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Dad, daughter and...

27 Sep 2018


Spanish father fucks his daughter and her step-mother. There's nothing much to say, just to watch.

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Getting Dad in the mood

21 Aug 2018


Sometimes this haappens. I'm in a mood to have sex and my Dad isn't so it takes a bit more time for me to make him hard, but I never quit until I get what I want. My Dad knows he can't scape when I want something.

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Geting her Dad back

03 Feb 2018


When her mother decided to leave her father she chose to stay with him, she was already 18 and could choose by herself. Years passed and they had sex in several occasions, then her father decided to get a girlfriend and bring her home to live with them. He...

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Visiting his daughter...

26 Jun 2017


He said that only knew he had a 18 yo daughter a 8 years ago. She's married and has kids and since his wife died he started to go to Brazil often to see her and her family. Last year her husband left her and she started to have money problems so she made a an...

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With grandma on webcam

30 Aug 2016


This was a complete surprise for her when her grand-mother asked her what she does all night in her bedroom. When she said she just talks with her friends in front of the camera, her grand-mother asked her to told her the truth because she was really curious...

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Grandpa likes to make...

28 Aug 2016


She says that at first it was only sex but she lived close to her grandpa and they could be together every day. Now she went to live in another town and only comes home on weekends so her grand-father started to record on video every time she goes to his...

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Step-mom teaches, Dad...

06 May 2016


His father says he likes to share his wife with other guys but always had a fantasy of sharing his second wife with his oldest son. He knew his son wanted it too, the main problem was how his wife would react to the proposal. It wasn't the first time she had...

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