Uncle and Niece

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His niece is on top

09 Feb 2018


When she turned 21 she decided to find a job in town and live alone. At first she stayed at her uncle, her mother's youngest brother, who once told her he had sex with her mother when they were younger. She was brave enough to ask her mother, and she didn't...

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Found out she had one...

22 Jan 2018


Only when she was 20 yo she found out her grand-father had a son from another woman that wasn't her grand-mother. They were introduced to each other a few months after the family found out about him, but things went a completely different way that no one...

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His niece likes to...

09 Jan 2018


He went to live with his older sister and her daughter. Her husband left her and she needed someone split the expenses at home so she rented him a bedroom. Once he caught his niece on her bedroom masturbating, she saw him but it didn't make stop, she finished...

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Niece's farewell gift

29 Dec 2017


He says that he finally got a job he likes to do but it has to move to a new city. For the last year he's having a fuck-buddies relation with his 24 yo niece (his older sister's daughter) and she decided to help him pack, but that wasn't all, she decided to...

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Playing with uncle's...

23 Dec 2017


She says their family doesn't know about them but it's getting harder to hide it. In a weard kind of way she already wishes the whole family would found out so they could live their life without hiding but not knowing how the reaction would be, makes it...

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His big tits niece 2

08 Dec 2017


He send us another video so you can see how dedicated she is to her uncle.

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Watching his aunt...

07 Dec 2017


It seems that his aunt (his mother's youngest sister) had problems with her husband and stayed at his grand-parents place until things calm down between them. He also lives with his grand-parents since he got a job where is grand-father works. He says his...

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His big tits niece

07 Dec 2017


She's only 7 years younger than him and a few years ago he invited her to join his band. After a year in the band she already had fucked all the other band members, only him didn't had the luck, so he decided to make things easier for her and told her she...

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Full benefits waiting...

06 Dec 2017


He said that his niece asked him if she could stay at his place for a few weeks until she got a new job. She didn't had money to help him pay the rent but she could do the cleaning, the washing and the cooking but because he spends most of his time away...

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Staying at her uncle's

01 Dec 2017


Her mother's youngest brother always liked beach and sun so he decided to open a beach bar for a living. He's having a great success and asked his niece if she wanted to work there during the Summer. She could stay at his place, free rent so everything she...

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Uncle's busy down there

09 Nov 2017


Her mother's youngest brother lived with them for about a year before he went on his own, and she became very close to to her uncle. Her father never liked him, maybe because of that she got so attached. After he moved out from her parents house she continue...

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Uncle caught her...

06 Nov 2017


While her uncle had a week off from work he let her take his car for work and in exchange she would let him fuck her when she got home. She agreed on the deal but after two nights she always found an excuse not to have sex so on the third day he caught her...

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When his niece comes...

05 Oct 2017


Every time his niece comes to town to bring her mother to have treatment at the hospital, she always finds time to visit him at his place for a quick fuck. She's only 9 years younger than him she likes to have her big ass and tits filled with cum and she says...

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Trying his niece's...

29 Sep 2017


He says he got lucky because his niece started to hang out with his girlfriend, they became best friends and when his girlfriend went to his place some times his niece came with her. With some help from his girlfriend they became a threesome and from there to...

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When her uncle is home...

23 Sep 2017


She says it all started after her uncle (her mother's youngest brother) came to live again with his parents, in their family home town. She was 19 and he was 25. On his birthday after he was drunk and went to sleep after the party, she sneaked into his...

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When her uncle is in...

16 Sep 2017


She says she loves when her uncle is in town. They go to his flat and bang the night away. She likes to say to her family if he wasn't her uncle she would date him, but no one in the family knows what's really going on. No doubt that her father's youngest...

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Nailing her uncle

29 Aug 2017


She says that for a long time she had a crush for her uncle, her mother's younger brother. He's 29 and she's 20. The moment she found out he had left his girlfriend, who's he was dating since he was 19, she didn't waist any time on nailing him. She was...

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Afternoons with her...

02 Jun 2017


She says that her mother always treated her youngest brother (15 yo difference) like the son she never had, and when he was kicked out by his girlfriend she received him with open arms at her place, like a good "mom". What she didn't know was that he was...

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Mom's younger brother

23 May 2017


She says that when her grand-mother got sick her uncle (her mother's younger brother) come to stay with them. He's 24 and works at the same factory were her mother works. They work by shifts and some nights she stays alone with him at home and they like to...

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Cheating on her...

13 Mar 2017


A few months ago his best friend started dating his niece but things didn't go very well between them. When his niece started to feel her guy was getting away she started to call her uncle to get information. She show up to his place to know if was true the...

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Seducing his niece

02 Feb 2017


He says he started working with his older brother who has a daughter 5 years younger than he. They didn't know each other very well until, because of the job, he went to live with his older brother's family. After six months trying he finally got what he...

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Visits from her uncle

07 Jan 2017


She says she comes from a very large Russian family, her grand-mother has 5 daughters and 4 sons. Her youngest uncle from her mother's side is only 6 years older than she and her husband's best friend. She started having sex with her uncle when she was 20 and...

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Crazy about her uncle

23 Sep 2016


He says he lived abroad for more than 10 years and when he left his niece was only 11. He didn't expect to feel what he felt about her when he returned and even less knowing that his niece felt the same. It was months of denying but she didn't made it easier...

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At the hotel with his...

06 Sep 2016


It started when the guy lost his wife and his niece offered to help him to clean his house and do his laundry. He pays her to go once a week. She's 44 and he's 58 and due to her difficult relation with her husband they became lovers but because of his...

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Niece paying for a car...

26 Jul 2016


She said she had an accident with her car and the damage was big so she went to her uncle's that has, with a partner, a auto repair shop. The problem was that it wasn't the first time she asks favours fron her uncle and the guys told her that she had to pay...

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Having sex with her...

20 Jul 2016


She said she started the relation with her uncle (her father's brother) because he looks a lot like her father and she didn't had the courage to do it with him, so she decided to start with her uncle. He's younger than her father and always showed interest on...

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Another nice niece

16 Jul 2016


He found out his older brother was cheating on his wife 22 years ago when he was working for a petroleum company in South America. Two years ago he finally met, for the first time his niece. A very good looking 22 yo latin girl. He felt attracted to her and...

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Wild night with his...

11 Jul 2016


He says that after a concert his 20 and 22 yo nieces (sisters) decided they wanted to go home. They were already drunk and high but they knew what they wanted. They left their friends and went only the three of them. At that time he didn't understand why the...

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Italian uncles nails...

10 Jul 2016


This was recorded last year during Summer, she was 20 yo. She lives in Rome with her parents and every year she likes to spend the Summer at her grand-parents in the south of Italy where there's a lot of tourists and plenty of things to do for young women on...

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Niece's anal exercises

08 Jul 2016


He says that he's having sex with his niece since she came to work at his store, 2 years ago. She's a exercise maniac, she loves the gym and she likes to brag she works out every muscle in her body but he says it wasn't true. There was one muscle that she...

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