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With my aunt...

15 Mar 2019


When my father got married for the second time at 63 with aunt (my mother's younger sister) 18 years younger I knew she would cheat on him. What I didn't see comming was that it would be me who would be fucking his wife. She made it pretty clear only a few...

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Great idea, grandpa

14 Mar 2019


A few months ago I had some serious problems in flat's kitchen, I needed urgently to do some renovations but had no money for it, so I went to my grandpa's to ask him if he could lend me the money. I've done it before and I knew it wasn't for free. He gave me...

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The young uncle and...

09 Mar 2019


My uncle only three years older than I. He's the son of my grand-father with his second wife. We never had a close relationship until I moved in to the city and started working at my grandpa's firm where my uncle is my supervisor. We got caught in this very...

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Having and affair with...

08 Mar 2019


This never happened before, it was the circunstances that made it happen. We both are married and have families. After 7 years of marriage things went sour with my wife and more or less the same happened with my sister and her husband. One day after another...

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Old dad and his...

06 Mar 2019


Me and my sister are on our 40s but we still like to play with our old Dad. I'm divorced, my sister is still single and our Dad became a widow last year, for the second time. He came to live with me and and sister so we could take care of him. Even when I was...

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Last time we went to...

20 Feb 2019


Since my brother went to college we only see each other during vacations or holydays. Last time was at our granny's birthday. Our parents couldn't come so we decided to make her a surprise. She always has our rooms ready in the attic, like when we were...

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Son gives mom several...

06 Feb 2019


My mom says I'm her coarse. Since we start to have sex she can't reach orgasm with her boyfriend, and she says he did it every time. She's 45 and we live in Hungary. She has my apartment key and visits me almost everyday. I normally wake up with her rubbing...

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Finally with my sister

01 Feb 2019


It finally happen. For some time I've been noticing my sister was diferent. When I'm at home she comes to my room to watch TV with me, we talk and she became unusualy friendly. She wasn't like that. Not with me. At first I didn't thought about it but when she...

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Spanish brother and...

01 Feb 2019


It seems she came home after being at a party with her boyfriend and her brother was feeling horny so he decided to make her a visit in her bedroom. She was surprised but she liked the idea. She even tells her brother that her boyfriend just fucked before she...

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Harry P and my...

22 Jan 2019


Since we were teenagers we both were fans of Harry Potter. After I end up with my first boyfriend I became a fan of men wands and became speccially very curious about my brother's after I've seen it fully erect one morning. I didn't rest until I had it and I...

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Our favorite aunt

19 Jan 2019


I live with my brother in the suburbs of major Russian city. When someone from our family, like our parents, cousins or uncles, needs to come to the city they stay with us. This time was our aunt (mom's youngest sister) she lost her driving license and needed...

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Deep inside mom

18 Jan 2019


I'm 21 and my mom is 41. This was the last time we stayed at my grannys for a few days. I normally sleep in the living room while my mother and granny sleep in the bedroom. My granny is almost deaf and on top of it snores loud so my mother prefers to slepp...

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When my aunts calls

15 Jan 2019


I'm 22 yo and still live with my mom after getting seperated from my wife. She has a younger sister (32) that got married 3 years ago but she already regret it. The guy cheats on her and she does the same. Lately it's been I who's been fucking her. She...

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My crazy nice aunt

01 Jan 2019


MY mother's youngest sister was always the blck sheep of the family. She's so crazy that when I was 17 she told me she knew I was still a virgin and wanted to be my first girl when I turned 18 and that will teach me. Well this was 5 years ago and a lot of...

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Playing doctor with mom

29 Dec 2018


Once my mother told that when my father was around they liked to play doctors, it was my father's idea but my mother liked to play, she got very excited and she was able to reach orgasm. She told me this because she wanted me to try it with her too. This was...

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Getting drunk with my...

16 Dec 2018


Someone told my sister that her husband was cheaating on her with a woman that lives in a neighbor town and she asked me to drive her there to see with her own eyes. Well, it was true, the guy was caught with his pants in his hands. After, I took her to my...

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What my brother does...

08 Dec 2018


It all started because we got drunk and ended up having sex. I had one night of the best sex ever with my brother and I got kind of addicted. To make things worst, my brother knows I'm addicted to his cock and likes to take advantage of this.

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The first thing when...

02 Dec 2018


I'm 40 yo and I live with my 61 yo widow father, since I got divorced 10 years ago. This is a kind of welcome ritual we have every week day when my Dad gets home from work. He gets home, has a bath and seats on his chair waiting, then I came and do my job.

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My sister's morning...

29 Nov 2018


Since my sister found out she could have cock without leaving the house she comes and wakes me up every morning after our mother leaves for work. Half an hour after our mother leaves, I ear my bedroom door open. I'm already hard and my cock half way out of my...

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Brother and sister...

24 Nov 2018


We're actually half-brother and sister.Every time I go to stay with my Dad and his family I get to tease my brother. We spend most of the day alone at home. My Dad and his wife only get home late, some times only after dinner, so we have plenty of time and...

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Visiting my mother

20 Nov 2018


It's been a while since I went to my home town to see my family, specially my mom. She doesn't have any luck with guys, she's like a magnet that only attracts loosers so after her last disapointment she decided to stay alone for some time but she can't handle...

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Living with my brothers

08 Nov 2018


After my youngest brother left the orphanage he came to live with me and my older brother, with who I have sex since we were teens, and when he found out about it he decided he wanted the same treatment from me. Now I have two cocks to take care at home.

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My wife and my sister

06 Nov 2018


Since my sister dumped her last boyfriend she's been living with me and my wife and I really enjoy fucking them both. My wife always knew that I fuck my sister, and some times my mother. She says the thought turns her on. This was just another great evening...

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Dad's cheating on mwy...

30 Oct 2018


I really don't know why but fucking my Dad is completely diferent (for better) than fucking any other guy. He makes me cum every time but I think than the main reason for that is knowing that my whore step-mother is being cheated on and I'm doing it to her...

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My cousin daughter

25 Oct 2018


Well I got my aunt (my mother's youngest sister) pregnant when I was only 18 and I didn't know. I left my home town, never looked back and my aunt never told me. Last year she called me and asked if I could find a job for her daughter, where I work. At that...

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I like to visit Dad in...

19 Sep 2018


My mother is a clean freak and never goes to my Dad's workshop I, by the other hand love hang out there. Some times he works until late at night, my mother is already in bed so I go downstairs to make him a visit. Only recent I found out he had a surveillance...

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My mother's youngest...

12 Sep 2018


My aunt is just like me, money is never enough so we both are always looking for ways of making some extra cash. I have a friend who likes to make amateur sex videos, he pays ok and I told my aunt about it. I've been fucking her secretly, no one knew about it...

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Hanging out with my...

07 Sep 2018


I'm 22 and my uncle (mother's brother) is 31 and we started to have a closer relation when he got me a job at the office where he works. Before that we only see and talk to each other when he visit us at my parent's. Now I spend more time at his place than at...

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Grandpa shows me off

05 Sep 2018


I only knew my father's father when I was 20. After that he started to came to visit me and my mother twice a year. He always brought nice gifts and I always liked the way we had some "fun" together. Now that things got really bad in my home country, my...

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Game night with uncle...

18 Aug 2018


My mother's youngest brother is only 9 years older than my brother and they like to hang out together. This night they had plans to go out but my brother's car didn't start so they decided to spend the night at home playing cards and drinking, what was good...

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