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Crazy for my brother's...

13 Feb 2019


Since I've seen my brother's cock fully erect while he was masturbation in the bath, I simply couldn't stop thinking about it. Since then it took me about a year and a lot of peeping to come forward and make him understand my intentions. I'm still a bit...

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My completely crazy...

05 Feb 2019


This happen during a weekend we spend at a friend's place. It was me, my girlfriend, my sister and a friend. When we are between relations my sister and I like to have sex. That morning my girlfriend went out with our friend to go to the supermarket and buy...

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Finally with my sister

01 Feb 2019


It finally happen. For some time I've been noticing my sister was diferent. When I'm at home she comes to my room to watch TV with me, we talk and she became unusualy friendly. She wasn't like that. Not with me. At first I didn't thought about it but when she...

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Dad and I

31 Jan 2019


I've been having sex with my Dad for about 2 years. My mother doesn't even dream about it. A few months ago my Dad lost his job and things got really difficult at home. Money is getting shorter and shorter every month, so I decided to help and besides my job...

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My daughter's blowjobs

29 Jan 2019


My daughter lives with me and works at a dinner. Some times when I get home from work, and she's ready to leave to work I ask her if she can "release my stress". She knows what I mean, she comes to my bedroom and sucks my cock while I'm watching TV when she...

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The family show

24 Jan 2019


A great family webcam show. Dad, mom and daughter get together for some nude fun. Not much to say just to watch.

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Harry P and my...

22 Jan 2019


Since we were teenagers we both were fans of Harry Potter. After I end up with my first boyfriend I became a fan of men wands and became speccially very curious about my brother's after I've seen it fully erect one morning. I didn't rest until I had it and I...

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To cheer up Dad

17 Jan 2019


I knew if I dress my old uniform my Dad wouldn't resist. He's been having some money problems and I wanted to make him forget, even for a few minutes, about it. When he saw me there he knew what I was up to and let it happen.

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Third time with my aunt

13 Jan 2019


When my mother told me that his youngest sister was comming to live with us for awhile, I immediately felt my it was definitely a good idea. Last Summer at my granny's she gave me a handjob and promised me more. She's 29, I'm 19 and this the third time we had...

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Thanking my brother

10 Jan 2019


I told my Dad I would go study at my friend's place and to make it more reliable I asked him to drive me there. When he left me there I told Dad my friend's mom will drive me home when we finish. Instead the plan was to go to a party with some friends. The...

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Picking up my daughter

04 Jan 2019


Last month my daughter finally got a job but it's a bit far from where we live so she's always asking me to go and pick her up so she doesn't spend 2 hours on the train and bus. At first I didn't want to waist my time but she convince me. Now I take her...

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Partiyng with my twin...

20 Dec 2018


We never knew our father and our mother died giving birth to the twins, we were raised by our granny that also die when I was 23 and the tiwns were 19. Since then we live alone at our granny's place and we really like to party together. They just love to...

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My niece finally agreed

15 Dec 2018


My sister and her daughter got jobs abroad and decided to leave the country. They stayed two nights at my place before I took them to the airport. For weeks I've been messaging with my niece and try to convince her to have sex with me before she leaves and...

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My brother's visits

13 Dec 2018


It only takes about 15 minutes after our mother leaves to work and he's in my bedroom. I was already awake but laying on the bed, waiting my mom to leave to go and have a bath, but before I was able to fully wake up, my brother was already licking my ass and...

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Me fucking my twin...

13 Nov 2018


Since they found out I fucked almost every guy (my age) in the neighborwood my brothers completelly changed their attitude with me and started to treat me as their whore (this thought makes me wet). I already had some sexual experiences (touching, handjobs...

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Doing Dad in his...

12 Nov 2018


Since a few months I've been fucking with my Dad. It all started when he got separated from my step-mother, who I don't like. Now they are back again. I always dreamed of having sex with Dad in their bedroom but it never happen before, until now. I guess it's...

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Sucking my brother's...

07 Nov 2018


Well it's been a while since I've tasted my brother's cock. He's in college and only when he comes home we see each other. It all started when we both were in high school. Every day we had fun together before our parents got home from work. Now, only when he...

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Caught my son doing my...

02 Nov 2018


It wasn't a complete surprise, I already noticed the way they were together. They always tried to hide it but a mother knows. I told them I was going out and I would be home after dinner. I went out and waited for about half an hour and then I came back...

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When grandpa comes to...

29 Oct 2018


I always lived in Brazil with my mother. My parents never got married and my Dad lives in the US. Sometimes my dad's dad comes to visit me as I'm his only grand-daughter and I always like to please him because he always gives nice gifts.

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Taking my daughter to...

24 Oct 2018


She wanted to go to a friend's party and she asked me if I took her and bring her back later she would do something for me in the middle of both trips. This was the trip to take her to the party.

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My Half-brother and...

14 Oct 2018


I only knew I had a older brother when I was 19, he was 21. Our father had an affair with our mother's house maid 22 years ago, she never suspected until a few years. The first time I saw my brother I felt attracted to him as a guy, didn't felt he was my...

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Living with my uncle

09 Oct 2018


It all started because I started dating with one of my uncle's friends. I moved to his friend's place and for several months everything was good but then the dumped me and put my things on the street so my uncle let me stay with him for awhile. I guess his...

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My sister paying for a...

03 Oct 2018


My sister was without her car. She had an accident and it was sent to the repair shop for two weeks. During that time she had planned to spend a weekend with her boyfriend (a married older and rich guy) because his wife went to visit her parents and he would...

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Alone with my sister...

26 Sep 2018


When I tried to have sex with my sister I thought it was only I who had this fantasy and the first approatch was extremely difficult but then after a few days she told me she thought about it too many time, and that made a lot of difference. Now every time...

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I like to visit Dad in...

19 Sep 2018


My mother is a clean freak and never goes to my Dad's workshop I, by the other hand love hang out there. Some times he works until late at night, my mother is already in bed so I go downstairs to make him a visit. Only recent I found out he had a surveillance...

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My two brothers

17 Sep 2018


A few years back our Dad felt us. My mother, me and my two brothers. Since then my mother started drinking and started having sex with my brothers. They were always trying but she never let them, until she tried it for the first time. She told me she liked...

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When Dad calls me to...

04 Sep 2018


This normally happens when my mother is working on the nightshift. She leaves home around 11PM and only gets home around 9AM. I know that 30 minutes after she leaves my Dad calls me to his bedroom and we have the all night for ourselves.

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Ridding it again

28 Aug 2018


Since the last time, when my Dad let me be on top for the first time, I was wishing to do it again and finally it happen. Mom was at work and Dad was watching TV laying down on the sofa and he asked me if I was in the mood to have little ride. I couldn't be...

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When aunt is in the...

25 Aug 2018


My aunt (mom's youngest sister) is living with us and I found out she's fucking with my father. It seems he's not fucking her enough because she's always horny, some times it's even difficult to imagine how my mother doesn't find out about them. When my...

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Dad's the best getting...

22 Aug 2018


For me it takes awhile to get wet and my Dad knows that so he takes his time down there. I love his tongue in my asshole and I get really wet and eager to suck and fuck his cock.

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