Brazilian father and daughter

2010-10-11 00:17:56 2399 0 0


I started doing porn because of my father. Since I was 19 sex is not a taboo for me and I realized I could use it to make men do things my way, and I started with the men at home, first my brothers then my father. I've made my brother pick me up at work in his car so I didn't had to go by bus. I've made my Dad lend me money to go on a trip with my friends. When I started to work in porn and earning money I stopped having sex at home but now I got a great deal and I need Dad to get it. After two months of trying I've finally got my father to make a scene with me. The guys offered us the double to do it so it was easy money in our pockets, my Dad's problem was only doing it with me in public, for him that was weird...

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