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Getting drunk with my...

16 Dec 2018


Someone told my sister that her husband was cheaating on her with a woman that lives in a neighbor town and she asked me to drive her there to see with her own eyes. Well, it was true, the guy was caught with his pants in his hands. After, I took her to my...

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My brother's visits

13 Dec 2018


It only takes about 15 minutes after our mother leaves to work and he's in my bedroom. I was already awake but laying on the bed, waiting my mom to leave to go and have a bath, but before I was able to fully wake up, my brother was already licking my ass and...

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What my brother does...

08 Dec 2018


It all started because we got drunk and ended up having sex. I had one night of the best sex ever with my brother and I got kind of addicted. To make things worst, my brother knows I'm addicted to his cock and likes to take advantage of this.

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My crazy sisters and me

06 Dec 2018


The three of us were always a bit crazy. We're always looking for a good time. I started a webcam show with my ex to earn some extra cash but then we broke up and I started to look for a girl to continue the show and guess who show up? My sisters. One just...

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Revenge fuck with my...

01 Dec 2018


When I got married I stopped having sex with my younger brother, I didn't want to cheat on my husband because I thought it was for life but things didn't turned out the way I expected. Six months after I got married I caught my husband fucking his cousin so I...

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My sister's morning...

29 Nov 2018


Since my sister found out she could have cock without leaving the house she comes and wakes me up every morning after our mother leaves for work. Half an hour after our mother leaves, I ear my bedroom door open. I'm already hard and my cock half way out of my...

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Bet with my sister

28 Nov 2018


Well she lost our bet. She had to give me a handjob, she said it would be really special. I only realized how special it would be when I see her wearing plastic gloves. It felt weard at first but good only after she did something she never did before.

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Brother and sister...

24 Nov 2018


We're actually half-brother and sister.Every time I go to stay with my Dad and his family I get to tease my brother. We spend most of the day alone at home. My Dad and his wife only get home late, some times only after dinner, so we have plenty of time and...

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With my brother's wife...

23 Nov 2018


My oldest brother ended up marrying one of my friends and I always told him she was not for him, but he didn't believe me, he said I was just jealous. It only took 1 year and he was already looking for what he lost: trying to have sex with me like we had...

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Me fucking my twin...

13 Nov 2018


Since they found out I fucked almost every guy (my age) in the neighborwood my brothers completelly changed their attitude with me and started to treat me as their whore (this thought makes me wet). I already had some sexual experiences (touching, handjobs...

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Brazilian family orgy

09 Nov 2018


Well, it seems this family doesn't party only on Carnaval. The mother, her daughters and her son don't need a reason to have a party. And when some of their friends join in, the party is even better.

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Living with my brothers

08 Nov 2018


After my youngest brother left the orphanage he came to live with me and my older brother, with who I have sex since we were teens, and when he found out about it he decided he wanted the same treatment from me. Now I have two cocks to take care at home.

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Sucking my brother's...

07 Nov 2018


Well it's been a while since I've tasted my brother's cock. He's in college and only when he comes home we see each other. It all started when we both were in high school. Every day we had fun together before our parents got home from work. Now, only when he...

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My wife and my sister

06 Nov 2018


Since my sister dumped her last boyfriend she's been living with me and my wife and I really enjoy fucking them both. My wife always knew that I fuck my sister, and some times my mother. She says the thought turns her on. This was just another great evening...

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Caught my son doing my...

02 Nov 2018


It wasn't a complete surprise, I already noticed the way they were together. They always tried to hide it but a mother knows. I told them I was going out and I would be home after dinner. I went out and waited for about half an hour and then I came back...

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Living with my brothers

31 Oct 2018


Me and my brothers live together, it's not always easy but we manage. We work by shifts and some times we don't each others for a week, but other times we are all at home and when that happens I don't mind open up my legs and get fucked just before I go to...

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My sister came to visit

23 Oct 2018


My sister wanted to make a pause from college because she didn't know what she wanted and she asked me if could spend a few days at my flat. I'm single and live alone so I didn't mind having her but things turn out completely diferent of what I was expecting...

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My sister let's me...

20 Oct 2018


My sister shares an apartment with a girl friend who I started dating, and because of this many times I spend the night at their place. The good thing is in the morning, my girlfriend leaves earlier to work and I stay alone with my sister. Before I leave I...

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My Half-brother and...

14 Oct 2018


I only knew I had a older brother when I was 19, he was 21. Our father had an affair with our mother's house maid 22 years ago, she never suspected until a few years. The first time I saw my brother I felt attracted to him as a guy, didn't felt he was my...

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My brother and his wife

13 Oct 2018


Since we were teens I fuck my brother and since that time I always imagined having a threesome with him and his wife. When I was in college I met a girl that I knew was the perfect match for my brother and also would made my fantasy come true. The hardest...

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When my half-sister is...

11 Oct 2018


When my sister is in town she never misses the chance to make some money and I and my friend doesn't miss the chance to have some fun. The last time she was in town was to visit our father who was in the hospital, but before she left me and a friend of mine...

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Sweet revenge

05 Oct 2018


I found out that my husband was fucking my brother's wife for almost two years and my brother didn't know either and when I told him he was really surprised. Since we got married we decided not to have brother-sister sex like we did when we were single but...

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Every time I'm feeling...

04 Oct 2018


It's always my sister who puts me in a good mood. The last time I had a rough time was because I lost my job and I found out my girlfriend was cheating on me with my best friend. When my sister knew about it she came to my place and we started to talk, we had...

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My sister paying for a...

03 Oct 2018


My sister was without her car. She had an accident and it was sent to the repair shop for two weeks. During that time she had planned to spend a weekend with her boyfriend (a married older and rich guy) because his wife went to visit her parents and he would...

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Enjoying time with my...

02 Oct 2018


My brother got separate from his wife recently and my husband is a lazy and drunk bastard who likes more a bottle of vodka than his own family. After my brother's wife left him I go twice a week to clean the house, he pays me. I prefer to go there when he's...

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My sister does what my...

29 Sep 2018


Maybe because she was raised in a very religious family, but sex for my wife is a complicated issue. So I soon realised that I needed to look else where if I wanted to a have a good sex life, and there it was when my younger sister came in. She enjoys sex as...

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Alone with my sister...

26 Sep 2018


When I tried to have sex with my sister I thought it was only I who had this fantasy and the first approatch was extremely difficult but then after a few days she told me she thought about it too many time, and that made a lot of difference. Now every time...

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Helping my sister in...

20 Sep 2018


Every year during Summer our family gets together at our's parents lake house for a week or so. It's me, my parents, my older sister with her kids and husband and some family friends. This year my sister was feeling really horny, I guess her husband didn't...

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When my brothers come...

18 Sep 2018


We live in diferent towns but they normally come to my town to work. They stay at my place for a night or two and that's when the fun begins. I'm divorced and live alone and I was the one who took my youngest brother's virginity when he was 19. Started having...

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My two brothers

17 Sep 2018


A few years back our Dad felt us. My mother, me and my two brothers. Since then my mother started drinking and started having sex with my brothers. They were always trying but she never let them, until she tried it for the first time. She told me she liked...

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