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Dec 2nd, 2010


Giving Mom a hand

Since my granny got sick my mother and I moved to her place so we could tak...

Nov 26th, 2010


Showing Mom I still want her

After one year of dating, my mother accepted to get married again. The guy ...

Nov 25th, 2010


Caught my step-mother

My father called me saying my step-mother needed some help moving the furni...

Nov 3rd, 2010


Me and Mom videos

My my husband died it was only me and my son, I got a job in a farm and we ...

Oct 30th, 2010


Pleasing my BBW mother

Since my father left her she became very depressed and never recover from i...

Oct 22nd, 2010


Taking Mom to a session

My mother is always complaining about money. It's never enough, I don't ear...

Oct 19th, 2010


Mom, why didn't you listen t...

When my mother decided to get married I told her not to, she could live wit...

Sep 30th, 2010


Mom's blow job before exam

In the last few weeks I've been living in great stress, my final exam at co...

Sep 24th, 2010


Doing Mom after work

I needed a new car and I asked my mother to lend me some money so I wouldn'...

Sep 8th, 2010


My afternoons with Mom

Since my parents divorce I've been living with my mother and my step-father...

Aug 27th, 2010


Step-mother into porn

Since my father died my step-mother had a some financial difficulties, most...

Aug 7th, 2010


When my son decides to show ...

Sometimes my son disappears for months, I don´t know were he is, he only c...

Jul 17th, 2010


Two by the price of one

When I got married I wasn´t expecting so much but it was really a very nic...

Jul 16th, 2010


The mother, her son and her ...

When I´ve started dating my second husband I´ve told him I had a very clo...

Jul 5th, 2010


Invinting my son for sex

I always was woman that liked sex, maybe a bit too much, and for some time ...

Jul 3rd, 2010


Meeting my ex-mother again

I was raised by my step-mother but a few years my father got separated from...

May 29th, 2010


His mother and his wife

This guy's wife was able to make his mother go along and have a nice time w...

May 1st, 2010


Young mother and her son

I was mother with 16 and live with my son in my parents small wood house. W...

Apr 13th, 2010


Make Mom climb up the walls

I should have know I had a stud at home. The first time it happend I was fi...

Feb 24th, 2010


Italian mother and son story

They agreed doing the scene only with their faces covered and in their hous...

Feb 6th, 2010


I like to grab Mom's head

I know I get too excited some times but my mother makes me feel really horn...

Jan 27th, 2010


A quick one before Dad cames...

Normally when I come home from work my son is still there, he only works at...

Jan 24th, 2010


When Mom gets jealous

I was getting ready to go out to meet my girlfriend, while my mother was ha...

Jan 14th, 2010


Is it ok like this mom?

I've been doing mom for awhile but she likes it if I act as her inexperienc...

Jan 8th, 2010


Mom likes bad boys

My mom always liked bad boys and because of this she got pregnant of me wit...

Dec 31st, 2009


Punishing Mom a little

I like to see her really excited, I get the camera and let her watch from t...

Dec 25th, 2009


Can I do it, Mom?

Fun only after you do all your duties at home. Mom doesn't like to have mes...

Dec 7th, 2009


My son in the army

When my son decided to go to the army I was very sad. I was used to live al...

Nov 26th, 2009


Alone with my step-mother

I never knew my mother, it was always me and my father, well, when he's awa...

Nov 20th, 2009


Don't play guitar, play Mom

This german mother doesn't like her son to waist his time and her ears play...