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To cheer up Dad

17 Jan 2019


I knew if I dress my old uniform my Dad wouldn't resist. He's been having some money problems and I wanted to make him forget, even for a few minutes, about it. When he saw me there he knew what I was up to and let it happen.

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Meeting Dad halfway

11 Jan 2019


When I got married my father gave me a part of his farm to live and where I build my house. Our houses are 5 minutes by foot from each other, when my step-mother died we started having sex once again. He's 65 yo but strong as a bull and I like fucking him. We...

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When Dad's in town

14 Dec 2018


My Dad is a news reporter and he's always travelling. When he's in town we like to spend time together. Normally I go to his place in the morning and stay for the night. He never stays more than two or three days but I always make it sure he remembers to come...

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My plump daughter...

27 Nov 2018


I'm retired from the army, I live alone and many times I go to my daughter's house to have lunch. Her husband leaves for work in the morning and comes home at night. They don't have kids and she spends a lot of time alone. After lunch if she's in the mood...

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Old times with my...

22 Nov 2018


We were in the late 90s, my daughter was on her 20s and my second wife just had passed away a year before.I've made this video when she came to spend a few days with me, during the Summer. We already had some fun together, like handjobs, blowjobs, that knid...

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Only with Dad

16 Nov 2018


Only with Dad I get this excited. He really can turn me on. I don't understand why my mom said he wasn't that good in bed. I guess it was the opposite and that's why he left her. What was good for me, other wise I would never knew what was being fucked by my...

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Dad told me to put my...

01 Nov 2018


It has been a while since my Dad didn't fuck me, he told me he was having problems at work and that made him feel stressed but I knew he was fucking my aunt (mom's sister) as a kind of revenge against my mom that was fucking my uncle (her brother). Yes,...

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Another visit from Dad

21 Sep 2018


Well this became a regular thing around here. Every time my mom is at work and I'm alone at home (my parents are divorced) my Dad likes to show up and we have some fun. He likes to show me to his friends online on our private. The truth is that I love all...

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When Dad calls me to...

04 Sep 2018


This normally happens when my mother is working on the nightshift. She leaves home around 11PM and only gets home around 9AM. I know that 30 minutes after she leaves my Dad calls me to his bedroom and we have the all night for ourselves.

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Weekend with my...

03 Sep 2018


Only after I got divorced from my second wife I started to have a relation with my 22 yo daughter. My ex didn't like her and didn't want me to have a close relation with her or with my first wife. What I wasn't expecting was the kind of relattion we have. My...

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My daughter and my...

01 Sep 2018


I live with my second wife and my daughter. My step-daughter lives abroad and stayed 2 weeks with us. My daughter got jealous when she found out I was fucking her step-sister but I told her I also wanted to fuck her, didn't know how she would react. Now they...

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Dad cums on her breasts

19 Jun 2018


Actually is her step-father. He says his wife was about to get home but he was realy feeling horny so his step-daughter decided to help and give him a quick blowjob. It was fast and he came all over her breasts. She had to run to the bathroom because her...

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Again this father and...

09 Jun 2018


They just love it and can't live without it, so here's another webcam recording from this two. This time Dad goes on his knees and tastes some pussy too.

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Being Dad's lover

24 May 2018


She said that she married against her father's will and 7 years later she's still married with two kids but hardly sees her husband so she turned to the other man in her life, her Dad and she says that is the only one who really can turn her on.

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Make Dad happy and...

17 May 2018


It seems that his two daughters were annoying him for weeks about him buying them new cellphones. They didn't want cheap ones so they had to work to get them, so they had to work for about two weeks to get them. They did a great job together.

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My pregnant daughter

11 Apr 2018


My daughter's moron husband got her pregnant and left her and now I have her living with me and have to support her the kid that's coming. I'm divorced and love to live alone and this situation is not what I have planned for me. I know she's doing everything...

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Dad let me make a...

29 Mar 2018


I finally was able to convince my Dad to let me make a video of us. He said he didn't feel comfortable being recorded but after a lot of persuasion he finally agreed. I'm sure that after this one more will come, he needs to get use to it.

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With her Dad in the car

21 Mar 2018


She says they started having sex two years ago, normally they don't have problem of doing it at home but the last weeks were different. Her mother had an accident at work and is at home to recover, for at least one more week. Her Dad decided to have sex in...

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When Dad starts dating...

24 Feb 2018


We always had a unusual kind of relation but it was when my Dad started to date my best friend that sex went into the picture. I never thought about it but when I listen to my best friend telling me her deeds with my Dad, that made me start thinking about it....

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Dad caught her having...

16 Nov 2017


She says her Dad works as a security in a shopping mall and when he's on the night shift he gets home in the morning at the same time she's getting ready to go to work. This time he cough her having a bath and decided to join her.

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Dad keep your mouth...

22 Oct 2016


When her father found out she add a relationship with her half-brother he was shocked but he promised not to tell anyone in the family. Time has passed and they thought their relation would end sooner or later but it didn't, it got more serious. Her father...

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Webcam with Dad

23 Jan 2019


Since Dad's last girlfriend went away we've been back to our normal, just me and Dad. We have lots of fun together and we both like to show off in front of the webcam. I really get wet with some comments and suggestions from our viewers, but what I like the...

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