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Available for Dad and...

23 Mar 2012


I always lived with my single father. He has a child wood best friend that is single also and almost lives with us too. I always had a crush on him and finally I got what I wanted. My father was very glad when I started dating him, maybe a bit too glad. I...

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When I'm at Mom's

21 Mar 2012


Since my parents got divorced I've been living with my grand-parents and some weekends when my mother is not traveling in business I stay at with her. She likes to hang out around the house naked and she let's me take her photos. She likes to show me what she...

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My dutch mother

17 Mar 2012


I always liked older women and when my mother got divorced, I started to invite her to hang out with some of my older women friends. Soon she realized sex was our main activity but she didn't mind to participate even knowing her son was there too. It only two...

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Keeping the family...

09 Mar 2012


Women in my family always were very fertile, my grand-mother married once, had 4 daughters and 5 sons from 3 different fathers and her youngest is 3 years older than I. My mother had 4 daughters from 3 different fathers. This made my family a big mess, where...

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Dad, is that you?

06 Mar 2012


Because I don't see my father very often we talk a lot on the internet, many times I even forget I'm talking to my father. This was the reason of this photos, I had many private chats with who I thought was a stranger and after some time I send him this...

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My days with Mom

05 Mar 2012


When I was about to go to college my mother had a serious depression because her boyfriend left her two months just before their wedding. I postponed my life for a year to stay with her and this was when our relation started, now I'm in college and every time...

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Dad was meaning it

03 Mar 2012


After loosing my job I needed a place to stay until I got on my feet again so my father offered me to stay with him. My Dad is very ex-centric and does everything that comes to his head without thinking the consequences. Because of this I found that when he...

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Just another sex toy...

29 Feb 2012


When a 42 years old mom likes to be called a "man's eater", her 21 years old son is only seen as another prey that she was eager to catch. The son doesn't seem to care about that he even says he's just another sex toy in her mother's big collection, but while...

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My Italian mother (2)

26 Feb 2012


My thoughts were right. It took a bit more time than what I initially expected but my persistence made it append. I got my sexy mother into bed and we both enjoyed it, the only problem was her boyfriend, it took me more time to convince her to dump him than...

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My Italian mother

24 Feb 2012


I've started seeing my mother in a different way when I found out some photos of her holidays with one of the boyfriends, she was naked, showing all her goods and having sex. Since then I changed my attitude toward her, I found myself flirting with her many...

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Me and my two brothers...

22 Feb 2012


Last part of this huge set. Now every time they can be together they party, some times even invite friends. It became the usual and they only miss it when they can't have it. The sister, her sister-in-law and her two brothers...

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Me and my two brothers...

20 Feb 2012


If we didn't revealed me relation with my half-brother we would never knew that my older brother and his wife were swingers too, just like us and that the four of us liked new adventures regarding sex. From there it was really easy to make our first foursome,...

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Me and my two brothers...

19 Feb 2012


When we told our family that I and me half-brother had a relationship everyone turned their back to us, only my older brother and his wife supported our decision. This made our relation with them very special and we discovered things about them that probably...

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Revenge on my...

16 Feb 2012


My mother got married with a guy 18 years younger than her and when her marriage was going bad my step-father started to fancy me. He's a nice guy and I had my fantasies with him, we started a relation when he was still married but separated from my mother....

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The father, the mother...

14 Feb 2012


What it seemed to be, at first another private set of sex photos between his parents, suddenly became much more interesting. Some of the photos (found by their son) shows his aunt having a nice bath with his mother. The photos looked very promising but it...

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Under the same roof

10 Feb 2012


Since my older sister went to a clinic due to drug problems, her daughter went to live with my mother and I. I was always fun of her and I didn't miss the chance to try something with her. She's still a bit shy and we've made some progress. Now she only let's...

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This is our mother's...

08 Feb 2012


I was raised by my strange mother, she used to give sex parties at home while I was upstairs with my older brother trying to sleep. We were raised like this. When I was 16 I found out she already had sex with my brother, my first lesbian experience was with...

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My mother's photos

06 Feb 2012


I live with my grand-mother and sometimes I go spending the weekends with my mother and her boyfriend. They work on weekends and I stay alone at home and I get really bored so I start doing things I shouldn't, like "inspecting" their bedroom. On one of these...

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My sisters needed...

02 Feb 2012


My sisters organized a trip with a group friends, only girls, to Hawaii but they had some difficulty arranging the money to pay for everything. They wanted to go so much they organized several wild parties with some friends and in one month they got more...

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British mother and...

30 Jan 2012


For this mother and daughter dogging is their favorite free time hobby. They really enjoy fucking strangers at night in a car or everywhere they can. They even said that the mother's brother (uncle) is a regular at their dogging nights and only misses them if...

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Brother, you'll be...

27 Jan 2012


After my divorce I've decided to go after what I always wanted, my older brother. I always been obsessed by him, but he never gave me any hope. Things changed, we both were alone and I can be very pushy when I want something. After a few months over him day...

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My mother and second...

25 Jan 2012


When I got married my mother told me my marriage wouldn't last and after 2 years I finally understood she was right. I've lost everything and I went to live with my mother and only then I realize what were her real reasons for her never liked my ex-wife. It...

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Started by working...

23 Jan 2012


I only start to know my father when I finished my course and he invited me to go and work for him. He's an engineer at a construction firm and he's job is to inspect the projects the company is building. We travel a lot and because of this we spend too much...

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Family of swingers

20 Jan 2012


Traveling, Summer holidays and good times are the excuse. A group of people from the same family organizes a trip to some place, things got hot, exciting and a lot easier after a couple of drinks and every one ends up fucking every one except her own husband...

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Dad needs sun...

18 Jan 2012


A family barbecue by the pool on a Summer day. The big uncle and his daughter came too, they love food too much to miss it, and he spends most of the time taking photos of his niece, who doesn't seem very comfortable when he's close to her.

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My classy naked mother

16 Jan 2012


This append when my mother got married with my step-father and we were moving to his house. We were packing everything in boxes and I found a small bag full of empty batteries, I guess they were used with the photo camera, when I was sending them to...

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Brother and sister...

12 Jan 2012


Since we were 16 me and my sister used to work during our Summer. holidays We went south to work at a hotel and stayed at our granny's place. In 2005 our grand-mother got very sick and we stayed alone at her place for 3 months. That was a great Summer, what...

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Half-sister and secret...

09 Jan 2012


I only knew I had a sister last year. My father only told me after my mother died. When I met her I couldn't see her as my sister, I immediately wanted to jump on her. She started to hang out with me and my friends. I realized she might felt the same way for...

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You can't do this to...

04 Jan 2012


I never got married and my work is everything to me. I travel on business a lot and I've made my nephew my assistant. Wherever I go, he goes with me and does everything to please me. He gets me men when I want and takes photos of me screwing, I like sex to...

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Dad, you're doing it...

02 Jan 2012


My Dad loves to be outdoors, long walks on open fields and beaches are his preferred spaces, as opposite of my mother, she's simply doesn't like. I love it just as much as my Dad and most of the times we end up go camping only the two of us. Last time we...

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