Father and Daughter

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Dad knows a place

18 Jul 2018


Since my step-father lost his job mom made him do everything around the house and this includes picking her and me from work since we only have one car and my mother and me work on diferent shifts. When he leaves mom at work he then brings me home on one...

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This is Dad's cock

15 Jul 2018


I love playing with it as you can see. I've been playing with it for a few months only, mostly when I get home from work, that is also the time when mom is working and Dad is alone.

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Dad's compensation

11 Jul 2018


She borrow her father's motocycle without him knowing and he didn't like it. She thought he won't found out but the truth is that he knows the miles it has and when he checked there was a 95 miles diference made after the weekend he wasn't at home. She's the...

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Caught Dad on the sofa

07 Jul 2018


Every night when she's feeling horny she likes to wait for her Dad to seat on the sofa to watch TV. It's the best moment and he never says no. She went to live with him after she lost her job and his wife died.

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When mom is on the...

06 Jul 2018


She says that her father is already retired but her mother (10 years younger) is still working at a factory and every week when she's on the night shift she gets her Dad's visits in her bedroom.

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Dad and daughter best...

02 Jul 2018


The father says this was a few years back. He just got divorced from his second wife. His daughter had just finished high school and wanted to wait one year before she went to college so she asked him to go live with him. This are some of the best moments...

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It's fun to play with...

29 Jun 2018


She just needs to ear the door closing behind her step-mother when she leaves, for her to sneak into her father's bedroom and wait for him to go upstairs. Then it's play time. She gets all wet just thinking about his magic tongue...

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Between her and her...

29 Jun 2018


He says he started dating the daughter but after he met her mother he decided he wanted her instead. It didn't took long and after he finished with the daughter he married the mother. Then after the daughter forgive him he decided he wanted the two. Now the...

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She loves Dad's cock

27 Jun 2018


She's been the woman of the house since her mother passed away and it seems her father doesn't want another one. He says she's even better than her mother, specially in sex.

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Waiting for Dad

25 Jun 2018


She knows when her Dad visits her. It's always in the morning after her mother leaves for work. This morning her mother had a problem with her car and her father took her to work in his car. This delay made her really horny, waiting for her father in her...

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Being Dad's lover

23 Jun 2018


He got divorced from his wife because she found out he had a lover, what she didn't found out at that time, was that her husband's lover was their older daughter. Only months later and because of this video.

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On top of her...

21 Jun 2018


She says her mother doesn't know but her step-father gave her a key of the house and some times in the morning after her mother goes to work she gets in and joins her step-father in bed. What she didn't know was that her step-father had a camera in the...

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Her fucking Dad

20 Jun 2018


And this is literally. He's the only one in the family that knows what she does for a living. And she likes it to keep it a secret so he likes to show up from time to time and get what he needs. Thank god, he's always travelling because of his work so he...

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Dad cums on her breasts

19 Jun 2018


Actually is her step-father. He says his wife was about to get home but he was realy feeling horny so his step-daughter decided to help and give him a quick blowjob. It was fast and he came all over her breasts. She had to run to the bathroom because her...

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When mom leaves for...

17 Jun 2018


She says that some times at night, she can ear her parents having sex in their bedroom. That makes her realy horny but she has to wait for the morning after her mother leaves for work so she can have it too. After she ears her mother's car leave she goes to...

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Dad and husband...

13 Jun 2018


It was her father who introduced her to her husband. It was one of the very few persons who knew she had sex with her father. One year later they got married and sex between became more interesting and she is now her dad's and her husband's sex pet.

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Again this father and...

09 Jun 2018


They just love it and can't live without it, so here's another webcam recording from this two. This time Dad goes on his knees and tastes some pussy too.

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When Dad comes to my...

02 Jun 2018


She said she was getting a bit worried because her father didn't visit her for more than a month, she thought he had got a new lover (besides mom). But she found out it wasn't the case, he told her he had seriuos problems at work and didn't had time or...

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Sucking Dad with Mom's...

30 May 2018


She says her mother called saying she would come home late because she had a problem at work so her father thought immediately of having some fun with her. He seated on a kitchen chair and asked her for a blowjob while she wear her mother's sun glasses. She...

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Waiting on the window...

29 May 2018


He says he lives with his wife and his step-daughter and a few weeks ago he finally was able to have sex with his wife's daughter and they just fuck like rabbits, without control. So the best way to not being surprised by her mother was to stay on the window...

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Being Dad's lover

24 May 2018


She said that she married against her father's will and 7 years later she's still married with two kids but hardly sees her husband so she turned to the other man in her life, her Dad and she says that is the only one who really can turn her on.

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Make Dad happy and...

17 May 2018


It seems that his two daughters were annoying him for weeks about him buying them new cellphones. They didn't want cheap ones so they had to work to get them, so they had to work for about two weeks to get them. They did a great job together.

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Doing her Dad's way

12 May 2018


It seems her father found out she was "broadcasting herself" and decided to take some advantage, so he told her he would tell her husband about it. She got scared but after thinking about it she realized she could earn more with the situation. First she...

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When Dad gives me a...

08 May 2018


She lives with her single father and this is her way to get what she wants. She starts to say she had a hard day at work and she needs a massage, and it normally starts as a massage but it end up with her face covered...

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Dad promised her to...

28 Apr 2018


She said she had engine problem with her car and it was expensive to fix, she didn't had the money and needed the car every day so she decided to get some help from her father. She knows how to get money out from him. His addiction is porn and sex and she...

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Dad unloading on her...

26 Apr 2018


Well, this is another great find. It has all you wish on a webcam video, plus has dad and daughter, plus has a great final. Just watch it.

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Another day at Dad's

15 Apr 2018


Just another day with her father. This time on webcam. Not much to say just to watch.

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Another video with Dad

13 Apr 2018


It seems the father likes to make videos and his daughter likes to be in them. She says it started a few years ago after her father left her mother. She believes she was the reason for their divorce.

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My pregnant daughter

11 Apr 2018


My daughter's moron husband got her pregnant and left her and now I have her living with me and have to support her the kid that's coming. I'm divorced and love to live alone and this situation is not what I have planned for me. I know she's doing everything...

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Dad and daughter on...

05 Apr 2018


Another great find from the webcams world. Not much to say, just to watch. Anal, facial and swallow are included.

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