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Feb 25th, 2008


Cheering up Dad

My Dad lost his job and he's feeling really down, he spends all his time at...

Jan 17th, 2008


Mom doesn't need to know.

My father left my mother when I was 6 and we never spent time together beca...

Feb 2nd, 2008


Dad's girl

My Dad is always waiting for the moment my mother goes out to work or shopp...

Feb 5th, 2008


Young Father (part 1/2)

When my mother was 45 years old she had a relation with a 18 years old boy ...

Feb 6th, 2008


Young Father (part 2/2)

I didn't know my father that well when I lived with my mother. He only visi...

Mar 10th, 2008


Paying Dad's debt (part 1/2)

My father had a business with a mafia guy, things went wrong and my father ...

Mar 12th, 2008


Paying Dad's debt (part 2/2)

I arrived at the address my father gave me, he was already there with the g...

Jul 15th, 2008


Before Dad went to work

It was about 5 a.m. I wake up and needed to pee, I knew at that hour my fat...

Aug 7th, 2008


Show it to Dad.

I finally got my daughter to show me her goods, I was asking her for some t...

Aug 9th, 2008


My daughters obeying mom

When my wive went away to take care of her sick mother she left me with our...

Aug 12th, 2008


Dad and me in the tub

My Dad can't wait to be alone with me at home, when my brother goes to scho...

Aug 21st, 2008


Going back home

I got married to get away from my father but it didn't went well because my...

Aug 24th, 2008


Daughter's first impression

She always was curious about sex and she likes to tease, now that she's of ...

Sep 8th, 2008


Family business

Our father has a small factory and me and my sister work with him. Our job ...

Sep 11th, 2008


Dad's help isn't cheap

I had a big fight with my mother and I had to leave her house. I didn't kno...

Sep 25th, 2008


Working for her new iPhone

Normally it's me who have to go after my daughter to have sex but this time...

Sep 26th, 2008


My videos with my step-fathe...

When I turn 18 my interest for sex increased and I was constantly thinking ...

Sep 27th, 2008


My videos with my step-fathe...

Things started slowing. We only had sex for the first time almost one year ...

Oct 5th, 2008


With Dad and our brother

In our family we like sex and we've been doing among us. Our father and bro...

Oct 10th, 2008


Dad and his camera (part 1/2...

My mother bought a video camera to my father so they could film each other ...

Oct 11th, 2008


Dad and his camera (part 2/2...

When my father got his camera he caught me having a bath and I, only for a ...

Oct 20th, 2008


She likes it rough

I got married to an older woman just for her money. What I didn't know was ...

Oct 22nd, 2008


I wanna try it too, Dad

I don't know if it's was because I grew up hearing almost every night my mo...

Nov 6th, 2008


Dad and me

I always admired my father, he's a great man and maybe for this I never was...

Nov 11th, 2008


Finally I got the courage

I've been doing videos with my father for some time but we never had sex, h...

Nov 21st, 2008


Dad's bedroom visits

He always waits for my mother go to work, after about 30 minutes she leaves...

Nov 24th, 2008


Dad convensing his daughter

First was only to see me naked, then my father asked me if I could play wit...

Nov 27th, 2008


Dad came to collect

About 2 years ago I had a big fight with my father, I left home and until n...

Nov 29th, 2008


At the maid's bedroom

My mother died when I was young and my father got married again with a rich...

Dec 1st, 2008


Family Sex Tape (part 1) - ...

Four members of this family participate in this home video, the mother, the...