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Her brother joined and...

26 Jan 2017


It seems her boyfriend likes to be her master and sometimes he prepares some surprises for his slave/girlfriend but this one she wasn't expecting it. Her boyfriend invited her brother to join them on a webcam show and she, has a good and obedient girl, did...

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His sister and his wife

25 Jan 2017


It seems his younger sister came to spend a few days at his place, invited by his wife. She wanted to look for a job in the town were her brother lives. After a week she finally got a job and they decided to celebrate. They had dinner and by the end of the...

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Oh daddy, oh daddy!

24 Jan 2017


He says he was a father for the first time at age 16 and after that he didn't stop. He has now 5 daughters. He says he loves sex a bit too much and spending most of his life with 6 women around him didn't make it easier. His wife left him, the 5 daughters got...

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Having a bath with Dad

21 Jan 2017


She loves to join her father in the shower. She says she likes to use time to know how things are going with him because he's always running and spends very few time at home. The true reason is that after the "bath" he always agrees to give her what she...

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Sister's blowjob in...

19 Jan 2017


This one time, the guy says, was when they went to have lunch with their father. During the all time his sister was teasing him, touching him under the table and whispering at his ear she really wanted to suck his cock. When they left their father's place...

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Mom wants to play

14 Jan 2017


She says that since she moved and her son went to live with her things between them became very interesting. Now she says that almost every Friday night they get together with a friend couple over the internet. She gets really excited, she says that's because...

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Mom getting busy

13 Jan 2017


She says she became a mother when she was a teenager. During the first years her parents took care of her son, only when her mother died she took her son to live with her. He was 18 yo. From the beginning they had a dysfunctional relationship. Now he has 29...

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Step-dad's surprise...

11 Jan 2017


She says that since she moved out from her's mother's and got her own apartment she never had the opportunity to show it to her father. He got a job abroad and only visits her once or twice a year but this time was a surprise. He called her saying he was at...

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The big sister

10 Jan 2017


Since they were kids and their mother passed away she's taking care of her 10 years younger and she still loves to control his life. She got married but her obsession is her brother never went away. He never got married and only had relationships approved by...

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Visits from her uncle

07 Jan 2017


She says she comes from a very large Russian family, her grand-mother has 5 daughters and 4 sons. Her youngest uncle from her mother's side is only 6 years older than she and her husband's best friend. She started having sex with her uncle when she was 20 and...

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Testing the waters

06 Jan 2017


She says this was the first time her brother join her and her boyfriend, so things went slow but she's actually proud of herself because she liked sucking two cocks at the same time, she never did it before. Things got very interesting but they didn't went...

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The oldest daughter 15...

05 Jan 2017


He says that when he got divorced of his wife things got pretty ugly between them and he decided to go abroad to start all over, the truth is that he stayed away for 15 years and the reason was that his wife found out he had a relationship with his oldest...

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While the step-father...

04 Jan 2017


When she started dating her (now) second husband she told him she had a very special relation with her son and she only would go further with their relation if he would accept it. After knowing she and her son were "sex buddies" he became very confused but...

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Caught his sister...

03 Jan 2017


He says his sister is married and when he has business to take care he stays at their place. Normally her husband goes out to work very early in the morning and his sister only goes to work after lunch. Every time he can he likes to remind his sister what...

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Have you been a good...

31 Dec 2016


He said that since he saw his older sister sucking a guy's cock at a friend's he couldn't stop thinking about it. The best part was that his sister also saw him while she was busy sucking the guy's dick. Later when she finished she told him that if he be a...

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Step-mother's handjob

30 Dec 2016


He says this was recorded about 15 years ago. His father was 1 year away from getting divorced from his second wife, so thisng between them were already bad. On that weekend his step-mother knocked at his door asking if she could spend the night because she...

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Redhead father and...

29 Dec 2016


She says it all started when her mother got tired of her father and simply left with her lover, a neighbor. At that time she was 21 and suddenly she became a house wife, taking care of everything around the house. Her father stayed the same, only replaced the...

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Family foursome reunion

28 Dec 2016


This is a very peculiar family. The father's best friend started dating his older daughter and he invited them to his place for a few days. He's married with an asian woman. His best friend and his wife always knew he had sex with his daughter and that all...

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Visiting Mom after 6...

27 Dec 2016


He says that he used to visit his mother every day but since he started to work in a transport company as a driver he only can visit her when he has free time. The problem is that his mother misses him a lot because 4 months before he got the job they started...

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Brother, sister and...

24 Dec 2016


She noticed that every time her brother calls and says he's coming to her house, her husband gets more excited than usual. After several years trying she finally got pregnant but she's not sure who is the father, her husband or her brother. The man on this...

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Her brother and his...

23 Dec 2016


She said her brother never likes rules and likes to try everything. When he found out he was bisexual he decided to have a relation with another guy. She was surprised one day when she went to visit them, they started to talk about their relation and asked...

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Helping Dad with his...

22 Dec 2016


His father got married for the second time with a 49 yo woman who is at that age where she lost her inhibitions and found out she also can enjoy sex. 3 years after she married his father, a 57 yo man, he found out he had a serious heart disease and if he...

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Russian mother's...

21 Dec 2016


Son recorded the video while his mother was doing him a blowjob. She lives alone and some times when he needs company he likes to make her a surprise visit. He says he always gets out of his mother's house fully satisfied with a good home meal, washed clothes...

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With her husband, her...

16 Dec 2016


She always knew her husband was bisexual, what she didn't know was that he was having sex with her own brother. When she found out she asked her husband why he never told her even knowing they already had threesomes with other guys, he said that because he...

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Step-dad was giving it...

16 Dec 2016


She said her Mom was on the night shift and her step-father and her brother came home late after having a barbecue at a friend's. As usual they came a bit drunk and horny. Her step-father caught her on the patio when she was getting home, coming from her...

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Older sister is on top

15 Dec 2016


His sister is a very controlling woman and, of course, has chosen for a husband a very soft guy. So soft that the family thinks he's gay. Sex between them was never good because the only place she doesn't like to have control is in bed and the guy doesn't...

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His sister brought her...

14 Dec 2016


He says he's fucking his sister for more than a year and things started to get a bit bored. The good part is that she thought the same. She has a girl friend with who she likes to hang out and they are always together. He suggested to his sister if she would...

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Playing with Dad on...

13 Dec 2016


She said that she was feeling down that day. She found out she didn't get the job she wanted and she wasn't in the mood to face her mother with all her questions when she got home so she decided to call her and tell her she would stay at her Dad's for the...

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Dad's birthday gift:...

10 Dec 2016


He said that a year ago he got drunk on his birthday with his father and he let it sleap that he wouldn't mind banging his father's wife. It seems his father didn't forget about it because when he turned 21 the three went on a weekend holiday on his birthday...

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Does it like your...

09 Dec 2016


He says that deepthoat is his wife's specialty but what he didn't know was that she taught her daughter her knowledge and he got really curious to know if the student has overcome the teacher. This was his daughter's fisrt try and he says it was a tie, her...

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