Brother and Sister

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I just love it when my...

15 Jun 2019


My sister never learns, she only likes dumb guys who normally use her for sex and then dump her. I don't know how many times I've heard her say that this time she had found the right guy, months later the guy cheats on her and dumps her and the way coups with...

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Doing my half-sister...

14 Jun 2019


My sister is two years older than I and we always were the rebel kind. We like to take our parents to the limit, that's how we are. But my sister is even worse, she's always looking for the edge. She convinced me (it wasn't that hard) to have sex in a store's...

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Caught my brothat at...

11 Jun 2019


Since my brother got a new job he only comes home to visit our parents and I on the weekends so it's the only time I can be with him. Before we had sex almostt everyday but now even on weekends it's dificult because everyone is at home, except this one. Our...

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When my sister joins...

05 Jun 2019


Well, it's a pitty we don't each other that often otherwise I would be completely exausted. This two simply don't stop. Many time I'm completely KO after hours of sex and they still are playing with each other. The same happens with my sister's boyfriend.The...

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Cheating my wife the...

04 Jun 2019


Well this is complicated. My sister and I are having sex since we were teenagers and it was at that time we got new neighbors and she became best frined of their daughter. Time passed and I started dating out neighbor's daughter and still having sex with my...

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Weird day with my...

02 Jun 2019


Our granny died last year and she left to me and my sister the only property she had, small land. For almost a year we told to each other that the next weekend we should go there and clean the land and try to sell it. We finally decided to go there and do it,...

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My chubby sister just...

31 May 2019


I found out my sister was fucking our father, and I know if our step-mother knows about it she will make her go live under a bridge and my sister just can't find a job so I took some advantage of the situation. What she doesn't know is that I also fuck our...

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WHo's going to pay the...

29 May 2019


We've been home alone for more than a week. Our parents are on a trip and we already spent the money they left us for food so my brother and I are always arguing about who's going to to use it's own money to buy food until our parents get home. Until now I...

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Getting a favour from...

28 May 2019


My mom is very strict with me and my brother. We didn't know our father, we have a age difference of 2 years and left when my brother was 3. I wanted to go to a concert with my boyfriend but I knew my mother only would let me go with my boyfriend if my...

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Doing my married...

26 May 2019


She's once again living with our parents. She's married but every time she has problems with her drunk husband she comes running to dad and mom. I'm 21 and I still live with my parents. When she's here we go to the bathroom while the washing machine is...

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Party with sister and...

25 May 2019


It was completely unexpected. My sister came to my birthday, my girlfriend, her best friend told her she must come, and she did without I knew about it. My sister is bisexual and brought her girlfriend. Because it was my birthday I was allowed by my girl and...

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Taking my brother for...

22 May 2019


Our parents and us live with our grandma. The house it's not big and since my uncle and his family also came to live at my granny's things got way worse. I simply can't stay at home, I only go there to eat, have a bath and, some times to sleep. I used to...

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Late visit to my sister

18 May 2019


A few weeks ago I went to town to go to a friend's birthday party but at the last minute it was cancelled because my friend's father died suddently, I was without nothing to do. I called my brother-in-law who lives close, to see if he was free and wanted to...

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I'm a dominant sister

15 May 2019


I get really wet just thinking about it. Every time I get I like to dominate my brother. He's married but I guess his wife doesn't do it with him the way he likes it. When we are alone or even with people around I like to wisper in his ear what I'm going to...

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The right size for my...

14 May 2019


I can say thta I already tried four cocks from men in my family. The first one was my Dad, the second was my brother, then was my grandpa and my uncle. Now the only one I still fuck is my brother, my grandpa already died, my uncle got married for the second...

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My sister bet her ass

10 May 2019


And as you'll see, she lost. My sister started dating a friend of mine. He's a good guy but a kind of a weird. So I've told my sister don't start anything with him you'll not be able to handle him, he's kind of neurotic with his things, everything must be...

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My crazy younger sister

07 May 2019


My parents didn't want any more children after me but 9 years my sister was born. They say I was hard to raise, but my sister was simply a nightmare. She's now 20 and decided she wants go save up money to live and work abroad. The first time I knew what she...

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Caught my sister with...

03 May 2019


I caught her by surprise but she didn't even tried to hide it so we decided to give it a try. My sister has a great ass and likes guys to use it. She said she was precticing because she wants to try double penetration and she even has chosen the other guy to...

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I'm the crazy sister

30 Apr 2019


I've been having sex with my brother fo about a year but now he got a girlfriend and we don't do it as often as before. One thing that gets me really horny is sucking my brother's cock in the morning after knowing he was fucking his girlfriend the night...

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Riding my brother's...

29 Apr 2019


Once again my brother came to visit us. I live about 200 Km from Moscow and it's not easy from us to get together. My brother is my husband's best friend since childwood. When we start to work we all worked at the same place and spent a lot of time together...

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My nice tiny sister

24 Apr 2019


Because she's tiny she looks younger but she's actually 24 and she's crazy for a good fuck. I found out this for the first time 2 years ago after we got drunk at my birthday party. She slept at my place and after everyone left we start to sing and dance like...

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Calling my brother to...

23 Apr 2019


My husband is never around, his work is always more important but I knew that, he warned me before we get married, so I accepted the terms. He also told me that if I wanted to have someone that I could but the problem is that we can get attached and start to...

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When sister shows up...

22 Apr 2019


I've always had a very special relationship with my older sister. I'm married and she's still single and lives in our home town. When I married I moved to another town and now with don't very often but we are in contact over the internet. I can say she's my...

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My transexual brother...

19 Apr 2019


I work in a supermarket and my brother lives with me so we can share the expenses. He's a transexual and works in a bar. Some times when we are at home we talk about the guys he meets where he works, and what they do with him, we get really excited and so...

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When I visit my cousins

17 Apr 2019


My cousins are brother and sister and they are completely insane. When my cousin told me he fucks his sister I couldn't believe him so he told me to take a peak into his bedroom one night. There he was fucking her from behind. It took me a while to digest...

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Having my sister...

12 Apr 2019


My wife went to see her mother that had an accident and went to the hospital, she lives 300 Km away so she stayed there for a full week. I asked my sister to help me around the house. She's without a job so she agreed on it. When I saw her cooking only...

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My horny little sister

11 Apr 2019


Only I know how my sister likes it. She's that angel face type of girl but she loves it hard. She's now engaged with a much older guy that lives 200 Km away but he has money. The guy got sick and my sister asked if I could drive her there, she said the guy...

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Love to tease my...

09 Apr 2019


I live with my divorced mother and my younger brother. Our mother is a nurse and works at the local hospital. Many night I'm alone at home with my brother. When I know my mother is working in the night shift, in the morning before I go to work I Wisper to my...

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Siblings with benefits

07 Apr 2019


My father divorced my mother when I was only 2 yo and went to live in Brazil where he got married again and had a daughter. All my teenager years I used to go to there to spend the Summer with my Dad and his family . Since my sister took my virginity when I...

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It's good to my sister...

06 Apr 2019


Since our parents got divorced my sister and I stay with our motherbut then she got a new boyfriend and I don't like him at all so I went to live with my father and I only see my sister when she comes to stay at our father's and like to spend the time we have...

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