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Our favorite aunt

19 Jan 2019


I live with my brother in the suburbs of major Russian city. When someone from our family, like our parents, cousins or uncles, needs to come to the city they stay with us. This time was our aunt (mom's youngest sister) she lost her driving license and needed...

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Deep inside mom

18 Jan 2019


I'm 21 and my mom is 41. This was the last time we stayed at my grannys for a few days. I normally sleep in the living room while my mother and granny sleep in the bedroom. My granny is almost deaf and on top of it snores loud so my mother prefers to slepp...

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To cheer up Dad

17 Jan 2019


I knew if I dress my old uniform my Dad wouldn't resist. He's been having some money problems and I wanted to make him forget, even for a few minutes, about it. When he saw me there he knew what I was up to and let it happen.

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My sister the therapist

16 Jan 2019


I've been having very rough times lately and my wife asking for divorce was the last nail on my coffin. I got depressed and low self esteem so my sister decided to help me. She a therapist and told me to go to her place to have a session with her. I felt...

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When my aunts calls

15 Jan 2019


I'm 22 yo and still live with my mom after getting seperated from my wife. She has a younger sister (32) that got married 3 years ago but she already regret it. The guy cheats on her and she does the same. Lately it's been I who's been fucking her. She...

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Third time with my aunt

13 Jan 2019


When my mother told me that his youngest sister was comming to live with us for awhile, I immediately felt my it was definitely a good idea. Last Summer at my granny's she gave me a handjob and promised me more. She's 29, I'm 19 and this the third time we had...

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Bored at home

12 Jan 2019


If's very rare to have the day-off at work on the same day as my sister. This time I had to stay at home because my mother asked me to check the plumber's work to fix the plumbing in the bathroom. I don't like to stay at home, I get bored very quickly but...

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Mom when Dad's on the...

11 Jan 2019


I'm on my 20s and this is pretty recent in my life but I'm loving it. My mom just started to visit me in my bedroom. At first I thought it was only when she was feeling horny and my Dad didn't gave her cock but soon I realised that she only visits me when my...

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Mom and I

09 Jan 2019


Well, I'm a 23 yo guy and I live with my divorced 46 yo mother who believes my Dad will return to her some day. This is the reason why she doesn't want any other man in her life besides me. She runs a pizza restaurant were I also work and this is a small...

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My uncle and me

08 Jan 2019


My uncle (dad's youngest brother) got my boyfriend a job as a driver at his deliveries company. A few weeks later he started to work there I started to have a sexual relationship with my uncle. He got separeted from his wife, I try to give him support and...

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Caught my brother again

05 Jan 2019


Well it's been almost a year since I fucked my brother for the first time. We did it three times and then he got scared about it and left town without even saying goodbye. Now he returned because our granny (she raised us) went to the hospital and I stayed at...

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Me and mom again

03 Jan 2019


A few years ago when my father left my mother we became very close. It was very hard for her and we end up having sex a couple of times. Six months later I got a job abroad and never talked about what happen until now. My mother got a new boyfriend and she...

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My crazy nice aunt

01 Jan 2019


MY mother's youngest sister was always the blck sheep of the family. She's so crazy that when I was 17 she told me she knew I was still a virgin and wanted to be my first girl when I turned 18 and that will teach me. Well this was 5 years ago and a lot of...

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Mom giving me a blowjob

30 Dec 2018


I'm single and still live with my widow mother. I'm her only son. Some times when I come from work, and after dinner, my mother likes to rub my cock while we watch TV and when I go to bed I have a stiff cock that my mom likes to suck dry before I go to sleep....

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Playing doctor with mom

29 Dec 2018


Once my mother told that when my father was around they liked to play doctors, it was my father's idea but my mother liked to play, she got very excited and she was able to reach orgasm. She told me this because she wanted me to try it with her too. This was...

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Waiting for my sister

28 Dec 2018


My sister is without a job and sometimes my wife pays her to come to our house and do the cleaning. She doesn't know but she does a lot more than just cleaning. She normally comes after lunch and after my wife tells her what she has to do, she leaves for...

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Dad in my show

27 Dec 2018


I have a webcam show and finaly I was able to get my Dad join me. We have a very close relationship since my mother died, 2 years ago. He also knew I had a live webcam show but he never wanted to join me, and I asked many times. Only now I was able to do it,...

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First time with my...

25 Dec 2018


We were talking and planning this for almost a year. We tried doing it before but always something came up and she always got cold feet. She's a bit shy during the all video, she's normally not shy at all but I guess this was a completely new situation for...

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My aunt and I at...

23 Dec 2018


I can't find a job so I went to live for awhile with my grand-mother. It's a small flat where now also lives my aunt (my mother's youngest sister) since she got married she spends more time at my grand-mother's than with her husband, they are always arguing...

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Something new for my...

22 Dec 2018


I always had very good and open relation with my sister, we talk about everything, we've seen each other naked and touched each other, but having sex is very recent. It started after she broke up with her boyfriend. She told me that one of the reasons he...

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My mom's weekly visit

21 Dec 2018


When my Dad died my mother got married again after 2 years, she says she doesn't know how live alone. During the first year it was great but then her husband was promoted at work and he now travels more than he stays at home so my mother visits me once a...

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Partiyng with my twin...

20 Dec 2018


We never knew our father and our mother died giving birth to the twins, we were raised by our granny that also die when I was 23 and the tiwns were 19. Since then we live alone at our granny's place and we really like to party together. They just love to...

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My big ass aunt

19 Dec 2018


She's only 8 years older than I, she could be my sister but no, she's my father's youngest sister. Eight years ago my aunt got married with a rich old guy that recently found out she was fucking one of his emploees. He wants the divorce and she needs a...

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Small compilation of...

18 Dec 2018


This is a small compilation I've made from several years of having sex with my mother. She really enjoys sex and we had some nice times together. When we have threesome the gusy never know we were mother and son, they think I'm my mother's lover. She says the...

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Getting drunk with my...

16 Dec 2018


Someone told my sister that her husband was cheaating on her with a woman that lives in a neighbor town and she asked me to drive her there to see with her own eyes. Well, it was true, the guy was caught with his pants in his hands. After, I took her to my...

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My niece finally agreed

15 Dec 2018


My sister and her daughter got jobs abroad and decided to leave the country. They stayed two nights at my place before I took them to the airport. For weeks I've been messaging with my niece and try to convince her to have sex with me before she leaves and...

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When Dad's in town

14 Dec 2018


My Dad is a news reporter and he's always travelling. When he's in town we like to spend time together. Normally I go to his place in the morning and stay for the night. He never stays more than two or three days but I always make it sure he remembers to come...

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My brother's visits

13 Dec 2018


It only takes about 15 minutes after our mother leaves to work and he's in my bedroom. I was already awake but laying on the bed, waiting my mom to leave to go and have a bath, but before I was able to fully wake up, my brother was already licking my ass and...

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Going home it's like...

12 Dec 2018


My mother is all my family. I don't have any brothers or sisters and I never knew my father. Five years ago I got a good job but it's 2000 Km away from the town my mother lives, so I only go home once or twice a year. We have a special relation and when I go...

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My married...

11 Dec 2018


My step-daughter is only 9 years younger than I and married with a friend of mine. Her husband is truck driver and she's always alone, so she spends most of her free time at her mother's... with me. My wife doesn't know I fuck her daughter. She doesn't...

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