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My niece came to visit

14 Jul 2018


Things changed between us a few months ago on a family party where we got drunk (yes vodka, you know.). We didn't had sex but we got very close. After that we talked about it by phone but didn't had the courage to do it in person. Until one day she called me...

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Caught Dad on the sofa

07 Jul 2018


Every night when she's feeling horny she likes to wait for her Dad to seat on the sofa to watch TV. It's the best moment and he never says no. She went to live with him after she lost her job and his wife died.

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Catching grandpa in...

30 Jun 2018


She says that when she needs some extra money she knows where to go but she has to find her grand-father in the right mood. And the right mood is a few days after his wife leaves to stay at their daughter's. The old man can't go without having sex for more...

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Dad promised her to...

28 Apr 2018


She said she had engine problem with her car and it was expensive to fix, she didn't had the money and needed the car every day so she decided to get some help from her father. She knows how to get money out from him. His addiction is porn and sex and she...

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Another day at Dad's

15 Apr 2018


Just another day with her father. This time on webcam. Not much to say just to watch.

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Playing with Dad in...

16 Mar 2018


Enjoying some quality time with Dad while mom went out to lunch and shop with her friends. Normally shopping takes the whole afternoon so she will only get home after dinner.

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Mother and daughter on...

30 Dec 2017


He said that at first he didn't like the idea of his daughter going to work at the same place that his wife (her mother) but after a few months they started working on different shifts so one of them is always at home when the other is not. This makes things...

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Working for her Xmas...

05 Dec 2017


At home, she says that is her mother who controls the money, her step-father is just her mother's pet but he has his ways to make her do what he wants, so if she wants something and her mother already told her she won't give her, she has to turn to her...

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Dad caught her having...

16 Nov 2017


She says her Dad works as a security in a shopping mall and when he's on the night shift he gets home in the morning at the same time she's getting ready to go to work. This time he cough her having a bath and decided to join her.

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Uncle caught her...

06 Nov 2017


While her uncle had a week off from work he let her take his car for work and in exchange she would let him fuck her when she got home. She agreed on the deal but after two nights she always found an excuse not to have sex so on the third day he caught her...

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Visiting Dad at his...

26 Oct 2017


Her Dad is a carpenter and she grow up between hammers and saws and since her parents got divorced she visits him very often, she says he doesn't know how to take care of himself but maybe that it's not the real reason for her to show up so many times after...

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Daughter and friend at...

25 Oct 2017


That's why she prefers to stay at her Dad's. It's always fun, so fun that even her friend always wants to go with her. Weekends with Dad are the best and they like to show it on the webcam when her Dad comes home and joins them in her bedroom.

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Daughter paying for...

13 Oct 2017


She was invited to join a band but it seems she didn't had any of the necessary gear to play so she tried a loan with her father but she was already owning him money he lend her to buy her car so this time he asked to be paid half in advance while her mother...

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How she likes to play...

19 Sep 2017


She says her father always liked to play but since they went online with the webcam things became even more interesting and she learns a lot from the old guy.

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Back to quality time...

23 Feb 2017


She says that since her father got divorced from his second wife she started to go to his place much often. She said she missed what they had before he met his wife. Since her mother left her father until he started dating his second wife they had a very...

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Oh daddy, oh daddy!

24 Jan 2017


He says he was a father for the first time at age 16 and after that he didn't stop. He has now 5 daughters. He says he loves sex a bit too much and spending most of his life with 6 women around him didn't make it easier. His wife left him, the 5 daughters got...

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Having a bath with Dad

21 Jan 2017


She loves to join her father in the shower. She says she likes to use time to know how things are going with him because he's always running and spends very few time at home. The true reason is that after the "bath" he always agrees to give her what she...

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Step-dad's surprise...

11 Jan 2017


She says that since she moved out from her's mother's and got her own apartment she never had the opportunity to show it to her father. He got a job abroad and only visits her once or twice a year but this time was a surprise. He called her saying he was at...

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The oldest daughter 15...

05 Jan 2017


He says that when he got divorced of his wife things got pretty ugly between them and he decided to go abroad to start all over, the truth is that he stayed away for 15 years and the reason was that his wife found out he had a relationship with his oldest...

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Family foursome reunion

28 Dec 2016


This is a very peculiar family. The father's best friend started dating his older daughter and he invited them to his place for a few days. He's married with an asian woman. His best friend and his wife always knew he had sex with his daughter and that all...

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19 Nov 2016


She said she head a conversation between her mother and her step-father where he was complaining he wanted to have sex more often but she was never in the mood, and lately not even a blowjob or a handjob and he was getting really crazy about it. She realized...

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Dad keep your mouth...

22 Oct 2016


When her father found out she add a relationship with her half-brother he was shocked but he promised not to tell anyone in the family. Time has passed and they thought their relation would end sooner or later but it didn't, it got more serious. Her father...

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Father and daughter...

18 Jan 2016


Another webcam show from this father and daughter couple. There isn't much to say, just to watch.

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