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The young uncle and...

09 Mar 2019


My uncle only three years older than I. He's the son of my grand-father with his second wife. We never had a close relationship until I moved in to the city and started working at my grandpa's firm where my uncle is my supervisor. We got caught in this very...

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Me and my uncle

05 Feb 2019


I never knew my father it was my uncle (my mother's youngest brother) that in some kind of way took my father's place in my head. The thing here is that he's only 9 years older then me. When I had problems at school with people bulyiing me because I was fat,...

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My uncle and me

08 Jan 2019


My uncle (dad's youngest brother) got my boyfriend a job as a driver at his deliveries company. A few weeks later he started to work there I started to have a sexual relationship with my uncle. He got separeted from his wife, I try to give him support and...

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My niece finally agreed

15 Dec 2018


My sister and her daughter got jobs abroad and decided to leave the country. They stayed two nights at my place before I took them to the airport. For weeks I've been messaging with my niece and try to convince her to have sex with me before she leaves and...

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How I got my first car...

30 Nov 2018


First of all, he's a cars dealer and this is the way we get things done in my family for at least 3 generations. He's my mom's older brother and I found out he fucks my grandma, my mother (with my Dad's consent) and my cousin (his daughter) and she got a new...

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My niece waiting for me

14 Nov 2018


I live in Brazil and after my girlfriend throw me out of her place, my mother got me a small room at her place, where also lives my older sister (also separated from her husband) and her daughter. Who I fuck every time I get the chance. This video was made...

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My uncle and his friend

10 Nov 2018


I work as a call girl and no one in my family knew about it until a few weeks ago. I got a call from a regular to meet him and a friend at the hotel. I couldn't imagine it but when the guy opens the door and I enter the room I see my uncle (my mother's...

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Living with my uncle

09 Oct 2018


It all started because I started dating with one of my uncle's friends. I moved to his friend's place and for several months everything was good but then the dumped me and put my things on the street so my uncle let me stay with him for awhile. I guess his...

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Meeting my niece at...

25 Sep 2018


I've been away for a few months due to work and missed my niece. We have a very special relation. I called saying I would be in town, where she lives, for two days and if wanted she could meet me at hotel, what she did. It's always risky doing it in the town...

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My fucking uncle

22 Sep 2018


Well it was surprise the first time I realised it was my uncle (my dad's brother) that was calling me and asking if I could meet him. He called me several times and said a friend gave him my number. At first I wasn't interested in meeting him but he insisted...

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Hanging out with my...

07 Sep 2018


I'm 22 and my uncle (mother's brother) is 31 and we started to have a closer relation when he got me a job at the office where he works. Before that we only see and talk to each other when he visit us at my parent's. Now I spend more time at his place than at...

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Game night with uncle...

18 Aug 2018


My mother's youngest brother is only 9 years older than my brother and they like to hang out together. This night they had plans to go out but my brother's car didn't start so they decided to spend the night at home playing cards and drinking, what was good...

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A night with dad and...

16 Aug 2018


Well, this is very rare to happen but it did. My uncle (dad's brother) came to town to sell a property he had and spend a few days with us (I live alone with my dad) and this is what we did at night.

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With aunt and sister

15 Aug 2018


Since our father left my mother's youngest sister came to live with us. I'm the youngest of the four and me and my sister sees our aunt more like a older sister. A few months my aunt lost her job and to make money bought a webcam and went online. Soon we...

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Dad's brothers

16 Jul 2018


This year they all get together at her father's and she and her sister where the hosts of their uncles. This is their family business so nothing unsual here.

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My niece came to visit

14 Jul 2018


Things changed between us a few months ago on a family party where we got drunk (yes vodka, you know.). We didn't had sex but we got very close. After that we talked about it by phone but didn't had the courage to do it in person. Until one day she called me...

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It's niece's time

26 Jun 2018


He said that it might be hard to believe but a few hours before recording this video at his place he was fucking his sister at her apartment. She's 45 yo, divorced and has a daughter, the girl on the video.

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Happy to taste uncle's...

23 Jun 2018


It's been a while since the last time she tasted her uncle's cock. She went to college but she couldn't stop thinking about his cock, she said it was the best she had until now. Finaaly she decided to went to visit him and he gave her what she wanted.

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Her mother's brother

22 Jun 2018


Her mother's never liked her brother's wife and when he told her he was going to get divorced she was so happy she invited him to stay at their place until he got his own. What she didn't expect was that he started to go after his older niece and she liked...

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Don't worry, uncle...

15 Jun 2018


He says that in his family almost everyone knew he made several porn movies when he was younger and now he was making his own. When his niece turned 19 she told him that she wanted to learn and work in porn so he decided to make her and audition...

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Italian uncle and his...

10 Jun 2018


It seems she had a crush for her mother's younger brother and every time he stayed at their place she did everything she could to seduce him, but being a latin man it wasn't that hard. What he didn't know was that his cute niece had a plan of her own and...

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The French family

10 Jun 2018


After some time she agreed to do it but she will only will do it once. And that was having sex with the men in her family. Her father, her uncle (father's brother) and her half-brother. They all manage several night clubs and all businesses related with it,...

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Playing time with Uncle

26 May 2018


She says she was raised with her uncle (8 years older) by her grand-mother. She was always very curious about sex and her first experiences were with her uncle. Things got more interesting with time and now they have a relationship. They always hide it from...

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With her father and...

26 May 2018


She lived until she was 20 with her mother bu then her father and uncle got her a better job on the factory where they work and she decided to go living with them until she had money to rent her own place. But she's still living with her father and her uncle....

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Having his niece as an...

19 May 2018


It seems the guy doesn't make a diference if it's family or not. If he hires someone to be his assistant she should assist him whenever he needs. He was doing it with all the previous girls he hired so even with his niece things shouldn't be diferent. She was...

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Meet my naughty niece

03 May 2018


I only knew I had another niece when my uncle told it to the family, 20 years after she was born. It was an affair he had when he was married. She's 4 years younger and we connected from the first moment. She's very open minded and it only took two dinners...

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My uncle's on top

11 Apr 2018


I went to visit my grand-mother (yes, I needed money) and my uncle (my Dad's younger brother) was also there. When we left my granny's house he invited me to have lunch at his place. I only had a bus at the end of the day to go back home, so I accepted the...

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Called my nephew for a...

24 Mar 2018


Since my kid was born I don't have time for anything. I'm a single mom, live in a rented bedroom and my kid is always with me. Today I´ve asked my mother to take him for a few hours to have some time for myself and do what I missed the most. I called my big...

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Need to follow the...

07 Mar 2018


It started when his niece came to stay for a few weeks at his place, now it already passed a year and they started trying new things together. She likes to be instructed so he wrote the instructions on her so she will know what's going to happen.

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Playing time with our...

01 Mar 2018


My mother's oldest brother is single and works as an accountant, some times when he has more work he hires me and my cousin to go and help him organizing the papers. He doesn't pay much but me and my cousin found out what he really likes and now he pays us...

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