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Three is good, four is...

28 Jul 2011


Before my brother got a girlfriend our threesome relation was perfect, my brother and my boyfriend were all just for me and they gave me all their love and cocks, but since my brother brought his girlfriend to join our parties things doesn't go that well. Ok,...

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Mom prefers her boy's...

24 Jul 2011


I've never seen a craziest woman for sex as my mother. After her second marriage she decided that men of her age aren't enough to satisfy her so she went for younger guys and I was her first experience. For now I'm being able to keep her libido controlled....

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My half-sister and wife

20 Jul 2011


It all started when we were in High school, we started dating, she's 2 years older than I. We've told our families and only my side of the family accepted our relationship.By the law and church we can't get married but we both made our vows and wear a ring...

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Guess who's Daddy's...

13 Jul 2011


After I finished high school I went to live with my Dad, he's the owner of a night club in the south of Italy and I was decided to have fun. He wasn't very happy about me going to his house. I soon realized why: every night a different girl, but never lasts...

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My step-mother's...

09 Jul 2011


Sometimes it's hard to believe there are some really dumb people in this world and my step-mother is one of them. She's a selfish and futile person completely obsessed on not getting old at all costs, that believes, or wants to believe everything she reads...

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My older brother does...

07 Jul 2011


After almost 3 years of serious problems between me, my mother and her stupid boyfriend I decided to left them. My mother is simply to scared to loose her man and always takes his side even when every one sees he's a jerk. My older brother already had warned...

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My step-mother...

04 Jul 2011


To cut expenses my father and his associate had to fired two sales men of the company and my father and his partner would have go back to the road doing sales, like in the early years. My father started to stay away from home for long periods and my...

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My mother, my 22 years...

28 Jun 2011


Until I left home I always lived with my grand-parents, my mother came to visit some times but we never had a close relationship. I always felt my mother was and always will be, my grand-mother, the woman who raised me. I got my first job in the city where...

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The mother for the...

25 Jun 2011


I got married with a 10 years older woman who has a daughter. When her daughter finished her lawyer studies I invited her to work at my office and we became very close and started a relationship. We were able to keep it a secret and basically the terms was I...

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Mom hanging out naked...

21 Jun 2011


After loosing my job and 3 months without finding a new one I also lost my rented apartment, so my only solution was to accept my mother's invitation to go to her place until I could stand on my feet again. My mother loves to be naked around the house and...

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Me and my Dad

20 Jun 2011


I went to live with my father when I 4 when my mother died. We had a good life until I was around 16 then my step-mother left my father, he lost his job and starting to travel around the country doing all kinds of jobs here and there. We both like our life...

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My parents were...

16 Jun 2011


For many of us our parents doesn't have a past, their life only started after we born or at the best of chances, we think they always been as we know them. This was what I thought until I found this photos. As far as I know this photos were taken on a Summer...

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My mother with my...

14 Jun 2011


When I went to stay with my mother I had a girlfriend that at first accepted the special relationship between me and my mother but with time things started to be really difficult and she decided to left. I was able to take some photos of her but never wanted...

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Sister. the good times...

13 Jun 2011


We become orphans very early and since we turned 18 we always lived together. I never got married and sister only got married 5 years ago with an older rich guy. Her husband didn't mind so I went to live with them. During all our adult life me and my sister...

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My Dad's youngest...

09 Jun 2011


I come from a very large Spanish family. My grand-parents had 7 kids and their youngest daughter (my aunt) is only 7 years older than I. We became very close after she come to live with us to finish her degree at the university. I became so obsessed with her...

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Living with my older...

06 Jun 2011


My mother got a new boyfriend and I didn't like him. He was always trying to touch me every time my Mom wasn't around, so I asked my brother if I could go live with him while my mother won't find out the kind of guy her boyfriend is. My brother said I could...

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All in the family

04 Jun 2011


It seems a happy family and all members like to participate having sex together, the mother, two daughters and the father like to share their love among themselves everywhere and all the time. Nudity and sex is definitely no taboo in this house as you can...

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Mother and son from...

02 Jun 2011


Finally I had the courage to share some of my mother's photos. We've been having a relation for about 4 years now. No one in our family knows not even my younger brother who still lives with my mother. Sex is great and my mother likes to be in front of a...

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Well done Mom

31 May 2011


I was born 17 years ago, my mother never got married and we only the two of us. Well, most of the time. When my mother is not "attached" to a new guy we like to have fun. She's like my girlfriend and we do boyfriend-girlfriend stuff, but some times she...

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Mom likes to show it...

29 May 2011


I went on vacations with my mother and her boyfriend, this day there was a final soccer match on the TV and her boyfriend stayed at hotel with friends to watch it. Me and my mother went for a walk at the lake. It was a very hot day and my mother asked me if I...

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My step-daughter and I

27 May 2011


When I got married my wife and her daughter came to live with me. A few months ago we had a fight and she wanted to leave with her daughter but she did want to stay so I propose for her daughter to stay while she figured it out if she really wanted the...

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Too good to last

25 May 2011


My parents got divorced a few years ago and when my father was working I didn't like to spend my weekends at his place, it was boring, I was almost always alone and when he was at home didn't had time to spend with me. Now it's different, he sold his company...

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Turn my sister into...

23 May 2011


My sister was a kind of girl that had her life already planned, finish college, a good job, get married with her boyfriend and have kids. But everything fall down when she found out her fiance was cheating on her. She had a huge depression and never been the...

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Dad these are for you

21 May 2011


My step-mother got fed up with my father and throw him out of the house. He's a nice guy but a bit too lazy and doesn't like to work and my step-mother find out he was cheating on her. She let me stay with her until my father finds a job and a new place for...

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Mom shaving in the bath

19 May 2011


Unfortunately I didn't took this photos of my mother but I was lucky enough to find them in a old memory card belonging to my step-father. After this find I'm obsessed in finding more photos or videos with my mother naked or even having sex. I know my...

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Mom, the craziest at...

17 May 2011


All this started one day I organized a very wild party at my apartment and my mother knocked at my door to make me a surprise. I thought she would freak out but no. After a few drinks she was already giving a massage to one of my friends with both her hands...

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Seeing my brother 2...

13 May 2011


We always liked each other in a different way but when things were about to became interesting my brother got a job 2000 Km away and didn't append. We continuing teasing each other over phone and sending photos of each other by email. Two years passed and I...

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My sister the naughty...

06 May 2011


Life was never easy for me and my sister. We never knew our family and always lived in orphanages or with foster parents but we always keep in touch, when we turn 18 we decided to live together. It wasn't easier until my sister knew a an old rich man who...

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Dad's my regular client

04 May 2011


Since my father found out I worked as a prostitute for awhile to pay some debts our relationship changed. He started to see me in a different way, I guess he lost some of the respect he had of me and started to see me just as another girl. Because of this he...

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My aunt was a big...

02 May 2011


After 4 years married me and my wife decided to get separated. After I left my wife I got involved with my mother's youngest sister. She's single and a crazy middle-age party girl. She helped me to forget my wife. After six months I got back to my wife and...

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