Mother and Son

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Mom from behind

21 Jul 2018


My mom and my step-dad came home, she enter the house and he stayed in the garage to fix something with the car so I called her into my bedroom just before she went to have a bath and I simply took her from behind without any warning. She told me she likes it...

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I told you, mom

17 Jul 2018


At home we take bets to a new level. I bet with my mother who would win the world cup. She said it was Brazil and I bet on France. She knew sooner she wouldn't win but I had to wait until yesterday to know if I won. So can you guess who's sucking my cock?

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Mom in the morning

04 Jul 2018


Unfortunatelly it's not every morning. He says his mom only does it once a week when she has her day off at work, the other he just gets the usual: "Wake up! It's getting late already."

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All men in the house

30 Jun 2018


After a few months of getting married to his father she started fucking with his oldest son. It lasted about two years. Then he went to college and his brother took his place. It only lasted one year he got a girlfriend and also went to college. Now it's the...

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Mom sucking her son

23 Jun 2018


He says she does it almost every morning when she stays at home.She only starts her day after he unloads in her mouth.

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French mother and son

23 Jun 2018


She tells a bit of their story but in french, the action comes right after.

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A threesome with her...

22 Jun 2018


She was asking her husband to find someone to have threesome because she wanted to try a double penetration, what she wasn't expecting was that her husband invited his son to join them. It was a real surprise when he told her they already did several times...

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With mom at the office

19 Jun 2018


He says things weren't easy the last few months. He lost his job and money is getiing shorter every month so he asked his mother for some help and she offered him a part-time job at her office. A few years back he had a sexual experience with his mother, it...

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Mom 's morning visit

13 Jun 2018


He says that she does it often specially when she fights with her boyfriend. This time he hidden a camera in his bedroom to share it online. Once again her boyfriend prefered to go with his friends instead of spending the night with her so the next morning...

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When Mom wants cock

08 Jun 2018


This is what his mother does when she feels horny. She starts grabbing his cock while he watches TV and when it's hard she just jumps on it until she cums, then she gives him a goodnight kiss, has a bath and goes to bed. Without any words.

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Don't worry Dad won't...

08 Jun 2018


This is great! The father takes sleeping pils every night that makes him sleep through a earthquake so his son sneaks into his parents bedroom and fucks his mother while his father is deep asleep. It seems they forgot about the camera in the bedroom. Dad will...

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The way mom likes it

01 Jun 2018


He says he's around 20s and his mother is on her 40s. They live together since his father left when he 17 and since then their relation became also sexual. With the years his mother was able to tell him what she liked to do on the bed. At first for him, her...

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Bringing his Mom

25 May 2018


He told his mother he was earning money doing porn and a few weeks later he was able to take her so she could see what he does exactly. After, the producer ask them if they already had sex, she said yes but never with someone watching. Well, there's always a...

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Latin mom glad to have...

23 May 2018


Two years ago her son decided to move to his girlfriend's place and leave his mother's. Things didn't go well and he's now back to where he started. His mother is enjoying it a lot, just like before he left.Now she she wake him up every morning the way only...

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With his young mother

22 May 2018


She became a single mother at age 16 and left her son with her parents until he was 18, when he went to live with her. They have love and hate relationship and maybe because of guilt she let's him the man around the house.

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How mom punishes bad...

18 May 2018


Being punished like this, our guess is that he will be bringing more bad grades home.

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The old times with mom

16 May 2018


He says he was around his 20s when his Dad recoded this videos. His father asked his mother to suck his cock while he seated in front of them recording it with an old VHS camera. The fist one she had just got home from a party and he and his Dad were just...

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When her son needs...

26 Apr 2018


She says that her son sometimes needs some discipline to know she's still in control, she's the boss and she's his mother. This time he left the garage door open all night and this mistake couldn't go by without a proper punishment.

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When step-mom comes to...

25 Apr 2018


My father's wife is only 12 years older than I. They live in the suburbs and she spends a lot of time at home doing nothing and waiting for my father to come home from work. Some times when she feels more bored than usual she likes to show up at my door,...

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Blowjob from his...

20 Apr 2018


After her husband asked her several times she finally agreed to help his 24 yo virgin son. It was simply a first approach but he thinks that with time his wife will agree and have a threesome with him and his son. She got more excited when he told her he was...

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With mom while his...

18 Apr 2018


A 5 minutes jewel. Mom got what she wanted and got really excited doing her son. Just as much as her husband watching recording them.

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Back being mom's boy

14 Apr 2018


He says this is an old video he made. At that time he thought he finally was released from his mother's influence. He got a job and moved out from his mother's home. A few months later he lost his job, is not sure exactly why, but he then had to go back to be...

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Being a mom too young

12 Apr 2018


Being a mom at 15 and still living life as a teenager, with her son. He's 18 and he says all his friends like to hang out with his mom, and she actually does. She says she didn't had a teenager life because she was a mom too soon and now she wants to enjoy...

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Step-mother's revenge...

10 Apr 2018


My step-mother found out my father was fucking one of his employees and had a big fight and left him. She came knocking at my door and asked me to stay for a few days. She didn't no one in the family to know, at least for now. She didn't want to explain it...

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Mom giving me a blowjob

08 Apr 2018


This normally appends after my step-father goes to bed. I stay in the living room watching TV and after a hour or so my mother comes downstairs with the excuse she can't sleep because she needs something to eat. After eating she doesn't go back up until she...

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Mom likes to feel full

07 Apr 2018


We've been having sex since my mother got divorced from her second husband.But she was avoiding me for the last month, I guess it was something I did wrong but I don't know what. A few days I went to her place to talk to her but she didn't want to talk,...

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When mom wants it in...

27 Mar 2018


He says he lives with his mother in Hong Kong, they have a store they run together. His mother wakes him up in the morning so he goes and make deliveries. Sometimes she wakes him a bit earlier than usual, this normally means one thing: she wants a morning...

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Give it to Mom deep

22 Mar 2018


Every time he can he goes and visit his mother. He's on his 30s, single and a very stressful business life. He says he only can really relax when he's with his mother. He made this video a few years ago when his fiancé left him. He went to spend a few days...

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Russian mom giving a...

17 Mar 2018


It seems that after a few weeks their off-work day finally match and his mother had her son at home all day so she decided to start early in the morning with a good blowjob in bed. This time he didn't had any excuse of being tired of having to leave for work.

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Just laying down,...

06 Mar 2018


It was his birthday and his mother promised him a "fun night", like she likes to call it.. That night she didn't seem to be in the mood but a promise is promise. He got in her bed and lay down just waiting for her to come in. When she did she just did what...

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