Brother and Sister

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His sister and his wife

25 Jan 2017


It seems his younger sister came to spend a few days at his place, invited by his wife. She wanted to look for a job in the town were her brother lives. After a week she finally got a job and they decided to celebrate. They had dinner and by the end of the...

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Sister's blowjob in...

19 Jan 2017


This one time, the guy says, was when they went to have lunch with their father. During the all time his sister was teasing him, touching him under the table and whispering at his ear she really wanted to suck his cock. When they left their father's place...

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The big sister

10 Jan 2017


Since they were kids and their mother passed away she's taking care of her 10 years younger and she still loves to control his life. She got married but her obsession is her brother never went away. He never got married and only had relationships approved by...

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Testing the waters

06 Jan 2017


She says this was the first time her brother join her and her boyfriend, so things went slow but she's actually proud of herself because she liked sucking two cocks at the same time, she never did it before. Things got very interesting but they didn't went...

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Caught his sister...

03 Jan 2017


He says his sister is married and when he has business to take care he stays at their place. Normally her husband goes out to work very early in the morning and his sister only goes to work after lunch. Every time he can he likes to remind his sister what...

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Have you been a good...

31 Dec 2016


He said that since he saw his older sister sucking a guy's cock at a friend's he couldn't stop thinking about it. The best part was that his sister also saw him while she was busy sucking the guy's dick. Later when she finished she told him that if he be a...

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Brother, sister and...

24 Dec 2016


She noticed that every time her brother calls and says he's coming to her house, her husband gets more excited than usual. After several years trying she finally got pregnant but she's not sure who is the father, her husband or her brother. The man on this...

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Her brother and his...

23 Dec 2016


She said her brother never likes rules and likes to try everything. When he found out he was bisexual he decided to have a relation with another guy. She was surprised one day when she went to visit them, they started to talk about their relation and asked...

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With her husband, her...

16 Dec 2016


She always knew her husband was bisexual, what she didn't know was that he was having sex with her own brother. When she found out she asked her husband why he never told her even knowing they already had threesomes with other guys, he said that because he...

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Older sister is on top

15 Dec 2016


His sister is a very controlling woman and, of course, has chosen for a husband a very soft guy. So soft that the family thinks he's gay. Sex between them was never good because the only place she doesn't like to have control is in bed and the guy doesn't...

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His sister brought her...

14 Dec 2016


He says he's fucking his sister for more than a year and things started to get a bit bored. The good part is that she thought the same. She has a girl friend with who she likes to hang out and they are always together. He suggested to his sister if she would...

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His sister saved the...

03 Dec 2016


He says that because he didn't go well at school his father made him go on vacations with them, instead of going with his friends. What seemed to be a very boring holidays ended up to be ok. The reason was that his half-sister was there too. She's very open...

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Working and having fun...

29 Nov 2016


After their single mother got sick they both realized that they definitely needed to help and earn some money because it was their mother's 2 jobs who put her in bed. The truth was they needed a job but they really didn't like to work. After thinking about it...

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Sleeping in the living...

25 Nov 2016


It was a last minute arrangement. He went to town for a job interview but got delayed and lost the last train so he asked his mother if he could spend the night at her place. The apartment only has a bedroom where his mother sleeps with her boyfriend, and the...

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With his sister in...

24 Nov 2016


He said his mother called him to know if he could go to her house to help move the washing machine to new place, when he got there his half-sister open the door. She said their mother went to the Vet with the dog because he felt sick. His sister told him what...

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Seducing her brother...

23 Nov 2016


She brought her laptop to the kitchen and got extremely horny watching couples having sex on internet. She knew the moment her brother got in the kitchen he would jump on her, and it happen but when they were getting ready someone knocked at the door. For a...

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With big sister and...

18 Nov 2016


He says they have threesomes for about a year but he still starts feeling shy, it's his big sister who has to getting hard and in the mood while her husband stays behind the camera. After a while she gets what she was looking for, her hubby leaves the camera...

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Big brother came for...

16 Nov 2016


After being away for 6 months her brother came home and she was more than happy to see him. She wanted to show everyone what kind of relation they have. He doesn't get very well with their father, they fight a lot, that's the reason why he disappears for so...

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When sister hangs out...

12 Nov 2016


He says that it's not the first time he gets home and has his sister on his bedroom using his computer, she says the wifi signal is so bad at her bedroom that she just can't watch videos. He thinks this was ok until he noticed she was watching porn and that...

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While his sister's...

10 Nov 2016


He and his brother-in-law are best friends since kindergarten, and during their early 20s they had their share of wild sexual adventures and what they like the most was to have threesomes and foursomes with girls they meet along the way. But it end up his...

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I can't wait anymore....

03 Nov 2016


She said she found a way to deal with the fact that her boyfriend was away for 6 months and didn't want to cheat on him, so she proposed to her brother if he wanted to be her fuck budy. The problem was that she gets horny on unusual times and this was one of...

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With his sister and...

02 Nov 2016


The guy thought he had a date with his sister's friend but soon he realized that his sister and her friend had other plans. He thought the girl would go to his place alone and then they would go out, instead the girl arrives with his sister and decided to...

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Hey brother, can I...

29 Oct 2016


She says she has a very special relation with her younger brother but the truth is that she misses the times he lived at their parents. He went to college and only goes back to visit them when he can. She still lives with their parents and every time her...

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Sister's blowjob in...

26 Oct 2016


It's morning, their parents already went to work and they are getting ready to go too but his sister still has time to give him a morning blowjob. She says she loves doing it, and would love to do it to her father too, she didn't had the chance yet. Her...

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Her brother was a...

25 Oct 2016


She said she was fed up of small jobs, earning almost nothing every week that she decided to put her body to work. The big problem was that she wated to have a partner on her show but she didn't trust any guy she knew, except her brother. He would have the...

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Punishing his bad...

21 Oct 2016


He says that his sister likes to be inspected and spanked on her ass, she told him she loves to have a red ass before fucking. She's kind of addicted to this, she told her father liked to spank her and she ended up liking it, now is her brother's turn to do...

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Sister's crazy bet

19 Oct 2016


Her brother found out his sister wanted to have a expensive winter coat she found at the mall but it was the last one and could be sold at any time so he said he would lend her the money she needed to buy the coat if she would walk at the mall with his cum on...

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If she had known...

18 Oct 2016


She says she likes to spend some of her time watching guys with big dicks on video chat websites and one night she fell in love with a big dick that show up on her screen. After a few hours talking online with the stranger she noticed something familiar when...

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Brother and sister...

14 Oct 2016


He said that their mother went to take care of their sick grand-mother and would stay at her place for the weekend, their father was also away working so they had the all place for themselves. He likes to watch his sister's face on the video when she grabs...

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Trying half-sister's...

12 Oct 2016


He says that since he left his girlfriend his half-sister told him she liked him and wanted to start dating. He never thought about it but she was so pushy he decided to let it happen. This time a guy online wrote if she did anal, he thought it might be a...

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