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Jul 17th, 2010


Two by the price of one

When I got married I wasn´t expecting so much but it was really a very nic...

Jul 16th, 2010


The mother, her son and her ...

When I´ve started dating my second husband I´ve told him I had a very clo...

Jul 5th, 2010


Invinting my son for sex

I always was woman that liked sex, maybe a bit too much, and for some time ...

Jul 3rd, 2010


Meeting my ex-mother again

I was raised by my step-mother but a few years my father got separated from...

May 29th, 2010


His mother and his wife

This guy's wife was able to make his mother go along and have a nice time w...

May 1st, 2010


Young mother and her son

I was mother with 16 and live with my son in my parents small wood house. W...

Apr 13th, 2010


Make Mom climb up the walls

I should have know I had a stud at home. The first time it happend I was fi...

Feb 24th, 2010


Italian mother and son story

They agreed doing the scene only with their faces covered and in their hous...

Feb 6th, 2010


I like to grab Mom's head

I know I get too excited some times but my mother makes me feel really horn...

Jan 27th, 2010


A quick one before Dad cames...

Normally when I come home from work my son is still there, he only works at...

Jan 24th, 2010


When Mom gets jealous

I was getting ready to go out to meet my girlfriend, while my mother was ha...

Jan 14th, 2010


Is it ok like this mom?

I've been doing mom for awhile but she likes it if I act as her inexperienc...

Jan 8th, 2010


Mom likes bad boys

My mom always liked bad boys and because of this she got pregnant of me wit...

Dec 31st, 2009


Punishing Mom a little

I like to see her really excited, I get the camera and let her watch from t...

Dec 25th, 2009


Can I do it, Mom?

Fun only after you do all your duties at home. Mom doesn't like to have mes...

Dec 7th, 2009


My son in the army

When my son decided to go to the army I was very sad. I was used to live al...

Nov 26th, 2009


Alone with my step-mother

I never knew my mother, it was always me and my father, well, when he's awa...

Nov 20th, 2009


Don't play guitar, play Mom

This german mother doesn't like her son to waist his time and her ears play...

Nov 11th, 2009


Mother and son show how they...

Being in this relation for awhile the mother and son from Italy, act like i...

Oct 6th, 2009


Kinky family sex (Part 2)

In this family everyone likes to use their fists, not even the father scape...

Oct 2nd, 2009


My lazy sons

My sons don't want to study, don't like to work, they only like to hang wit...

Sep 20th, 2009


Mom will do

Ok my mom maybe is not that smart but she's a great fuck. I was watching he...

Sep 11th, 2009


Mom is always in heat

It's true! She doesn't give me a moment of rest. If she knows I'm home and...

Sep 9th, 2009


Mom's big boy wants to leave

It seems mom doesn't approve her big boy to go living on his own and she's ...

Sep 1st, 2009


Italian mom can't say no

This Italian mother seems really upset with her son but some touching and r...

Aug 12th, 2009


Step-mother's blowjob

After 5 years away I returned to my home town to spend some time to rest, I...

Aug 6th, 2009


My son's golden tongue

I had many lovers but now I can say that the best tongue my pussy ever tast...

Aug 4th, 2009


Do you prefer a magazine or ...

I came home a bit earlier than usually and caught my son on the couch watch...

Jul 5th, 2009


Something for Mom to play wi...

I can get everything I want from her, I know how to convince her. Last time...

Jul 3rd, 2009


Something for Mom to play wi...

My mother became widow very early when I was about 16 and because I became ...