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Mom likes to be on top

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Mom likes to be on top

Her son says she's 43 and he has 22. She was always a very reserved woman that didn't like to go out and didn't had much friends and he noticed she was a lonely woman since his father left her. 4 years ago On his 20th birthday they were both at his granny's house because she was sick, so there wasn't no party and no friends. Only him, his mother and granny. After dinner his grand-mother went to bed and he stayed with is mother downstairs, watching TV, talking and drinking. It was Winter both in pajamas, on the sofa covered by the same blanket. He still doesn't know exactly how things started, but he thinks it was when his mother started rubbing his right leg while she was excited talking about her future plans and she drank a full glass of wine in one go. That wine started kicking a few minutes later because the moment she felt his cock was getting hard, she never let it go, until today. Every time she wants sex she shows up in his bedroom and goes on top of him. That's the way she likes it.

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