Aunt and Nephew

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With my aunt...

15 Mar 2019


When my father got married for the second time at 63 with aunt (my mother's younger sister) 18 years younger I knew she would cheat on him. What I didn't see comming was that it would be me who would be fucking his wife. She made it pretty clear only a few...

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Doing my mom's sister...

23 Feb 2019


This was the last time my aunt stayed at our place. She's 31 and divorced, some times she stays for a few days with us when she's in town. I came from work and I caught her in my room, she told me she was feeling horny and that my parents just left half an...

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Our favorite aunt

19 Jan 2019


I live with my brother in the suburbs of major Russian city. When someone from our family, like our parents, cousins or uncles, needs to come to the city they stay with us. This time was our aunt (mom's youngest sister) she lost her driving license and needed...

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When my aunts calls

15 Jan 2019


I'm 22 yo and still live with my mom after getting seperated from my wife. She has a younger sister (32) that got married 3 years ago but she already regret it. The guy cheats on her and she does the same. Lately it's been I who's been fucking her. She...

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Third time with my aunt

13 Jan 2019


When my mother told me that his youngest sister was comming to live with us for awhile, I immediately felt my it was definitely a good idea. Last Summer at my granny's she gave me a handjob and promised me more. She's 29, I'm 19 and this the third time we had...

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My crazy nice aunt

01 Jan 2019


MY mother's youngest sister was always the blck sheep of the family. She's so crazy that when I was 17 she told me she knew I was still a virgin and wanted to be my first girl when I turned 18 and that will teach me. Well this was 5 years ago and a lot of...

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My aunt and I at...

23 Dec 2018


I can't find a job so I went to live for awhile with my grand-mother. It's a small flat where now also lives my aunt (my mother's youngest sister) since she got married she spends more time at my grand-mother's than with her husband, they are always arguing...

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My big ass aunt

19 Dec 2018


She's only 8 years older than I, she could be my sister but no, she's my father's youngest sister. Eight years ago my aunt got married with a rich old guy that recently found out she was fucking one of his emploees. He wants the divorce and she needs a...

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How I started to fuck...

05 Dec 2018


She's my mother's youngest sister and works in a hospital close to were I live. To earn some extra money she started to make double shifts at the hospital and doesn't have time to go home so she asked me if she could stay at my place to rest and have a bath...

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My horny aunt

26 Oct 2018


I never liked my step-father and a few weeks back things got ugly at my mother's place and he put me out. Without money I went to my aunt's (mom's youngest sister) and asked her if I could stay there for a few days. She said yes but only for a week max. She...

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My nephew and fuck...

19 Oct 2018


Well I'm a shy person who lives for work, without many friends and since 6 months my nephew (my older sister's son) became my fuck buddy. When I'm alone at home and get horny I call my nephew, lately it's not been easy to convince him to come to my place....

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My aunt can't let go

07 Oct 2018


We started having sex when I was 19 and she was 28, then after a year or so she started dating a guy and told me we had to stop because she really liked him. They are together for 2 years now and since three montths ago I've been pumping in nad out my aunt's...

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My nephew's second time

14 Sep 2018


Well this was is second time and didn't see him for a long time but he couldn't forget his aunt. He's my step-son's friend and every time he's in town he like to visit his aunt. He's my sister's older son and a bit shy, and that really turns me on.

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My mother's youngest...

12 Sep 2018


My aunt is just like me, money is never enough so we both are always looking for ways of making some extra cash. I have a friend who likes to make amateur sex videos, he pays ok and I told my aunt about it. I've been fucking her secretly, no one knew about it...

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My aunt doesn't leave...

11 Sep 2018


I thought it was a one-time thing only but my aunt, since then doesn't leave me alone. It started at a family party where she got drunk because weeks before her boyfriend dump her. At the party, my mother asked me to drive her home. My mistake was to go in...

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When aunt is in the...

25 Aug 2018


My aunt (mom's youngest sister) is living with us and I found out she's fucking with my father. It seems he's not fucking her enough because she's always horny, some times it's even difficult to imagine how my mother doesn't find out about them. When my...

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My girlfriend or my...

05 Aug 2018


This has been a very hard choice to make. I was about to ask my girlfriend to marry me but a few months we had a fight at a family party and I got drunk. My aunt (my mom's younger sister) took me home and we had sex. Since then we get together whenever we...

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My milf aunt

19 Jul 2018


My Dad's yongest sister is 30 and was always considered the black sheep of the family. She always did what she wanted. She doesn't want to get married and no kids. This for a conservative family like mine this is a disgrace but no one in the family knows the...

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Latin aunt and her...

09 Jun 2018


It seems this 40s aunt from Argentina seduced her sister's oldest son. When his mother found out she beaten her sister so badly she went to the hospital for two days but she didn't learn her lesson and did even worst, months later she went online and showed...

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Called my nephew for a...

24 Mar 2018


Since my kid was born I don't have time for anything. I'm a single mom, live in a rented bedroom and my kid is always with me. Today I´ve asked my mother to take him for a few hours to have some time for myself and do what I missed the most. I called my big...

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With my aunt in my...

20 Mar 2018


This is a old video I've made some years ago. I was on my 20s still living with my parents. My aunt (father's youngest sister) had left my grand-parents hometown to try her luck in the big city so she stayed with us for a few months. Until she got her first...

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My aunt was on a...

12 Mar 2018


My father's youngest sister is a complicated woman. She kind of attracts only bad things and people to her life and when she wants to recover my mother let her stay with us at our place. She's not yet fully recovered from her last looser boyfriend but she's...

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Help from my nephew

10 Mar 2018


Since my brother passed away I don't speak to my father so I asked my nephew to give him some legal documents for my father to sign. I told him if he can make my father to sign the documents I would give him 10% of what I receive, but he didn't seem very...

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Doing his aunt at the...

04 Jan 2018


His father hired his sister to work as a cleaner at the office. Just to help her to earn some money after her husband left her. It seems the guy, her nephew, already knew his aunt is very easy, specially after being without a man for 3 months.

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Dad's little sister

16 Dec 2017


He says his father treats his younger sister more than a daughter than a sister. They come from a family of 9 brothers and sisters and his aunt was raised by his father and his step-mother. She's only 8 years older than him. Last Summer he spent a few weeks...

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Her nephew from Brazil

18 Nov 2017


She said that the first time she went to Brazil with her husband she met her nephew. Her brother had an affair when he was younger and had a son he didn't know he had. He found out only 30 years later. After she met him he started to visit them also and he...

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Aunt crazy for cock

02 Nov 2017


He says that every time she gets fed up of her last boyfriend she always finds a way to met with him. She's his father's sister, she was always seen as the black sheep in the family and even got worse when it was found out she was having sex with her younger...

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How aunt was missing...

24 Oct 2017


His father's youngest sister never got children and kind of adopted her brother's son when he got divorced from his mother at the age of 17. He was always a difficult kid but he always knew how his aunt liked to be treated. Now she's 57 and he is 41 and every...

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Sharing his girlfriend...

20 Oct 2017


He says that a few years back he had sex with his aunt (his mother's youngest sister), many times she invited a girl friend and they had a threesome. His aunt also loves pussy. Now he has a girlfriend and his aunt was in town for a few days so it was time to...

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Big tits aunt new visit

07 Oct 2017


It seems his uncle went on a business trip again leaving his unsatisfied young wife alone. Visits to her nephew's place started again until his uncle returns, he says is very difficult to resist to that huge tits. She gets really horny when they get online...

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