Father and Daughter

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Seated on Dad's throne

24 Sep 2016


She says that when her mother found out her step-father had a lover she throw him out of the house, but before that her mother called her asked her if she could offer him to stay at her place for a few days because she didn't want him to go to his lover's....

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In bed with her...

21 Sep 2016


The first to loose it's job was him. Two years at home. Then one year later his step-daughter was sent home too. Only her mother is working, they earn some money some times but most of the time they spend it at home watching TV and having sex waiting for a...

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Caught his step-father...

13 Sep 2016


He says that he was suspicious about his step-father and his sister but he never thought he would caught them having sex at home. That day his mother was working on the night shift (she's a nurse) and he had planned to have dinner and spend most of the night...

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Massage the way her...

10 Sep 2016


She says she found this video in a forgotten memory card. This were the times she came home from work and her father was at home jacking off in front of the TV watching porn, he didn't even tried to hide it. or felt uncomfortable After a while he asked her if...

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Now she can't complain

09 Sep 2016


The guy says one day he got home from home and his daughter was talking with her mother saying she was fed up of her husband, he doesn't want her, he doesn't want to fuck her and not even let her have a taste of his cock anymore. A few days after this he got...

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A dad and daughter...

05 Sep 2016


No comments. We leave it for you to decide.

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Dad and daughter are...

03 Sep 2016


Not much to say, only to watch. More 15 minutes of webcam video with this dad and daughter couple. They like to have fun online.

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Dad joins her on webcam

30 Aug 2016


She was on the couch in the living room watching couples fucking live on internet then her father comes home and likes what she's watching and decided to share some action of their own.

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Working for her new car

25 Aug 2016


He says he knows what she wants. Normally she disappears for months and only shows up when she needs something or when she's in trouble, just like her mother. The moment she showed up at the door he knew she needed something and it only took 5 minutes...

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With Dad and his friend

20 Aug 2016


After knowing her father's friend for years they finally started dating. She's 38, he has 49 and her father has 57. She says her dad's friend never understood why her father never wanted him to start dating his daughter. She never had anyone since she got...

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Her step-father is a...

18 Aug 2016


She says her step-father is a fanatic for fantasy movies and one of his turn on is to have sex imagining he's a dragon of those movies. Her mother got fed up of having a big boy on the bed and outside of the bed, instead of a man and she's asking for divorce,...

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All over Dad again

14 Aug 2016


She said they made this video when her father returned home after being away for 9 months on work. Just after his second divorce and when things were about to get started between them, his boss sent him to work abroad for 9 months so the tension got really...

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Dad, your daughter's...

13 Aug 2016


She says this is became a normal week night at her father's. She gets very horny watching others on webcam, if she gets in front of the camera she simply can't go without a taste of her dad's cock. She starts fingering her pussy but in no time she's touching,...

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Father and daughter...

12 Aug 2016


Since his wife died of illness, his interest on marrying his 25 yo daughter disappeared and she didn't mind at all because she was promised to marry a 56 yo guy, and between choosing an old stranger she preferred her old father, who she knew very well how to...

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She loves to tease Dad

11 Aug 2016


They are from India and the girl's dream is to go to the UK but her father never agreed on it. He says she should get married and stay in India. She doesn't want this for her so she uses all her skills to convinse her father to give her the money and let her...

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Living with Dad and...

09 Aug 2016


The guy said that after he left his drunk wife he went to live with his daughter to his father's apartment, an 68 yo horny guy just like him. This is what appends when a 22 yo girl goes to live with two horny old guys, the father commented.

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While Dad teaches, mom...

07 Aug 2016


She says is with her Dad she has the most intense orgasms, she doesn't know if it's because he's really good at it or by the fact she gets extremely excited seeing her mother behind the camera. Dad knows his moves well and she feels like a doll on his hands....

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The mother for the...

05 Aug 2016


15 years ago he married a gorgeous 41 years old woman who had a 21 yo daughter, at that time he was 31. Now 15 years as passed and sex with his wife is not what it was and he started to get some special attention from his step-daughter (divorced recently)....

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The father, the...

03 Aug 2016


She says her father likes younger women and some times he gets interested in some of her friends. Even having a relation with her, she understands he simply can't stay with one women so she likes to help him and when he likes some of her friends, sooner or...

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When Dad needs a...

30 Jul 2016


He says that he just hates to deal with bills, taxes and everything related so some times he asks his daughter to go to his office and help him organize everything. Last year the mess he made was so big they ended up staying at the office until 3 am, but they...

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With Dad and his friend

28 Jul 2016


She says her step-father left her mother for her because she couldn't give him what he likes. He's a guy that like to share his woman, a kind of active cuckold, and she (the daughter), being on her 20s is eager for new sexual adventures and no one better than...

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With Dad after a hard...

27 Jul 2016


She finally convinced her father to let her stay at his place for awhile until she finds a new place closer to her new job. He wasn't very keen about the idea, he always lived alone since he divorced her mother but she showed him some strong arguments that...

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Just before her mother...

24 Jul 2016


Everyday when her step-father comes home from work he goes to have a bath, after he goes to the kitchen naked where his step-daughter is doing the dinner and asks her for a quick blowjob. She's glad it's really a quick one because normally 5 minutes after she...

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With Dad for Xmas

19 Jul 2016


Since her father got divorced from her mother 3 years ago, she likes to spends a few days at her father's every time she's not at college, and Xmas is one of those times. But she says the main and most important reason to go is (and she's not ashamed of...

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Now it's time to end...

12 Jul 2016


She says it all started with her father a year ago when she got divorced and her father helped to get back on her feet. She says she took advantage of the situation, she made it sure her father would agree to have sex with her. She needed help to put her life...

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The step-father and...

09 Jul 2016


His step-daughter just got married to his best friend. Friend who he already had invited to have sex in a threesome with his wife (the girl's mother) now his best friend invited him to have sex with his wife (the guy's step-daughter). The mother and the...

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The father and the...

09 Jul 2016


He says that one of the girls is actually his step-daughter. It all started when his second wife asked him if he would like to have a threesome with her and her daughter. At first it was only him, his wife and his step-daughter but his own daughter liked the...

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Giving it to his...

07 Jul 2016


He says her mother is crazy, that was one of the reasons he liked her and married her. But after he moved to their home, her daughter didn't missed one opportunity to show him she wanted the same what her mother was getting behind closed doors in their...

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How much she misses...

05 Jul 2016


He says his daughter came to spend the weekend at his place because she wanted to go to the annual high school get-together party. She arrived Friday morning and he was getting ready to go hunting with some friends but she didn't let him go out without...

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Wishing Dad a good...

21 Jun 2016


Saturday mornings after his wife goes to work he likes to stay in bed and watch TV but that is not the main reason. The main reason is that after his daughter has a bath and before she leaves to work she likes to make him a visit and wish him a very special...

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