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To cheer up Dad

17 Jan 2019


I knew if I dress my old uniform my Dad wouldn't resist. He's been having some money problems and I wanted to make him forget, even for a few minutes, about it. When he saw me there he knew what I was up to and let it happen.

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Meeting Dad halfway

11 Jan 2019


When I got married my father gave me a part of his farm to live and where I build my house. Our houses are 5 minutes by foot from each other, when my step-mother died we started having sex once again. He's 65 yo but strong as a bull and I like fucking him. We...

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Picking up my daughter

04 Jan 2019


Last month my daughter finally got a job but it's a bit far from where we live so she's always asking me to go and pick her up so she doesn't spend 2 hours on the train and bus. At first I didn't want to waist my time but she convince me. Now I take her...

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My niece finally agreed

15 Dec 2018


My sister and her daughter got jobs abroad and decided to leave the country. They stayed two nights at my place before I took them to the airport. For weeks I've been messaging with my niece and try to convince her to have sex with me before she leaves and...

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When Dad's in town

14 Dec 2018


My Dad is a news reporter and he's always travelling. When he's in town we like to spend time together. Normally I go to his place in the morning and stay for the night. He never stays more than two or three days but I always make it sure he remembers to come...

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Earning money with it

04 Dec 2018


My Dad has a friend that is willing to pay us to watch and make videos of us having sex. He says it's his fetish. I've been fucking my Dad since my mom died, two years ago. It's only my Dad and me that's why we developed this daughter/wife father/husband...

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The first thing when...

02 Dec 2018


I'm 40 yo and I live with my 61 yo widow father, since I got divorced 10 years ago. This is a kind of welcome ritual we have every week day when my Dad gets home from work. He gets home, has a bath and seats on his chair waiting, then I came and do my job.

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I do it only with Dad

30 Nov 2018


It started when I was 20 after I got drunk with my Dad. He dared me after he told me he had a girlfriend that was able to put all his cock and balls in her mouth. I still can't do it all, only his cock. I was able to do it once, but his cock wasn't hard.

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How I got my first car...

30 Nov 2018


First of all, he's a cars dealer and this is the way we get things done in my family for at least 3 generations. He's my mom's older brother and I found out he fucks my grandma, my mother (with my Dad's consent) and my cousin (his daughter) and she got a new...

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Old times with my...

22 Nov 2018


We were in the late 90s, my daughter was on her 20s and my second wife just had passed away a year before.I've made this video when she came to spend a few days with me, during the Summer. We already had some fun together, like handjobs, blowjobs, that knid...

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Only with Dad

16 Nov 2018


Only with Dad I get this excited. He really can turn me on. I don't understand why my mom said he wasn't that good in bed. I guess it was the opposite and that's why he left her. What was good for me, other wise I would never knew what was being fucked by my...

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Doing Dad in his...

12 Nov 2018


Since a few months I've been fucking with my Dad. It all started when he got separated from my step-mother, who I don't like. Now they are back again. I always dreamed of having sex with Dad in their bedroom but it never happen before, until now. I guess it's...

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My uncle and his friend

10 Nov 2018


I work as a call girl and no one in my family knew about it until a few weeks ago. I got a call from a regular to meet him and a friend at the hotel. I couldn't imagine it but when the guy opens the door and I enter the room I see my uncle (my mother's...

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Sucking my old Dad

03 Nov 2018


This was jus before I told my Dad I broke his car because I was drunk and I have a 2000 usd bill for the repair. I thought he would take it easier if I make more relaxed before the bad news. Well he got hungry but thanks to my blowjob it didn't break anything.

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Dad told me to put my...

01 Nov 2018


It has been a while since my Dad didn't fuck me, he told me he was having problems at work and that made him feel stressed but I knew he was fucking my aunt (mom's sister) as a kind of revenge against my mom that was fucking my uncle (her brother). Yes,...

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When grandpa comes to...

29 Oct 2018


I always lived in Brazil with my mother. My parents never got married and my Dad lives in the US. Sometimes my dad's dad comes to visit me as I'm his only grand-daughter and I always like to please him because he always gives nice gifts.

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Daughter is sleeping...

27 Oct 2018


Once again my daughter had a fight with her looser husband and normally when things get ugly she gets out and spends the night at my place. She has te keys so sometimes I get home from work and I found her laying on my bed, and that's when things happen.

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Taking my daughter to...

24 Oct 2018


She wanted to go to a friend's party and she asked me if I took her and bring her back later she would do something for me in the middle of both trips. This was the trip to take her to the party.

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Meeting my step-father

06 Oct 2018


I started fucking my step-father one year after he moved to my mother's house. At that time I was still living with her also. A few months later she found out and told me to pack my things and leave and she forgave my step-dad so I decided to show her she...

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Dad, daughter and...

27 Sep 2018


Spanish father fucks his daughter and her step-mother. There's nothing much to say, just to watch.

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Meeting my niece at...

25 Sep 2018


I've been away for a few months due to work and missed my niece. We have a very special relation. I called saying I would be in town, where she lives, for two days and if wanted she could meet me at hotel, what she did. It's always risky doing it in the town...

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My fucking uncle

22 Sep 2018


Well it was surprise the first time I realised it was my uncle (my dad's brother) that was calling me and asking if I could meet him. He called me several times and said a friend gave him my number. At first I wasn't interested in meeting him but he insisted...

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Another visit from Dad

21 Sep 2018


Well this became a regular thing around here. Every time my mom is at work and I'm alone at home (my parents are divorced) my Dad likes to show up and we have some fun. He likes to show me to his friends online on our private. The truth is that I love all...

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I like to visit Dad in...

19 Sep 2018


My mother is a clean freak and never goes to my Dad's workshop I, by the other hand love hang out there. Some times he works until late at night, my mother is already in bed so I go downstairs to make him a visit. Only recent I found out he had a surveillance...

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Only me and Dad

06 Sep 2018


It has been like this since my mother died when I was 19. We live in a small isolated village in eastern Russia where the population is mainly old people. I tried to convence my Dad to leave town but he never agreed so I stayed with him and our relation...

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Grandpa shows me off

05 Sep 2018


I only knew my father's father when I was 20. After that he started to came to visit me and my mother twice a year. He always brought nice gifts and I always liked the way we had some "fun" together. Now that things got really bad in my home country, my...

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When Dad calls me to...

04 Sep 2018


This normally happens when my mother is working on the nightshift. She leaves home around 11PM and only gets home around 9AM. I know that 30 minutes after she leaves my Dad calls me to his bedroom and we have the all night for ourselves.

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Weekend with my...

03 Sep 2018


Only after I got divorced from my second wife I started to have a relation with my 22 yo daughter. My ex didn't like her and didn't want me to have a close relation with her or with my first wife. What I wasn't expecting was the kind of relattion we have. My...

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My daughter and my...

01 Sep 2018


I live with my second wife and my daughter. My step-daughter lives abroad and stayed 2 weeks with us. My daughter got jealous when she found out I was fucking her step-sister but I told her I also wanted to fuck her, didn't know how she would react. Now they...

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My daughter and her...

31 Aug 2018


When my daughter got married I knew that the guy wasn't the type man she needed. After one year they came knocking at my door because he lost his job and couldn't pay the rent. Her husband knew I had a special relation with my daughter and she simply couldn't...

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