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Oct 28th, 2008


Needed help (part 1/2)

I moved to a used apartment with my son. With the moving expenses I stayed ...

Oct 24th, 2008


Mom strict education

My husband died very early and I stayed alone with our son all this years. ...

Oct 23rd, 2008


My revenge

The worst part of my teenager life was when I knew my father had left my mo...

Oct 16th, 2008


Keeping Mom happy

When my Dad died he left a big amount of money for me but he left the decis...

Sep 23rd, 2008


Mom doesn't let me

I always was a child with health problems and my mother over protects me. E...

Sep 15th, 2008


Black widow mother

My mother only loved my father but to be able to raise me after he died she...

Sep 13th, 2008


Mom needs attention

This is all my step-father's fault. He's never at home and even on weekends...

Sep 12th, 2008


Mom taught me the real thing

My mother caught me we masturbating and she wasn't very pleased with the sh...

Sep 5th, 2008


You drive your mom crazy

Only once was enough, now I can't make him stop. Every time we are only the...

Sep 2nd, 2008


My son going the wrong way

My son is having some difficult times since his girlfriend left him, he sta...

Aug 31st, 2008


Mom's services

My mother got separated from my step-father and she didn't had any place to...

Aug 30th, 2008


Mom is never satisfied

My mother is always on top of me, she doesn't like to do anything at home, ...

Jul 26th, 2008


When Dad is away

My father is a truck driver and is always traveling and my mother suffers w...

Jul 21st, 2008


My mom's casting

Finally I've convinced my horny mother to do a casting. She's mad about sex...