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Sucking Dad with mom's...

18 Mar 2018


My mother went to help my grand-mother during the weekend so it was another opportunity for me and my Dad to have some fun, but this time he asked something he never asked before. He told me to wear some of my mom's lingerie. It felt weird but at the same...

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Living again with...

15 Mar 2018


Until last year I was living with my father but then I met a guy and decided we should live together. It was great until he lost his job and couldn't afford to pay the rent, so I went back to live with my Dad and took my boyfriend with me. My Dad didn't like...

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Me and Dad at the...

09 Mar 2018


During Summer when we have some free time, me and my Dad use to go to a local swimming pool. My mother never liked it so she normally stays at home. The dressing cabins are outside and normally my father goes first, then 10 minutes later I enter the same...

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Me and my Dad

08 Mar 2018


Since my mother went to jail I've been living with my father at his trailer so we can split the expenses. I work at a supermarket and my Dad works whenever and whatever he can. Sometimes at night, when we're in the mood we like to have sex while watching TV.

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In the bath tub with...

04 Mar 2018


Mom just had left for work 30 minutes ago when her father came and join her in the bathtub. She was already expecting him but this time it had to a quick one because her boyfriend was picking her in an hour to go to the cinema.

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Playing time with our...

01 Mar 2018


My mother's oldest brother is single and works as an accountant, some times when he has more work he hires me and my cousin to go and help him organizing the papers. He doesn't pay much but me and my cousin found out what he really likes and now he pays us...

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When Dad starts dating...

24 Feb 2018


We always had a unusual kind of relation but it was when my Dad started to date my best friend that sex went into the picture. I never thought about it but when I listen to my best friend telling me her deeds with my Dad, that made me start thinking about it....

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Latin father and...

19 Feb 2018


This father and daughter couple are back online. Another great webcam show from this two. The naughty daughter makes her Dad do some great stuff just watch.

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How deep?

16 Feb 2018


She says she's her step-father's sex pet for about a year now, and one day he asked her if she already had done a deep throat. She said yes but it was a small cock and she would like to try it again. The kitchen table was the right height they only waited for...

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The slutty daughter

27 Jan 2018


He had an affair with her mother 20 years ago and only last year she told him he had a daughter. The mother was, at that time, a nice slutty girl, liked to have fun and and very easy to take to bed. Twenty years later he found out his daughter is exactly as...

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Dad, why not with me?

24 Jan 2018


She says that always had a very open relation with her father and one day he told her he likes to have sex with girls on their 20s and if could invite some of her friends to come over. Two of her friend started having sex with him and became regulars at his...

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Getting Dad ready for...

03 Jan 2018


After her father lost his job he stayed at home for more than 6 months without working and without even care about finding a new one. Her mother got really angry with him and after she saw he was just lazy she found him a job where she also works. But it's...

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Father and daughter on...

09 Jun 2017


He says that he's having sex with his 22 yo daughter since 3 years but 1 year ago he got divorced from her mother and had a job offer to work abroad so he had to leave Canada. He returns twice a year on holidays and normally spends 2 weeks alone with his...

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On her Dad's lap

26 May 2017


When she turned 18 yo she left Brazil were she lived with her mother and went to live with her father in Canada. She said she wanted to study but that quickly was forgotten and started to work as a waitress in a restaurant. Her father started to notice she...

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Dad and daughter from...

16 Mar 2017


He says that it's recent and they are a kind of obsessed about it. He says that he leaves his work for an hour or so, in the middle of the day to go home and have sex with his daughter. He says is the only way because is the only time his daughter is home...

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Lunch time with her...

11 Mar 2017


The all family works on the coffee fields in Colombia and because her father drives one of the trucks he normally comes home for lunch while her mother and 4 brothers stay at the fields until the end of the day. Her job is to stay at home and do everything,...

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His younger sister

01 Mar 2017


He says he started having sex with his younger sister after her husband died and his wife and him invited her to live at their place and in return she could help his wife with their 5 kids. But after some time she was also hwlping his wife in a way she didn't...

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Daughter gets her new...

25 Feb 2017


It seems that a few years ago his older daughter run away with one of his employees but things didn't last long between them and she had to come back and ask to her father to forgive her for not listen to him and run away. He told her he would help and gave...

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When Dad calls her to...

24 Feb 2017


This started recently after her father's girlfriend left him. Now only the two live in the apartment. The first time he called her to his room he was naked on the bed with his dick hard and asked if she could do something to help him, she gave him a hand job....

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With her father and...

18 Feb 2017


Normally Friday nights are wild for her father and brother. Living in a small town, working all week and having Friday nights to get drunk and get laid. This time they weren't that drunk but she asked her brother and the father if they could do two of her...

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Her father, the voyeur

16 Feb 2017


She says this is usual at home and she loves the guys attention. When she's having sex with her brother her father likes to watch them, her brother gets a bit uncomfortable with that but he finishes his job. Her Dad likes to watch while he strokes his cock,...

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When she needs...

12 Feb 2017


She says she learned this with her mother. She told her that she always made her father do what she wanted using sex. At least during their first 8 years of marriage, then they got divorced. Now she says she uses the same technique to get from the father what...

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Finally his...

11 Feb 2017


He says he started dating her mother but since the first moment he met her daughter he felt attracted to her. He got her 46 yo mother pregnant and ended up marrying her. With the baby his relation with the mother got worst and he started to go after her...

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Playing with Dad on...

13 Dec 2016


She said that she was feeling down that day. She found out she didn't get the job she wanted and she wasn't in the mood to face her mother with all her questions when she got home so she decided to call her and tell her she would stay at her Dad's for the...

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Dad and daughter on...

08 Dec 2016


Another great evening at Dad's. She says her father is most of the time away traveling, but every time he's in town she likes to spend the night at his place. This time she decided to show him what they could do together with a webcam. She liked more than...

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Dad is comming

07 Dec 2016


It didn't took more than 10 minutes after her step-mother closed the front door and left to go to work to have her father knocking at her bedroom door. She knew it and was expecting him but this time she had something to ask in return. This time she even...

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Father and brother at...

01 Dec 2016


She says that they don't see each other very often but when they do it's always fun. Her brother and father work together in a transportation company and are away most of the time. This time she was in need of money and she went to met them. Her father is...

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Nailing his...

26 Nov 2016


He says he's 42 yo and got married with 47 yo woman who has a gorgeous 24 yo daughter. For months he was trying to seduce her and she liked it but never had the courage to go all the way, until this day. She had a ugly discussion with her mother and they got...

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Daughter's blowjob

09 Nov 2016


She says that they live in a motel. To save some money they share the same room. She told she got home from work earlier that day and he had spend the day watching porn on internet waiting for her to come home. She wasn't in the mood for sex but decided to...

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Dad, would you like to...

04 Nov 2016


He said this was 10 years ago, he was 44 and his daughter was 21, he just got divorced from his 2 wife and his daughter show up at his door with her bags saying she couldn't live with his mother anymore so she decided to move to his place (without telling...

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