

28 Mar 2012


My aunt's divorce wasn't only good for her but for me too. I was looking for a room to stay because I was about to start a 2 years course when my aunt got divorced and invited me to stay at her place so she wouldn't be alone and she would have someone to help...

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Are you happy now, son?

25 Mar 2012


The moment I saw my son with some photos of mine with my lover I knew he wanted something to keep his mouth shut until my divorce was settled. For about 2 months I was his nude model and this were only a few photos I let him take of me while I was at his...

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Available for Dad and...

23 Mar 2012


I always lived with my single father. He has a child wood best friend that is single also and almost lives with us too. I always had a crush on him and finally I got what I wanted. My father was very glad when I started dating him, maybe a bit too glad. I...

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When I'm at Mom's

21 Mar 2012


Since my parents got divorced I've been living with my grand-parents and some weekends when my mother is not traveling in business I stay at with her. She likes to hang out around the house naked and she let's me take her photos. She likes to show me what she...

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My dutch mother

17 Mar 2012


I always liked older women and when my mother got divorced, I started to invite her to hang out with some of my older women friends. Soon she realized sex was our main activity but she didn't mind to participate even knowing her son was there too. It only two...

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Keeping the family...

09 Mar 2012


Women in my family always were very fertile, my grand-mother married once, had 4 daughters and 5 sons from 3 different fathers and her youngest is 3 years older than I. My mother had 4 daughters from 3 different fathers. This made my family a big mess, where...

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Dad, is that you?

06 Mar 2012


Because I don't see my father very often we talk a lot on the internet, many times I even forget I'm talking to my father. This was the reason of this photos, I had many private chats with who I thought was a stranger and after some time I send him this...

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